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SOGE Chapter 2 – Shattered World

Chapter 2 – Shattered World
Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Mario and Julia
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In a dusty dried up cave, a one-foot long crack appeared in the empty air.

Qian, Kun, Zhen, Xun, Kan, Li, Gen, Dui

An Eight Trigrams drawing spread out. Numerous tadpole-sized runes danced around!

Soon after, as the Eight Trigrams drawing flickered, something heavy dropped down. Accompanied by a “peng” sound, that thing smashed onto the ground.

“Cough cough… It hurts so much.”

Lin Hao woke up, coughing a mouthful of dust and feeling pain all over his body.

So painful!

He couldn’t help but grimace in pain. However, it only caused his pain to worsen as if he had just been dismembered by five horses. The skin on his body was distending as if it could crack at any moment.

What is this place?

He stood up, using the rock wall as support. He was dumbfounded as he gaped at the cave filled with cobwebs.

Currently, his memory was still stuck in the past.

He was in the pyramid where he found strange bones and what was suspected as the vestige of China’s forefathers. Afterwards, he came across a bizarre situation where the old professor and the rest of the team turned into piles of dried-up bones right in front of him.

“Could it be this is the place which the Egyptians referred to as the soul’s final destination? The one and only paradise?”

“But… if that’s how it is, where are the old professor and the rest? Moreover…”

Looking at the shabby cave, his suspicion grew. If this was really the so-called ultimate paradise of the Egyptians, this paradise’s poverty was indeed over the top.

Moreover, this cave had been sealed up which made it extremely dark. Had it not been for the light from the top of the cave, he wouldn’t have been able to see his fingers in front of him nor see his surroundings.

Even though he had traveled to numerous unknown sites before, abruptly appearing in an unfamiliar place still made him blank out for a moment before he could think clearly.

“Could it be… that I didn’t die but instead came here due to that star map?”

The more he thought about the bizarre scene caused by the star map, the more he found it probable. Maybe he really didn’t die and was instead transferred to another place by the star map.

Then… what is this place?

He took in a deep breath then looked up to the top of the cave. The ceiling was several zhangs high with one small hole. If he had really fallen from there, even if he didn’t get stuck in the hole, he would have been smashed to death.

As for the cave entrance, it had been sealed long ago so it was impossible for anyone to come in.

Damn, how did I even enter in the first place!


While he thought to himself, he suddenly felt as if his mind had exploded. Holding his head, he screamed loudly. His eyes had widened to be round like two balls with threads of blood pooling in his eyes!

He felt as if his mind was splitting apart, making his whole body perspire heavily. He felt like as if something was hammered him countless times in order to crack his mind!

All of a sudden, his vision became pale gray before it became normal again a few moments later. His vision became pale gray again before turning back to normal again. This state persisted for quite a while. In the end, numerous cracks appeared in his vision, making it appear like the space itself had shattered!

After quite a while, his vision finally became normal again before he stopped clutching his head. Fear lingered within him.

What exactly is happening here!!!

Barely escaping from death yet encountering something like this right after almost made him collapse. From his vision just now, he saw that this world looked as if it had shattered just like a vase with numerous cracks. He suspected that there was something wrong with his mind otherwise, how else could he see those absurd scenes.

However, if they were real…

Just when those thoughts crossed his minds, he hesitated but then took a look at his hands.

In an instant, the pale gray world seemed to fuse with the normal world. He immediately saw his hands become covered with cracks, similar to a porcelain with cracks where one touch would break it into pieces!

He inadvertently used his other hand to press lightly on one of the cracks.

“Ouch ouch ouch!”

With a burst of pain, he promptly removed his hand.

Looking at that hand again, his complexion changed.

Although it wasn’t exactly like a porcelain which would break into pieces with one touch, the place where he had just pressed became badly swollen. A red scratch formed where the crack appeared, indicating that the injury was too severe.

One had to know that he only pressed lightly and didn’t use too much of his strength, yet the result was this terrifying!

As he continued to think, his sight landed on the rock wall beside him.

He extended his hand, pressing down a piece of rock lightly.

His brows jerked. As there was no response from the rock, he continued to press down with more strength. After increasing the pressure until he was using half of his strength, suddenly, along with a “kacha” sound, the rock split into two along the lines of the crack and fell to the ground.


His eyelids fluttered. The rock was covered in dust, but it wasn’t something that could be crushed by ordinary people.

Even if it was just a common mountain rock, how could it be possible for an ordinary fist to crush it? The fist should have been to one to get wounded!

Moreover, he had only used half of his strength and managed to split it apart by pressing against it. This was simply too shocking!

