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SOGE Chapter 5 – Stone Inscriptions of The Fighter Blood Condensation Techniques

Chapter 5 – Stone Inscriptions of The Fighter Blood Condensation Techniques

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

Fifth chapter of the week! Sorry for the late post as I was quite busy yesterday. There should be another double release today so stay tuned!

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In the end, these elderly people dispersed one after another. Lin Hao, under Lin Yi’s lead, walked into a secret chamber inside the stone house.

There weren’t many things inside the chamber. The most eye-catching items would be the four head-sized stone inscriptions!

Each clan had their own heritage. Even the Lin Family, a “pseudo-clan” in the village, was no exception.

The stone inscriptions in front of him was exactly this, the Lin Family’s heritage.

The four Fighter Blood Condensation Techniques!

Lin Hao was quite moved. The stone house represented too many things. It wasn’t just a mere house. It was also a kind of resource. Take the Fighter Blood Condensation Technique for example. To an ordinary villager, it was extremely precious. Only by displaying enough innate talent and being picked by the village, would they be granted the access to it. Otherwise, no matter how hard they tried, they wouldn’t be able to obtain it.

Yet Lin Family alone had four pieces.

This should be the items they wanted.

He could imagine, the big figures in charge of all of these mustn’t be those villagers.

Those people wouldn’t dismantle the house for no reason since it would be meaningless.

It is simply impossible that they only want to vent their anger. If it was only a couple of people, it could be possible. But it’s impossible for so many people to get mad at the same. Unless if the Lin Family has committed atrocious acts, forcing the masses to take actions against them.

However, from his observation, even if the Lin Family couldn’t exactly be counted as having good moral standing and reputation, there wasn’t any of this kind of situation either.

Thus, the only possibility left is that the Lin Family has something the others desired!

Thinking this, Lin Hao took a deep breath and calmed down……

If the Lin Family really had things that they wanted, he would know sooner or later who the other party was.

After all, those people had planned and prepared for two or three years, or perhaps even longer. It would be impossible for them to give up just because he reappeared. Either they would try to take away the items by force or trickery or they would do things covertly. As long as they weren’t successful, there would be a day when the map was unfolded, a stiletto would be exposed1.

“If others don’t offend me, I won’t offend them either,” Lin Hao thought in his heart as he remained silent.

Then he landed his sights on the stone inscriptions in front of him.

“Human’s blood vessels are of low grade and incomparable to those of the large clans. Only by breaking through the blood vessels’ restriction and clearing the primary meridians, then one could condense fighter blood and tread upon the path of cultivation.”

He silently recited the technique on the stone inscription and started to cultivate.

Gradually, he could see specks of fluorescent light in the air which started to gather around his body. Whenever a speck of light entered his body, he would feel refreshed…

He took a deep breath and shut his eyes. He could distinctly feel that his strength was gradually increasing.

Generally speaking, even in this world, the strength of ordinary people was unable to surpass a thousand pounds either. But after condensing fighter blood, they would have an increase of a thousand pounds in strength each time they cleared a primary meridian. Every person had twelve primary meridians altogether. If all of them were cleared, that would be twelve thousand pounds!

That was why the hunting squad’s warriors, who had broken through their blood vessels’ restriction, were revered by everyone. Each of them had a strength which was far superior than ordinary people.

Moreover, this was only in theory. In fact, just clearing six primary meridians was considered reaching small success as the fighter blood would form a small circulation that would grow and multiply without end. Clearing twelve primary meridians meant reaching perfection as the fighter blood would transform into a large circulation and the Essence could be released. By then, the increase in strength wouldn’t be as simple as merely thousand pounds. To those who had reached peak of the Condensed Fighter Blood Stage, it was normal to have thirty thousand pounds of strength.

Thirty thousand pounds. On Earth, that was equivalent to fifteen tonnes!

Even within a radius of thousands of miles, those kinds of experts could be counted using your hands. If placed in a tribe, those kinds of beings wouldn’t be disregarded either…

Yet in the Stone Swallow Village, there were two warriors who had reached large success in the Condensed Fighter Blood Stage. One of them was Patriarch Zhu Changdao, and the other one was the vice captain of hunting squad, the Young Patriarch Zhu Mingyu!

Soon after, he opened his eyes. The weak energy surrounding his body had disappeared.

He hesitated as he gaze at the stone inscription in front of his knees.

To an ordinary villager, having the Fighter Blood Condensation Technique was akin to being bestowed by the Heavens. This meant that they had the possibility of setting their foot on the cultivation path, becoming part of hunting squad, and being detached from the mundane world from now onwards…

But to obtain four Fighter Blood Condensation Techniques suddenly…

This really made one become troubled from happiness…

He shook his head while laughing. Just now, he had tried all of the Fighter Blood Condensation Techniques on these stone inscriptions. Though they were quite effective, each of them weren’t much different from the other so they should be of the same grade.

“The stone inscription on the left doesn’t suit me, the Blood Essence cultivated from it is too gentle and reserved. The one on the right is too violent. Things which lean towards extremity usually have fatal flaws so they can’t be recklessly chosen. This leaves the two remaining pieces in the center…”

There weren’t high or low distinctions among these four techniques on the stone inscriptions, therefore he could only choose the one most suitable for himself.

In the end, he chose the middle left one. Portrayed on it was a giant with indomitable spirit who held a heaven-splitting hatchet in his hand. Below it was the Fighter Blood Condensation Technique. The fighter blood condensed using this technique was extremely overbearing with its extraordinary strength.

Overbearing, powerful!

Similar to that giant with indomitable spirit, it had traits which were capable of completely sweeping over the world!

Wait a moment…

He blanked out for a moment.

To condense fighter blood, one needed more than just a condensation technique. One also needed a drawing of a visualization technique. The visualization drawings originated from twelve scriptures which had been passed down since ancient times and were the base of cultivation which one couldn’t do without.

Although the fatty’s Second Uncle was a recluse, he ultimately left in order to seek a breakthrough. No matter how trash he was, he should have brought his visualization technique with him. Otherwise, wouldn’t that mean he was making a fool out of himself?

Thinking this, Lin Hao immediately rummaged through the leather robe’s pocket and took out a piece of armor.

This piece of armor was found among the skeleton’s ashes. Even at death’s door, the fatty’s Second Uncle had it hidden on him so presumably it was something extremely precious. In addition to the patterns on the piece of armor itself, there were also densely packed characters which looked like a drawing.

“Could this be the visualization drawing?”

Lin Hao felt quite unsure himself as he gazed at the armor.

However, other than this armor, he couldn’t think that it could be anything else. After all, even time had turned the skeleton to ash so it couldn’t be that. But these stone inscriptions were different as they wouldn’t disappear.

It was just that the characters on the armor were too profound. The characters on stone inscriptions were slightly better since there were similarities between them and the oracle bone script. Relying on his archaeological knowledge, he could barely recognize their meaning. But as for the armor, he could do nothing at all.

“The only thing I can do is ask other people.”

He put the armor back into his pocket and took out the square cauldron again.

Since the time he drank the red liquid, his strength had kept increasing. Initially, he couldn’t even lift the cauldron up. But now, when he put the cauldron into the leather robe’s pocket, he didn’t even feel a thing. Even he himself didn’t know how much strength he had now.

“Not good!”

At that moment, through the small cauldron, he saw the scene outside and his complexion abruptly changed. He promptly pushed the stone door open and went out.

1 图穷匕见, the real intention is revealed in the end.

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