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SOGE Chapter 6 – Unreasonable

Chapter 6 – Unreasonable

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

Sixth chapter of the week!
It’s sad but I think I can only finish half of the next chapter tonight so the next chapter will be posted at tomorrow morning instead.

By the way, I changed Xiao Yi to Little Yi.

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Outside in the stone courtyard, Lin Yi was arguing with a group of people, his face flushed with anger.

The group was headed by a youth, with the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear1, wrapped in beast skin. Though he seemed to be older than the fatty by one or two years, he was taller by a head. The outline of his body was distinct, his muscles bulged and he seemed to be full of explosive strength.

“Lin Yi!”

“The Heavenly Eagle Tribe is in need of a batch of swords. The village’s mission is very hard and we are lacking manpower at the moment. Since your trashy Second Uncle is back, so what if I, your father, want to expropriate him?!” With his hands on his hips, Shi Dashan said indifferently.

“That’s right. The village won’t feed someone who doesn’t work. Don’t tell me that you think you can just eat and do nothing at all. That would be too good to be true!” The surrounding people began to jeer. After all, a capitalist can always easily arouse the commoners’ dissatisfaction. In the Stone Swallow Village, Lin Hao could be counted as a small capitalist after all. With the hunting squad warriors instigating, the people became more and more unrestrained.


The fatty’s face flushed, staring ferociously in all four directions. Pointing at the burlap sack in his hand, he rebuked, “This is your so-called rations? You allocated an infant’s portion to my Second Uncle who is an adult yet you have the nerve to ask him to work?!”

One needed energy to do work. This was what infuriated the fatty the most.

The Second Uncle, under the shadow of his ancestors, could opt to not work. But putting aside the matter of asking him to work, they actually allocated him only that much provisions. One had to know, Lin Yi only went to receive the portion for his Second Uncle. In fact, the village would leave a portion for the Lin Family every year, but they always used the excuse of Lin Hao’s disappearance in order to confiscate it. As for whose pockets it entered, it remained unknown.

No matter what, that was during the time when Lin Hao disappeared. Now that Lin Hao was back, his portion should be there this year.

But he never expected, though his portion was provided, they only left him a small burlap sack. This was akin to sending a beggar away!

“The village’s provisions has been distributed a long time ago. Do you really think there is a portion for the Lin Family?”

“I can also let you know that Young Master Zhu has shown mercy and took out these provisions from his own house! If you think it’s not enough, then you can just add yours to it!” Shi Dashan glanced at the burlap sack and sneered.

“That’s right! Aren’t you a hunting squad warrior? Even after sharing part of your provisions, you would still have enough to eat!”

“Yeah, not to mention that Young Master Zhu gave you some. Even if he didn’t, you guys would still have enough to eat. What wrong with doing some work?”

Hearing the surrounding people followed to jeer blindly, the fatty’s neck reddened from anger.

These people actually had reasons for not distributing the provisions and even told him to share his own provisions. Yet they talked as if it was a matter of course.

Yes, he had intended to share part of his to his Second Uncle. Otherwise, with the amount in the small burlap sack, it wouldn’t be enough even if he drank gruel every day.

But those were his provisions! His hard-earned provisions after hunting every day!

Provisions provided for the hunting squad were great indeed, but they needed to consume a lot as well. Putting hunting aside, they also needed to replenish their energy after cultivating. Him sharing his provisions with his Second Uncle, what did it have to do with the villagers? Not distributing provisions yet they dared to ask his Second Uncle to do work?

As if there could be anything as good as this!

“I’ll do it!”

The fatty was in a fit of anger, but a hoarse voice came from behind him.

In an instant, everyone was silenced. Everyone landed their gaze on Lin Hao, dumbfounded.

After a period of silence, the surrounding people suddenly laughed.

“Now that’s right. After eating our provisions for so many years, what’s so wrong with doing some work.” Someone cackled.

“Yeah, you should have done so right from the start so the situation wouldn’t be so complicated. You also made it as if the village owed you something.”

“How boring. Let’s leave!”

The group of people roared with laughter and some of them dispersed.

