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SOGE Chapter 3 – Second Uncle

Chapter 3 – Second Uncle
Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

Third chapter of the week! Enjoy~

By the way, I forgot to mention in the previous chapter, the measurement unit is used and i translated it as zhang. Would it be better keep it as zhang or convert it into feet? (1 zhang = 10 feet)
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Things have gotten serious!

If this cauldron’s usage is known by people, if it gets sold, then its price will definitely skyrocket!

He could imagine, if this cauldron could cross any space and display distant scenes, it would absolutely be popular!

The best peeping tool! Countless gentlemen’s desired godly object!


Of course, he could only think about it as he didn’t want to sell it either. Regardless of its usage, based on its weight alone, it was something worth researching. Based on its age, it was an ancient relic!

He couldn’t wait to have the cauldron to himself!


While sunk in his thoughts, he suddenly received a shock. Without paying attention, he had actually lifted the small cauldron!

Could it be that it got lighter?

Before he could even think properly, the skeleton, which had been left by the cauldron, seemed to have lost its hold. In an instant, it crumbled into ashes!

Seeing this, Lin Hao’s mouth gradually took the shape of the letter O.

It wasn’t that he had never seen such scenes in science fiction movies where skeletons turned into ashes instantly in science fiction movies, but those were man-made. As a semi-professional excavator, he naturally knew those were impossible.

But moments ago, something impossible had actually taken place!

Under his own eyes, it turned into ashes!

“This has nothing to do with me!”

His scalp went numb, took few steps back and spoke hastily as if comforting himself.

He thought again, then promptly put the small cauldron into his pocket.

This was his habitual action, but he forgot how heavy the small cauldron was. As such, his originally ragged clothes was thoroughly damaged and a big hole appeared in his clothes. The small cauldron directly fell to the ground where a deep pit was formed.


His complexion changed and he finally reacted. It wasn’t that the small cauldron became lighter. Instead, it was he who became stronger, extremely strong at that!

It must be because of the red liquid!

There weren’t any other possibilities. But the increase in strength was something good after all, so he didn’t put much thought into it. He looked at his clothes, which had turned into a strip of cloth, and the set lying on the ashes.

He hesitated for a bit, then took the leather robe made out of beast on the ashes and covered himself with it.

Though the leather robe was quite shabby, but at least it could cover his body. Moreover, its size matched his physique. However, when he picked up the leather robe, he found out that underneath the leather robe was a piece of armor which was carved with words. But those words seemed very ancient. He couldn’t recognize them at all.

Another relic?

He looked at it for a bit and then collected it. Afterward, he looked at the rocks which sealed up the cave.

Squinting his eyes, the pale gray world once again fused with the normal world. Countless densely packed cracks appeared in his sight again.

Following the lines of cracks, he whirled the small cauldron in his hands, advancing while smashing violently!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under small cauldron’s attacks, the hard solid rocks were like bean curds and got smashed to smithereens. The blown-apart rocks rammed into the cave wall, causing the cave to shake violently.


Outside the cave, the fatty was startled and looked towards the collapsed cave.

At that moment, the rocks blocking the collapsed cave’s entrance abruptly exploded. As if being blasted by explosives, after being smashed by the small cauldron time after time, four to five blocks of one cubic metre rocks were blown into fragments!

Cough cough…

Lin Hao, who was choked by dust, waved his hands to disperse the dust. Then he grabbed the square cauldron and walked out while cladded in the shabby leather robe and his head covered in ashes. His appearance was similar to a savage who lived in the mountains.


He hadn’t even regained his awareness when he saw the fatty in the distance let out a howl, as if having consumed steroids, and charge at him in excitement.

“Second Uncle!!”

The fatty roared, his voice resounded in the valley. The loud sound buzzed in Lin Hao’s mind; his ears went deaf for a moment. Originally, he planned to dodge but he could only stand rigidly in the end as the fatty immediately hugged him.

How heavy!

Lin Hao’s complexion suddenly changed as pale as snow. The first thing he thought of was the weight of the fatty. He didn’t even pay attention to how the fatty addressed him.

Too scary!

Though the fatty seemed plump, he was still young and at most fifteen or sixteen years old. His height had only reached Lin Hao’s shoulder. From his experience, the fatty weighed around one hundred pounds at most.

But when the fatty hugged him, he found out that he was wrong, terribly wrong!

One must know that the current him could easily lift up the square cauldron, his strength was by far much stronger than before. However, he was almost pushed down by the fatty. It demonstrated just how heavy the fatty was.

“Second Uncle! Second Uncle! I knew it! You didn’t die! You didn’t die!”

“How could you die before marrying that chick Nie Li? You must have succeeded, right?”

