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SOGE Chapter 8 – The Fighter Selection

Chapter 8 – The Fighter Selection (unedited)

Translated by: FTT

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“Childe, what you mean is……” The elderly person sitting inside the carriage had a confused look.

A hundred or so years ago, the Lin Family had numerous hunting squad warriors. During their glory days, they could be counted as the half the sky of the Stone Swallow Village. However, their family had declined now. Other than the matter concerning Lin Hao, he couldn’t think of other things regarding the Lin Family to be worth of Childe’s concern.

He knew the existence of these stone inscriptions. Even if they were precious to ordinary people, they were worthless to Zhu Mingyu for he didn’t lack Fighter Blood Condensation Techniques. The Violet Heart Arts he trained in was much superior than the stone inscriptions.

“His warning has indeed made me angry. However, if I were to bicker with a wastrel, how am I different from him?”

Zhu Mingyu smiled indifferently and took a bite out of an apple, “But do you know why the Heavenly Eagle Tribe wants so many swords this time?”

The elderly was stumped for words.

“Why is that?”

The topic went for an unexpected turn that he inadvertently straightened his body and became serious.

The matter about Lin Hao wasn’t much, but this was something big!

The task assigned by Heavenly Eagle Tribe this time was heavy, but the rewards were similarly astonishing. They included a chance of participating in fighter selection!

This didn’t conform to common sense!

Fighter selection; a selection held by some large sects in Wang City to recruit talents. A desolate area like Stone Swallow Village only had one chance to participate every ten years. Moreover, the quota was pathetically meager.

Quota alone, Heavenly Eagle Tribe only had that very much. Stone Swallow Village didn’t even have the qualification to participate.

“Because Heavenly Eagle Tribe has refined an Origin sword, a real Origin weapon.”

Zhu Mingyu took another bite of the apple on his hand and continued, “They need ten thousand swords as offerings so that the heavenly sword will be perfected. Afterward, they will gift it to a genius in the tribe. As far as I know, the quota for this selection is only one.”

“WHAT? Only one?!”

Hearing this, the elderly’s complexion abruptly changed. He even stood up from the shock. Though the quota from previous years wasn’t much, it was never this meager.

He originally thought that as long as they obtained the chance to participate, with Childe Zhu participating, even if he couldn’t take the first place, he could at least secure a quota. But he never expected that the situation was like this!

“Could it be……” The elderly’s complexion paled as he squirmed.

“That’s right.”

Zhu Mingyu smiled, “Actually, the fighter selection is merely a pretense. They never intended to give us a chance. The genius of their tribe along with the Origin sword is unrivaled. Letting us enter the stage is merely for their entertainment.”

“So that’s how it is……”

Hearing this, the elderly sat down like a lost soul.

Though Childe Zhu was powerful, the other party was the genius of a tribe who had the assistance of an Origin sword. Though he believed that Childe Zhu was unrivaled, it was impossible for him to win against the other party. But if they lost this chance, when could Stone Swallow Village walk out of this desolate area……

Ten years. Would the village able to produce a genius like Childe Zhu again after ten years?

Even if it did, would Heavenly Eagle Tribe give them a chance again?

“But…… if he were to enter the stage with Origin sword yet lost?” At this time, Zhu Mingyu smiled and continued. A light flickered in his eyes.


The elderly was about to say impossible, but seeing it was Childe Zhu who sat in front of him, he shut his mouth.

Was it possible?

The other side was the genius of a tribe who wasn’t lacking in fighter blood congealment techniques. Moreover, with Origin sword on hand, who could beat him on same cultivation stage? Even if there was someone stronger, could he/she withstand the edge of the Origin sword?

“This is the reason why I’m dealing with Lin Family.”

Zhu Mingyu’s complexion sank slightly, “The ancestors of Lin Family obtained an armor before. It was said that it was peeled off from a demon beast and has formidable power. The demon beast was equal to an expert of Origin stage. With the armor’s high defense, withstanding the Origin sword isn’t a problem.”


The elderly stood up again out of shock, “If it’s like this, even if by force, we will have him hand it out!”

He never expected that Lin Family still had such a treasure. A demon beast armor, which wasn’t much different than an Origin sword in value, was a treasure even a tribe wouldn’t disregard.

But hearing those words, Zhu Mingyu shook his head instead.

“It’s useless. Three years ago, I wanted it from him before. But he thought I was using the fighter selection to get close to Nie Li. Hence, he wouldn’t hand it over.”

“His ancestors’ fortune lasts three generations. If he brings up the clan rules, we won’t be able to move against him.”


The elderly’s beard even rose from anger, “This brat! The clan rules are set by people. Fighter selection is too important for him to act willfully. Even if by snatching, we must snatch it from him. The villagers will understand us!”

“Do you want to make it so that everyone knows it?”

Zhu Mingyu glanced at the elderly indifferently, “If Heavenly Eagle Tribe doesn’t have complete assurance, would they give us a chance to participate in the fighter selection? If they came to know that we have such a demon beast armor……”

Though Zhu Mingyu didn’t finish his words, the meaning behind those words made the elderly shiver and repeatedly said, “Forgive me, Childe. Forgive me Childe. This old man was raving just now.”

Just when he was about to slap himself.


Zhu Mingyu knitted his brows, “You don’t need to pretend in front of me. I have asked Master Huang to take a look. The iron mine will soon collapse. This time, no matter he dies or not, I will get the armor even if it meant tearing apart that stone house!”

“Yes yes, thanks for Childe’s understanding. But……what if he isn’t trapped in the mining accident by a fluke?” The elderly hesitated a bit before asking.

Mining doesn’t necessarily mean one always had to stay on the inside. If Lin Hao happened to be on the outside during the collapse, wouldn’t that mean he had avoided a disaster once again?

“If he isn’t trapped?”

Zhu Mingyu raised his brows and laughed suddenly, “The fighter selection is imminent, so don’t blame me for being vicious and merciless.”

While speaking, a wave of cold air gushed out.

The elderly’s complexion changed. He couldn’t help but shiver, promptly lowering his head.

In fact, to Zhu Mingyu, killing someone wasn’t something much. If it wasn’t for Lin Hao’s special status, which might reveal the fact that Zhu Mingyu obtained the armor if he were to die unnaturally, would he wait until now?


On the other side, Lin Hao who wore brand new ferret clothes had reached the outside of the mine.

He was here early. Other than a middle-aged man who was mining, the others hadn’t arrived yet.

However, he could see countless cracks on the mine. Their quantity far surpassed any other things he saw before. There was even a gigantic crack on the top. Though the others couldn’t see it, he knew that if it received too many strikes or control over strength wasn’t good, the mine would start to collapse there!

“Those people really think highly of me.”

He shrank his pupils, then smiled lightly.

In this iron mine, whoever came to mine would undoubtedly run into a mining accident. As for him, he might necessarily not.

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