They came to make a laughingstock out of the Lin Family, but they didn’t expect that Lin Hao, the wastrel, would actually agree to do work. However, since he agreed to do so, there was nothing worth seeing anymore.

From the start to finish, Lin Hao indifferently watched this scene.

He naturally knew that these people had no grievances with the Lin Family. Except for a few people who had other thoughts, the rest of them were only here to watch a commotion. People loved seeing other people’s misfortune. This was a bad practice in society. It was the same no matter where it was. But once he agreed, they would naturally disperse.

“Stinky brat, I’ll consider that you are tactful. Remember this well, by eating provisions from the village, you will naturally have to do work as well. This is heaven’s law and earth’s principle, the village doesn’t owe you anything!” Shi Dashan felt bored as well. He only spoke coldly. While speaking, he threw two bronze medals at Lin Hao, as if driving away houseflies.

“Do your father’s work!”

Seeing this, the fatty couldn’t help but roar. His neck bulged greatly from anger. Like a tiger, he pounced on the two bronze medals and caught them. Then he threw the medals along with the burlap sack at Shi Dashan’s face.

“Go and eat your provisions. Second Uncle, you can just eat mine!” As he finished his words, he pulled Lin Hao and was about to enter the house.

“Remember what you said!”

Shi Dashan’s complexion abruptly darkened. Lifting the provisions in his hands, he sneered, “Even if he ate your provisions, he still has to work. The village’s provisions are used to replenish energy, not to raise trash!”


The fatty turned around and stared with his wide eyes, unwilling to believe this.

What kind of justification was this? He had returned the provisions, yet they still asked Second Uncle to work!

They obviously came to pick at their faults. He was about to take action when he was pulled back by Lin Hao.

“Second Uncle!”

“Let it be.”

As a newcomer, he wasn’t clear what the situation was. There was no need to argue with these people.

Moreover, it was merely work, nothing much. He really couldn’t understand what reasons were there for those people to cause such a ruckus.

Such a big village, yet they lacked manpower and needed him to do work?

Even though the fatty had promised to share his provisions, they still wouldn’t let it go. There must be something behind this!

Frowning, he walked toward Shi Dashan and looked up at him. His frail body formed a clear contrast to Shi Dashan’s. It was similar to a kid who was standing in front of an adult.

One had to admit that Shi Dashan was really awe-inspiring. Though he seemed to be similar to Lin Yi, he was much taller than an ordinary adult and he had broken through the blood vessels’ restriction long time ago and joined the hunting squad soon afterwards. In the Stone Swallow Village, he could be considered an expert.

“What kind of work is there?”

Lin Hao only took a single glance at Shi Dashan and then landed his sight on the two bronze medals.

Shi Dashan snorted, “Forging and mining. The village is going to refine swords for the Heavenly Eagle Tribe so these two areas are severely lacking in manpower. Choose one of them.”

“Mining then.”

Lin Hao pondered and then suddenly smiled.

“This is the medal used to report for duty. Remember, a thousand pounds each day!”

Shi Dashan threw out a bronze medal while giving out instructions. Taking the burlap sack, he turned around and left.

These weren’t ordinary ores. They were iron ores used to forge iron. A thousand pounds each day, even a hunting squad warrior would find the work strenuous. It was quite impossible for an ordinary person like Lin Hao to complete it!

However, Lin Hao just kept smiling and seemingly didn’t care about it. The fatty was about to flare-up a few times, but each time was stopped by him.

1 虎背熊腰, of tough and stocky build

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  1. iamviruz says:

    Since he can carry that cauldron like nothing (although that may be related to the cauldron approval or something..) I don’t think he have any problem with that job. And he seems like he have cleared his blood vessel or something..I don’t remember the term.

    Thanks for the chapter~~

    • Jiick says:

      I think he is the smart kind. He didn’t immediately start a fight since he doesn’t know what is going on exactly. Also he is aware of the fact that there are people hidden in the shadows who want the heritage of his clan. So he is trying not to give them an excuse to reach their goals.

      Thanks for the chapter!

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