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SOGE Chapter 7 – Zhu Mingyu

Chapter 7 – Zhu Mingyu

Translated by: FTT

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Shi Dashan was in an extremely bad mood.

He deliberately raised a very high demand and wanted to use the problem as an excuse to get worked-up. However, each time he prepared to do so, Lin Hao would respond in a neither hot nor cold manner which caused him to lose the mood to have an outburst altogether. Although he clearly achieved his aims, he didn’t feel happy about it at all.

Similar to a punch which landed on cotton, he felt that he had expended his strength for nothing.


I will let you live for another two days!

As he headed out of the Lin Family’s courtyard, his eyes grew colder.

“Wait, leave that burlap sack behind.”

Lin Hao’s voice came from behind.

Hearing this, Shi Dashan sneered. The hand gripping the burlap sack clenched tighter, clearly showing that he didn’t want to hand it over.

Although the sack of provisions isn’t much, it’s  still enough to eat extravagantly for a few meals. It’s already in his hands, yet the wastrel wants it back. He must have been buried for so long that his brain has been damaged for him to be daydreaming during broad daylight.

He wanted to chuckle thinking about this. Just when he was about to turn around and mock him, an ice-cold hand grabbed the back of his hand.


Shi Dashan’s complexion darkened. This wastrel actually dared to touch him!

He turned around and just when he was about to flare-up, his face suddenly flushed. He couldn’t help but groan as a tearing pain came from the back of his hand and caused him to loosen his grip.

Lin Hao then released his hand, grabbed the burlap sack and slightly smiled.

“Many thanks.”

He retreated back two steps while lifting up the burlap sack. He clasped his hands at Shi Dashan and went back into the stone house.

Shi Dashan’s expression remained ice-cold as he gazed at him with a flushed complexion, looking as if he wanted to swallow him. But in the end, he didn’t take any action. Only until Lin Hao had entered the stone house did he let out a snort. He swept his eyes around in all four directions. Seeing that there weren’t many people left in the vicinity, he turned around and left.

Fatty took another look at Shi Dashan before he quickly entered the stone house.

“Second Uncle, you can’t go mining!” He chased after him hastily.

“Why?” Lin Hao stared back blankly.

He had known earlier that things weren’t so simple but he didn’t understand what was the big deal. Could it be that they wanted to starve him to death?

Fatty’s face flushed out of worry, “The iron mine has collapsed a few times which crushed quite a lot of people. That’s why not many people dared to go there. The village’s demands are so high this time. Something dangerous will definitely happen!”

Having just came back from the gates of hell, he didn’t want his Second Uncle to go to such a dangerous place.

Generally, if Second Uncle goes there to work, he will receive extra provisions as compensation. Yet, not only did he not receive any compensation, even his provisions were deducted by this much. And yet, they still asked him to work for them. This is simply madness.

So it’s like this.

Lin Hao suddenly came to a realization and nodded.

No wonder they forced him to work. Now that he thought about it, be it forging or mining, none of them should be up to any good.

Indeed, if he encountered a mining accident while mining, he could only blame his luck and nobody could say a thing about it. It happened to satisfy the desire of those people as well.

“It’s alright. I had been staying in the cave for so long that I have my own way to deal with rocks. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have gotten out either.”

After some thought, Lin Hao eventually comforted Fatty.

With his temperament, he wouldn’t explain it at first. But seeing how Fatty cared for him, it didn’t seem quite right if he didn’t give him an explanation.

Contrary to his expectations, Fatty became even more worried instead.

What kind of joke is this? How can you compare rock and iron? If it’s rock, one fist is enough to crumble it. But we’re talking about iron here!

It wasn’t something to joke about if the iron mine collapsed. An iron block half the height of a human was at least a thousand pounds in weight. Even the hunting squad warriors who hadn’t reached small success in the Condensed Fighter Blood stage would be in danger if they were crushed by it. They might even suffer serious injuries because of it.

“Don’t worry.” Lin Hao laughed.

“I can’t!”

Fatty became impatient and continued, “Isn’t it just a thousand pounds each day? I’ll dig it. Even if there’s a mining accident, I can still hold it for a while. Second Uncle, you should just relax and stay at home. I’d like to see who dares to ask you to work. At worst, we will take out the clan rules!”

“Don’t be willful!”

Lin Hao’s complexion sank. He was serious this time.

Fatty had good intentions but now wasn’t the time to fall out with those people.

Those hunting squad warriors weren’t people that who could be easily dealt with. He had probed out Shi Dashan earlier by pressing on the crack on his hand. Even though he used all his strength, he only left behind a red mark.

Keep in mind that his strength was far much greater than when he first woke up. At that time, he could already break apart the cave. Although he might not be able to break apart the iron mine now, his strength wasn’t something an ordinary person could withstand. Yet, Shi Dashan actually managed to withstand it with just a groan.

Moreover, the people working behind the scenes couldn’t possibly be Shi Dashan alone.

Putting it nicely, the Lin Family was the Lin Clan. But in fact, only him and Fatty were left. Other than this stone house, they couldn’t even be counted as a pseudo-clan. He has yet to hadn’t clearly grasped the circumstances. If the truth were to be revealed, it was impossible for him to be their match……

Fatty only snorted, obviously unwilling to accept it.


The next day.

Lin Hao packed his bundle, changed into new leather clothes and rushed to the mine according to the map on the bronze medal.

It was just that he was subjected to all kind of gazes during the journey which made him feel uncomfortable.

Instead of saying that he was going to work, it was as if he was a new official, who just took office, going to oversee the workplace. There were even some gazes which he felt difficult to bear.

Fatty was unable to disobey him in the end and could only let him go. It was unknown where he found a top quality ferret skin but he asked him to wear it and was unwilling to concede no matter what.

It was said that it was something left behind by that Tribe Elder ancestor of his and could hold off for quite a while even if a mining accident occurred. As long as he wasn’t crushed to death directly, Fatty would surely dig him out.

Hearing this, he felt a warm feeling in his heart. He even had the urge to allow his tears to fall down his cheeks…

“He really isn’t dead.”

Inside a spacious red carriage quite a distance away from the stone house, a youth in silver leather armor gazed at Lin Hao through the window when he walked passed a certain alley.

The youth had an aura of elegance, carrying along a sword which was leaning inside the carriage. His expression, however, was an ice-cold one.

“He actually dared to warn me to not have any ideas about Nie Li.”

“Actually, Childe doesn’t need to act this way. Lin Hao is merely a worm who can’t see reality clearly. After all, Childe is someone destined for great things. Why bother arguing with these kinds of people. Seeing him act this way, he must think that mining is really impressive.” Said an elderly person, who sat beside the youth, respectfully.

“Do you really think I would bother him for this kind of thing?” Zhu Mingyu squinted at the elderly person.

“What Childe meant is…” The elderly person stared blankly.

At this time, Zhu Mingyu pulled down the carriage’s curtain, “Shi Tong, return!”

“Alright, jia1!”

The groom sitting in front of the carriage immediately brandished his horsewhip.

1 驾, a syllable usually used to command a horse to move (at least in China).

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