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SOGE Chapter 21 – Nie Li is coming back

Chapter 21 – Nie Li Is Coming Back

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Flamelord

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But seeing Nie Zhan’s strength, forget the fifth layer, he probably had reached the small success of Condensed Fighter Blood stage. Moreover, he hadn’t exerted his full strength. Otherwise, his cultivation base might be even higher!

Just from this scene, he had understood that Nie Zhan might not be as simple as the rumors made him out to be.

On the other side in the Stone Swallow Village, all kinds of objects were piled up in a rather huge stone courtyard.

Zhu Mingyu, who was holding onto the sword hilt at his waist, swept a glance across the pile of objects and showed a sense of accomplishment in his expression.

These were things from the Lin Manor!

Although he looked down on Lin Family, but as for these things, he had bided his time for full three years!

Three years, even it was him, it still made him slightly sorrow.

He finally managed to tear down that eyesore of a house. Even so, it took him quite a considerable amount of effort and time to move these things out.

However, this matter had to be handled secretly. The Lin Family could collapse, the things could be thrown away, but this matter absolutely couldn’t be related to him.

Everyone knew that he was going to partake in the fighter selection soon. Problems would arise if he were to obtain the Lin Family’s things at this time. Once he aroused the suspicions of the others and alerted important figures from the Heavenly Eagle Tribe, he would lose his opportunity!

Naturally, the possibility of this occurrence was minimal. However, no matter how small it was, he couldn’t be negligent.

He had to walk out from the desolate land!

In order to accomplish this matter, he even had one of his lackey of Condensed Fighter Blood stage to handle it personally and only to move the things at the middle of the night everyday.

“Congrats, Young Lord. Young Lord has finally obtained the demon beast armor after waiting for five days.” said the old man who was in the carriage the other day.

“It’s three years.” Zhu Mingyu corrected him with an expressionless face.

“Yes yes, this old man has spoken wrongly. Three years, Young Lord deigned to wait for this armor, even if that wastrel is dead, he should be deeply grateful.” The old man continued his fawning.

However, he did not notice that… Zhu Mingyu’s complexion was gradually becoming gloomy.

“Young Lord obtaining this demon beast armor must have been predestined by the heavens. Seems like facing Young Lord, that genius from Heavenly Eagle Tribe would only concede. At that time, Young Lord will be able to enter Supreme Sect and become a top expert…”

The old man continued his unceasing torrent of praises. He noticed from Zhu Mingyu’s complexion that something must have been amiss and thought that his praises were not enough yet, therefore he continued with his barrage.

The more he heard, the more gloomier Zhu Mingyu’s complexion became.

“Young Lord is stunningly brave. In the future, you will surely be unmatched under the heavens, no, right now……”


Zhu Mingyu’s complexion had completely sunk. He suddenly drew his sword and slashed.

With a thunderous noise, all the objects were slashed into two halves. Moreover, the hat on top of the old man was shredded into pieces.

“Young… Young Lord”

The old man was thoroughly shocked and went down on his knees immediately. His soul had almost leapt out of him.

“Young Lord, this old man has wronged you. This old man will leave right now!”

Finishing his words, he stood and turned to leave.

But at this moment, Zhu Mingyu’s eyes contracted suddenly, “Come back!”

“Many thanks Young Lord…”

Hearing this, the old man immediately stopped and returned to Zhu Mingyu’s side.

Zhu Mingyu inhaled a deep breath, squinted his eyes and said in a gloomy tone, “Find Captain Hu immediately and tell him to come here!”

“Yes, yes! Could it be…” Right after he replied, the old man seemed to think of something.

“The thing is not here and is probably with the wastrel. Find him even if you have to overturn the mine! If he isn’t dead yet…” As Zhu Mingyu’s complexion sank, killing intent naturally seeped out of him.

What kind of a person was he? He had meticulously planned and prepared three years for that thing, yet this was the outcome. How could he not be enraged!

He even had a vague feeling that he might never obtain that thing in his entire life!


“This lowly old man has understood.”

Feeling Zhu Mingyu’s naked killing intent, the old man suddenly shivered and answered immediately.

Having followed Young Master Zhu for so long, never did he see him so enraged.

To the old man, Young Master Zhu was a big figure whose confidence could never be swayed by anything. The last time he was enraged was a year ago, when Grandmaster Li of Heavenly Eagle Tribe had come to visit. Even so, his rage back then paled in contrast to his present bellowing.

Thinking like this, he had the urge to just run away.

“Big matter! Something big has happened!”

Right at this moment, a youth in his twenties rushed into the courtyard while shouting and happened to bump into the old man who was going out.


The bumped old man was feeling dizzy and eyes dimmed, while the youth only swayed for a bit. The youth overlooked the old man and ran directly towards Zhu Mingyu.

“Young Master, the Patriarch is looking for you!”


Zhu Mingyu furrowed his brows.

At this moment, he had already suppressed his rage, though his brows were still slightly furrowed.

The youth in front of him was his father’s right hand man. Generally speaking, if there wasn’t any big occurrence, his father wouldn’t let him to look for himself.

“It is said that, Lady Nie Li heard that her father had been injured so she is coming back for him!” Seeing Zhu Mingyu was frowning, the youth filled him up.


Hearing this, Zhu Mingyu’s complexion changed once again.

Nie Li was Nie Zhan’s daughter and Nie Zhan was buried in the mine accident. If this matter were to get big, even he wouldn’t be able to handle it!

“Young Master, should I still ask Captain Hu to come over?” The old man stood up wobbling and asked hesitantly.

“Don’t let him come for now.”

Zhu Mingyu wrinkled his brows, took a couple of steps, and felt a burst of headache.

The thing he worried most still happened in the end. For this matter, even though it would delay the rate of sword refining, he had still transferred away all the miners. Yet, who would have expected that Nie Zhan would have so much free time that he would go mining.

For all he cared, everyone in Stone Swallow Village could meet with the mishap, except him!

“Don’t tell anyone about this. I will go and meet the Patriarch for now.” Slightly hesitating, Zhu Mingyu promptly exhorted.

“Yes!” The old man immediately nodded.


“Dynamic Rough Fist!”

In the Nie Manor, Nie Zhan let out a roar. His body, as if a tensed bowstring being launched suddenly, leapt forward and landed a fist on a huge millstone in front of him. A circle of strong wind fluctuated. The millstone was sent flying tens of metres away.


Nie Zhan retreated a few steps back, and followed by another shout. His right leg stretched back and his body bent back while facing upwards, just like a bow. His bones produced a series of “pa la” “pa la” sound. Soon after, he threw a few thousand pounds stone lock up into the air in a flash and a few of his afterimages appeared, sending out three continuous punches. The explosive sounds produced could be heard even tens of miles away. Lin Hao’s ears were numb from the explosion.

He, who was watching from the back, felt fear and trepidation.

The huge millstone was thirty thousand pounds in weight. It was almost equal to the strength of someone at the peak of Condensed Fighter Blood stage.

Nie Zhan was unexpectedly so strong!


“Kid, what do think of these fists of mine?”

At this time, Nie Zhan finally let out a breath, reined in his strength, and asked without even turning around his head.

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