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SOGE Chapter 22 – Tribe Elder

Chapter 22 – Tribe Elder

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Flamelord

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“Uncle is formidable indeed.” Lin Hao said respectfully.


Nie Zhan nodded his head and did not say anything. He took a cloth beside him to wipe his sweat and then hung it around his neck, walking into the house just like that.

It was not until his figure had completely disappeared into the house before Lin Hao walked to the millstone and began his training.


Patriarch Manor, the most presentable place in the Stone Swallow Village, second only to Nie Manor.

Zhu Mingyu clad in purplish gold robe, with his sword hanging at his waist and a ruddy complexion, walked step by step into the house.

“Mingyu, you have arrived?” The Patriarch, Zhu Zhangdao, stroked his white beard and asked in a pleased tone.

“Yes, Father!”

Holding onto his sword, Zhu Mingyu nodded.

Zhu Zhangdao nodded his head in satisfaction. In his entire life, the achievement that he was most proud of was not of him becoming a Condensed Fighter Blood warrior of Perfection phase, but of him nurturing such an outstanding son!

Amidst the Desolate, other than his son, just how many people could attain the Perfection phase of Condensed Fighter Blood stage at twenty years old?

It was close to none!

While thinking proudly in his heart, he turned his gaze towards the other figures inside the house.

At this time, other than him, there were two more people inside the house. A white-haired old man and a youth wearing green garment who seemed to be fourteen or fifteen years old.

The white-haired old man was currently sipping tea. Even when Zhu Mingyu came, he didn’t turn to see him. Rather, the youth, who was standing behind the old man, glanced at Zhu Mingyu for a moment and didn’t pay attention to him anymore.

“I pay my respects to Grandmaster Li! I wonder who is this …”

At this moment, Zhu Mingyu bowed towards the white-haired old man and glanced at the youth, asking in doubt.

Li Henqing didn’t speak any words. He just took a sip of tea and closed his eyes, taking a long deep breath.

No one dared to disturb him.


After quite a while, Li Henqing finally nodded his head and put the cup down, “This tea was light and flavorless when tasted a year ago. Though it has some flavor now, alas, it is still too bland. It is useless to keep it but a pity to discard it!“

As he spoke, he tilted the cup and poured over the tea just right in front of Zhu Mingyu.

Although it was a pity to discard it, he discarded it anyway!

Zhu Mingyu slightly furrowed his brows, but concealed it right away.

He certainly knew that Li Henqing was making an analogy using the tea.

It was describing him who had broken through from large success to Perfection phase of Condensed Fighter Blood stage in a year. To think that after consuming so many of the village’s resources, to Lin Henqing, he had only gained ‘some flavor’. Just like before, he still couldn’t enter his sight.

“I am master’s disciple, Zhou Xin!”

At this time, the youth in green garment walked forward. Full of spirit, he gazed at Zhu Mingyu and Zhu Zhangdao and exclaimed, “I guess both of you know the reason my master came here. Accompanying Senior Sister to visit her family is secondary. The main reasons are to check the progress of sword refining and to see if there are any talents here.”


Zhu Mingyu might seemed unperturbed on the surface, but he felt deflated deep in his heart.

It was true that Heavenly Eagle Tribe placed huge importance on the matter of sword refining, but there were dozens of village, big and small, and Stone Swallow Village was only a smalll one which was not worth mentioning. That was why the total progress wouldn’t be affected too much even if the refining couldn’t be completed in the Stone Swallow Village. After all, Heavenly Eagle Tribe couldn’t just count on them alone for the mission.

Just why they would they send an expert who had transcended Condensed Fighter Blood stage as a supervisor?

“Why? Is this all of the talents you have in the villlage?”

Zhou Xin glanced at Zhu Mingyu with a smile that obviously held some contempt in it.

Hearing those words, Zhu Mingyu didn’t have anything to say. He only lowered his head a bit.

“Lord Li, Young Master Zhou, although there are some warriors with cultivation of small success of Condensed Fighter Blood stage or above, but other than my son, they are all past thirty or forty. How can they be considered as talents.”

Patriarch Zhu Zhangdao smiled in an embarrassed manner while stroking his hands and said respectfully.

“Oh? According to your words, only those with high cultivation are talents, but wouldn’t make my Senior Sister a mediocre?” Zhou Xin sneered and glanced at Zhu Zhangdao.

“I do not dare!”

Hearing those words, Zhu Zhangdao immediately showed an expression of fear and trepidation.


Zhou Xin sneered and spoke in disdain, “I surmise that you would not dare either. I’m not afraid to tell you that although Senior Sister Nie had only been Master’s disciple for a year, she has reached the large success of Condensed Fighter Blood stage and cleared her ninth meridian, Jueyin Liver Meridian. If it wasn’t to consolidate her cultivation, the one standing before you wouldn’t be me, but her!”

“In addition, Senior Sister Nie will arrive within the next few days. I hope that you will be more cautious the next time you speak this kind of words!”

Since she was going to visit her family, it was impossible for Nie Li to not come back. These words also served as a reminder to them.

“Yes yes!”

Hearing those words, Zhu Zhangdao perspired with cold sweat.

How could he not understand what was Zhou Xin implying. They were not looking for warriors with high cultivation, but talents with potential in cultivation. Even if it was him, when he heard that Nie Li had reached large success of Condensed Fighter Blood stage, he was deeply shocked.

Just how long had passed. Nie Li had turned from an ordinary person who hadn’t even broken through the blood vessels’ restraint to a large success of Condensed Fighter Blood warrior. It was simply unbelievable!

In comparison, Zhu Mingyu, who had broken through from the peak to Perfection phase of Condensed Fighter Blood stage, seemed so insignificant.
TL: the raw said “the peak” but i think the author meant large success instead.

“The real talents could only be discovered but could not be sought. Alright… we won’t talk about this temporarily. Let’s go and see the progress of the sword refining.” At this time, Li Henqing opened his eyes and spoke indifferently.


Zhou Xin immediately responded then glanced at Zhu Mingyu and turned his sight to Patriarch Zhu Zhangdao again, “Quickly lead the way!”

“Yes yes! Young Master Zhou, Lord Li, please follow this old one.”

Zhu Zhangdao immediately nodded and bowed in response.

It was not until the three of them had left the house before Zhu Mingyu raised his head. His complexion had completely sunk. His hand on the sword hilt was trembling.

When he heard that Nie Li had broken through to large success of Condensed Fighter Blood stage, he simply felt like going mad!

Large success of Condensed Fighter Blood stage!

It must be known that he had started cultivating at age of five and he had only reached large success of Condensed Fighter Blood stage at fifteen. He had consumed numerous resources, poured so much sweat, and spent whole ten years!

But that lass Nie Li had been merely fancied by Li Henqing, and with the tribe’s resources, it was unexpectedly equal to his ten years of hard work!

He simply could not accept it!

So much so that he thought that if he could also be nurtured by that kind of resources, he would probably had transcended Condensed Fighter Blood stage and become a man amongst men, or even advance to higher stages!

Thinking like this, he became more and more furious, to the point that his Qi became slightly unstable.

After quite a while, he suppressed his anger and turned back into his domineering demeanor, then smiled and chased after them…

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