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SOGE Chapter 4 – The Wastrel of Lin Family

Chapter 4 – The Wastrel of Lin Family

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

Fourth chapter of the week! Enjoy~

The swallow in Stone Swallow Village is a species of bird, not swallow as to devour.

To avoid confusion, I marked Lin Hao’s name with number.
Lin Hao1 meant the original Lin Hao.
Lin Hao2 meant Lin Yi’s second uncle.

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The fatty was called Lin Yi. His ill-fated “Second Uncle” was called Lin Hao2. It wasn’t much different from how his previous name sounded. Lin Hao1, who heard this, felt quite uncomfortable in his heart.

Both of them were members of the Lin Clan in the nearby Stone Swallow Village.

Since it was known as a clan, it meant that a great person had previously emerged from the family.

According to the fatty’s explanation, the ancestors of the Lin Family had produced a Tribe Elder before. Their fortune could last three generations. Therefore, they could be known as a clan. Even though only the two of them were left in the Lin Family, the ‘clan’ title couldn’t be stripped away.

That was to say, even if Lin Hao2 didn’t do anything at all, he still could live comfortably.

However, three years ago, Lin Hao2 was suddenly motivated for unknown reasons and sought a breakthrough. In order to break through the restraint of blood vessels and become a warrior, he actually took out the square cauldron handed down by his ancestors and entered a desolate cave alone.

This one trip had taken him three years.

Listening up till here, Lin Hao’s1 mouth twitched.

What other sort of motivation could it be?

Either he was looked down by that lady, someone had ridiculed him and made him indignant, or something along these lines. In short, he was forced into a corner and then went to seek death.

Being despised was one thing, but he was finally relieved after listening until this point.

Although his troubles weren’t any less than before, the Heavens still had its conscience. He wasn’t given an identity, he wasn’t given a bunch of brothers and sisters either, not to mention sons or daughters. Now, the entire Lin Family had only he and Lin Yi left. Added with the fact that Lin Yi firmly believed his identity without any doubts.
[TL: This part was somewhat confusing, but the meaning should be more or less as above. 但老天爷这次总算还有点良心,没有送给他一个身份的同时,再给他整一票哥哥姐姐、弟弟妹妹之类的,更没有狗血的给他捎个儿子、女儿]

At least I won’t be easily exposed this way.

That was what he thought. As for the “Second Uncle” in Lin Yi’s heart, if he were to be placed in his previous world, he would be the definition of a recluse. Putting his family aside, he didn’t have many acquaintances so he didn’t have to worry issues about being exposed.

Three years. It could change a lot of things, including people’s memories and personality…

“Afterward, someone told me that you have died, even the cave where you went into seclusion has collapsed. But I didn’t believe it. Because you have said before that you will definitely not die before marrying that chick Nie Li.” The fatty continued to speak confidently.


With Lin Yi’s support, he finally made it back to his “home”.

But he never expected that the so-called “home” would look like this. The outside was a circle formed by a pile of messy stones pieces and yellow mud while the inside was a house made of stones and clay!

This is the “Lin Manor”?

He was stupefied. The previous lofty terms he heard before, what member of Lin Clan, what Lin Manor. He was even praising how kind the Heavens were, that no matter what place, it still gave him a foundation and a carefree life…

Could this even be f*cking counted as foundation?

His mouth opened while ‘serving’ the wily Heavens’ ancestors in his heart.

Alright then. Compared to those neighbouring thatched huts, this stone house is indeed better, moreover, it is obviously a grade higher.

He was unable to imagine how did those thatched huts spent their time during stormy days!

At this moment, two youths wearing straw clothes walked out from the stone courtyard while holding several pieces of stone with smudges of clay that could be seen on the top. These were obviously dismantled from that stone house.

Seeing this scene, Lin Hao1 was abruptly petrified……

They have started to dismantle the house??

“Shi Dalong, Shi Hu! What are you two doing!”

The fatty saw this as well. He halted his footsteps, let go of Lin Hao1, and as if he was an enraged lion, moved towards both of them while staring with both eyes as round as balls.

Though he seemed simple and honest, he was extremely scary when he was enraged. His clothes bulged under his strength, his clenched fists seemed to weigh no less than a thousand pounds, and every step he took left a deep footprint on the ground!

He was thoroughly angered. Ever since his Second Uncle disappeared, there would be people who came to rob or steal things from time to time. Even he couldn’t completely prevent this. Within the span of three years, the house had been emptied of most of its items. But even so, no one had even been so brazen as to blatantly dismantle the house!

“Not good! It’s Lin Yi!”

“Didn’t he go hunting?”

“If you ask me then who will I ask? Anyways, let’s run separately!”

Shi Dalong and Shi Hu, upon seeing Lin Yi, were greatly alarmed. Discussing with just a couple of sentences, while holding their rocks, they scattered into different directions immediately as they were afraid that they would be overtaken.

They were, after all, ordinary youths unlike the fatty who had cleared his blood vessels restraint and was a hunting squad warrior. Compared to them, he was stronger by who-knew-how-many folds. How could they not be afraid? If they were caught, they would definitely be thoroughly beaten up!


Just after a moment, both of them ran quickly and disappeared from his sight. The fatty was distracted since he didn’t know who should he chase. He also didn’t dare to stray too far away from Lin Hao1. As such, he could only let out a snort and step ruthlessly on the ground, leaving behind a hole in it!

“What exactly is going on here?”

Seeing this scene, Lin Hao1 knew something had happened and he was quite unhappy about it.