The fatty roared continuously, numbing both Lin Hao’s ears. It wasn’t until he had finished his last question before loosening his grip on Lin Hao. He looked at Lin Hao excitedly, tears almost flowed from his eyes.

Lin Hao was about to say something, but upon thinking how he looked like now, he swallowed his words.

He suspected that this fatty’s Second Uncle was the skeleton in the cave, but he was unable to say it.

Because that person had died…

The fatty had a simple and honest face. The way he looked at Lin Hao was filled with excitement. The clothes he wore which were made out of beast skins and had several stitches on it. The stitches were done coarsely and revealed his wheat-colored skin.

What exactly is this place?

How come the clothes here are so crude?

Lin Hao frowned slightly. He had thought this in the cave before. However, he was unable to think of a place on Earth that still had this kind of retrogressed conditions. Even an impoverished village should at least have woven clothes. However, what he saw were the most primitive and poorly handled beast skins!

A youth weighing more than a thousand pounds plus a fist-sized yet unbelievable heavy square cauldron…

The more he thought, the more he shuddered. There were too many abnormalities here which weren’t likely to exist on Earth. Each of them alone was sufficient to become a shocking discovery of the century, yet they appeared in quick succession. All of these pointed to an unpleasant conjecture. His complexion became even more unsightly.

Could it be… that he wasn’t on Earth anymore?

The star map didn’t only send him out from the pyramid. It sent him directly away out from Earth!

This level of joking is too much!

Not only he was sent out from the Earth, he was also given another identity!

Thinking this, his complexion became complicated.

“Second Uncle, you have changed!”, the fatty said solemnly.

Hearing this, Lin Hao’s heart thumped. Even though he hadn’t decided whether he should pass himself off or not as the Second Uncle, to be found out so suddenly still made his heart skipped a beat. Similar to someone who hadn’t done anything wrong, if they were to be tested by a lie detector, their heartbeat would accelerate as well.

“You are much thinner and hearing that chick Nie Li’s name didn’t excite you!”

The fatty spoke with a solemn expression.

Lin Hao, who was mentally prepared, after hearing this, couldn’t react to it at first. When he finally reacted, he got so angry that he had his nose out of joint!

The fatty’s expression loosened and softened quite a bit. He continued, “You used to talk a lot. You’d always talk about your aspirations.”

“You loved to tell me your experiences in killing demons.”

“You loved to talk about how much has that chick Nie Li had grown and what skills she had mastered.”

“You loved to talk about what present you gave her.”

“You loved to…”

At first, Lin Hao still felt quite angry, but as he continued to listen to the fatty, he gradually calmed down. His complexion became quite strange.

From the fatty’s description, he had a vague understanding of what kind of person this “Second Uncle” was.

A big fatty who would daydream all day long, a stalker who loved his goddess yet didn’t dare to pursue her, someone who liked to boast in front of his juniors and only knew how to prattle on about his aspirations…

Wait… wait… the pattern isn’t right!

Lin Hao’s complexion became increasingly strange. No matter how he looked at it, this was a typical wastrel!

Heavens, are you toying with me?

I’ll let it pass that you sent me to this kind of place. I will also be grateful if you gave me a good identity, but do you have nothing else to do besides giving me the identity of a wastrel? What are your intentions?

The more Lin Hao thought, the more he felt something was amiss. He had a feeling that things weren’t so simple and there were other things in store for him.


“But it’s okay now. No matter how you have changed, you are still my Second Uncle…”

In the end, the fatty abruptly laughed, even his tears flowed down, while touching Lin Hao’s face. Though he was laughing, Lin Hao could tell that he was obviously crying.

Mouth twitching, even if Lin Hao wanted to say something, he couldn’t open his mouth when facing this fatty.

Should I apologize and say you have recognized the wrong person? Or should I comfort him?

Lin Hao secretly shook his head. What he found strange was that he was really similar to that person, but only a bit thinner?

Should I take on his identity and use it from now onwards?

Thinking this, his belly suddenly growled again.

Hearing the growl, the fatty hastily wiped his eyes, “Second Uncle, I’ll bring you home!”

While speaking, the fatty who was standing by Lin Hao’s side gave him support, by supporting his shoulder, and walked.

Lin Hao initially wanted to reject him since he could walk by himself but the fatty was so strong that he was unable to resist him. He didn’t know whether it was because the fatty was too excited or if there were other reasons but he actually didn’t detect Lin Hao’s resistance.

“Second Uncle, it is wonderful that you are alive. Heh heh, now I would like to see who dares to touch our Lin Family’s things. I will also become a warrior this year so you can be at ease. I want to see who dares to have ideas on the Lin Family’s things! For those who dare, I’d break their legs!”

It’s coming…

Lin Hao’s heart sank. He knew things weren’t that simple!

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