The exterior of “Lin Manor” had depreciated which made his cheeks stream with tears and there were still people who dared to dismantle the bricks, no, dismantle the stones. Were those people really going to let him live in a thatched hut?!

He didn’t want to wake up someday, only to find that his house had disappeared. Nor did he want to see his seemingly fine house have a hole abruptly appear out of nowhere!

As his mood fluctuated, the pale gray world started to appear in his sight as if it wanted to destroy everything.

Taking a deep breath, he gradually calmed down and his sight became normal again.

At this time, the villagers had encircled the surroundings.

The stone house naturally appeared towering as it was located in the middle of these thatched huts. As that there was such a big commotion, the villagers were naturally attracted.

He was sighing with regret in regards to the decline of this household which had lost its glory.

“I’d say, since that wastrel has long died, this house should be dismantled. Why bother keeping it until now!”

There were also some people whose words were more straightforward and ear-piercing. They found the stone house not pleasing to their eyes. On what basis did these able-bodied people, who had toiled to plow and mine, had to live in thatched huts, yet a stone house was left behind for someone who had died!

Along with the appearance of these words, the surrounding crowd began to jeer, as if they wanted to tear down the stone house using their voices.

“You guys are the ones who are dead! Scram!”

Hearing this, the fatty’s eyes gradually reddened, and just like an irritated leopardess, roared at the crowd.

Some people were scared and took a few steps back, some sneered, but nobody had left.

The fatty, who had entered the hunting squad, had cleared his blood vessels restraint thus he wasn’t someone ordinary anymore. Thus, he seemed quite awe-inspiring.

If it were only a couple of people, they would definitely run as far as they could. However, with so many people surrounding him and the so-called laws unable to punish the masses, couldn’t it be that Lin Yi wanted to beat all of them up?

Not to mention it wasn’t allowed by the village rules, just the group of hunting squad warriors alone was enough to tear Lin Yi apart.

Seeing this scene, Lin Hao’s1 heart sank.

It seemed like the relationship between Lin Family and the villagers was bad indeed. Of course, it wasn’t exactly that bad either. It was just that they got to live in the stone house while everyone else could only live in thatched huts. Some people couldn’t help but feel jealous. This was something unavoidable, especially under the circumstances where the stone house’s owner had died.

“Little Yi, don’t bother to argue with them.”

Lin Hao spoke with a hoarse voice. This was his first time here. His identity problem wasn’t resolved yet so he didn’t want to show off too much.

Hearing this, the fatty calmed down a bit and resolutely nodded his head.

But he felt quite strange in his heart.

Theoretically, shouldn’t Second Uncle be the most angry one?

If it was before, upon hearing those words, Second Uncle would have already gone and fought with those people. Because to Second Uncle, the stone house isn’t merely a house. It is a symbol which represented honor!

Perhaps this is his experience after three years.

He thought again. Each time he thought of his Second Uncle who was trapped in the cave for three years, he would feel pain in his heart. Though his Second Uncle didn’t really die, for someone to be trapped in such a place for so long, the thought made him shudder.

Luckily, he is back.

Lin Hao1 entered the house with the support of Lin Yi, but some people outside revealed looks of suspicion.

“Does anyone find the one who stood beside Lin Yi familiar?”

“Yeah, did you feel that way too? I seem to have seen him somewhere before, but I can’t remember where!”

These people were bewildered but they couldn’t be blamed. After all, Lin Hao1(Hao2) didn’t have much contact with them and with so much time having passed, his figure changed as well, therefore it was natural that they couldn’t remember in such a short period of time. However, they were neighbors after all so they had a few impressions of him. As these impressions became clearer, their complexion gradually changed as well.

“Could it be… the wastrel of Lin Family?”

“Impossible! Didn’t he die already? My Third (paternal) Uncle personally saw that he was trapped in the collapsed cave!”

As the words left his mouth, nobody could let out a laugh. Being trapped didn’t mean that person would surely die.

The stone house in Stone Swallow Village represented honor and status. A great person had emerged from the Lin Family ancestry before. It was stated their fortune would last three generations. Lin Yi was a member of the fourth generation. There shouldn’t be any problems no matter what they did. Therefore in these past two years, they became more and more unrestrained. Now that the wastrel of Lin Family hadn’t die, things weren’t as simple as before anymore. Even the village rules wouldn’t let them lay their ideas on the stone house!

There were some people who had secretly left the crowd.

Due to the affair from three years ago being unclear, even though they had confirmed the death of Lin Hao1(Hao2) during these past two years, they didn’t dare to blatantly dismantle the house. However as the painting slowly unfolded3, they didn’t expect that the wastrel of Lin Family didn’t actually die!

It was a nuisance for some people if someone who was supposed to be dead was actually not dead.

The only people left outside of the stone house now were some of the elderly.

They weren’t like those youth. Whether in a stone house or a thatched hut, it hardly mattered to them.

They were young once. There were even some who had seen that glorious person of the Lin Family. They could only sigh with regret about the Lin Family’s decline. As for the resurrection of Lin Hao1(Hao2), they weren’t exactly shocked either.

To describe them in a sentence would be like this: they had lived too long and lost most of their youthful vigor.

“Lin Family… isn’t destined to be doomed after all,” someone sighed with regret.

1 The main character’s name in previous world.

2 The name of Lin Yi’s second uncle.

3 徐徐图之. I’m not exactly clear on what it means either. Literally, it meant slow painting. I guess it’s something along the line of ‘as scene unfolds’.

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