There was an even more absurd thing!

“The crack wasn’t exactly a crack. It was merely an image I saw. Every object has its own energy distribution. Maybe what I saw are their weak spots which can break easily when touched.”

Sunk in his thoughts, Lin Hao finally calmed down.

It wasn’t that Lin Hao was strong nor the rocks were fragile. Even fragile rocks were hard and solid, so the problem could only lie within those cracks. Moreover, the cave was sealed up and only had a little hole. Wanting to escape using that hole was undoubtedly a fantasy. If it was before, he simply didn’t have any way out. But now, with the assistance of those cracks, he could give it a try.

I hope I can get out from here.

He didn’t want to be trapped till he dies right after he made his narrow escape from the pyramid.

No matter where this place was, if he could get out of here, there would be ways for him to stay alive.

At this moment, a “gu lu” sound could be heard from his belly.

His whole body felt weak. He moved his sight towards the center of the cave. That was the only place where light appeared in the cave.

He had to find something edible. There was a skeleton kneeling in the center of the cave. From how the skeleton looked, that person was not too big in stature prior to death. The skeleton was gripping a square cauldron, seemingly in wait of something but had died already.

This small cauldron…

His expression revealed nothing but amazement. Even if he wasn’t exactly strong, he was at least an adult with hands that were able to lift at least a hundred pounds each, yet he was actually unable to lift it up!

Not only that, he was unable to even move it by the slightest bit!

The square cauldron was about as large as a clenched fist, yet it seemed to weigh a thousand pound. It was so heavy that it was unbelievable. It makes one wonder what exactly were the materials used to craft it.

What kind of place have I come to?

He felt quite apprehensive. Based on his past experiences, even the densest diamond in nature that is the size of a clenched fist wouldn’t weigh as much as a thousand pounds. The materials for crafting this small cauldron had completely crumbled his worldview.

In addition, there was a red liquid in the cauldron which emitted a strange scent. To someone whose belly was rumbling with hunger, this was a fatal temptation. Moreover, this red liquid didn’t have any cracks on it. This was the first time he saw something without cracks. Even he himself wasn’t much different from a porcelain that is filled with cracks.

He had initially wanted to gulp down this red liquid. After all, he didn’t have any other choices in this cave. But the moment he thought of that, he found that he was unable to lift the cauldron up. Could it be that he had to lick it like a pup?

The thought of kneeling down in front of the skeleton and licking the liquid inside the cauldron like a pup made his hair stand on end and made him feel unwell. Not to mention he didn’t even know whether or not the red liquid was edible.

Could it be…

His complexion became unsightly as he thought of an idea.

“Sorry, I mean no offense.”

He looked at the skeleton apologetically, saluted it with hands folded, took a step forward, and grabbed a piece of bone.

He weighed it in his hands and his expression changed. After quite a while, he released a breath and became very relaxed.

Although the bone was quite heavy, but it was still within the limits of ordinary people. Thinking this, he involuntarily smiled.

When he saw how heavy the square cauldron was, he wondered what kind of people could use this small cauldron. Then he thought if they could be the same humans as those in pyramid whose single piece of bone weighed over hundreds of pounds. They were simply humanoid tanks and colliding with them would be equivalent to being crushed by a war chariot. If they were the same human species, then everything would make sense.

But when he realised that he was probably sent to the era when those abnormal humans lived, he felt complicated. Though he yearned for this kind of mysterious world, to really arrive into this kind of world, he wasn’t prepared yet…

As for what he had prepared, he himself also didn’t know. Most likely, it was a kind of Lord Ye’s passion for dragons1 contradictory mentality.

But he seemed to have worried too much. Even if the bone was heavy, it still hadn’t exceeded the limits of ordinary people. It was far different from the ones he found in the pyramid. Obviously, they belonged to a different species.

Up till this moment, his belly was still rumbling. He started to feel dizzy as if he was about to lose consciousness.

I don’t care anymore!

Although he was certain there was nobody else in the cave, he subconsciously glanced around. Finally, he turned around and faced the skeleton with a complicated expression.

The skeleton seemed like a devout believer, gripping the square cauldron on his hands and knelt in the center of the cave as if it was praying for something. A youth stood in front of the skeleton. The only light within the cave shone on him, giving off a holy atmosphere.

But… his tongue was stretched out and licked something…

This kind of scene was strange no matter how one looked at it. Thinking this, his hair stood on end. Shaking his head, he decided not to think about it anymore and put his complicated feelings aside. Gazing at the pair of skeleton eyes, which were as if they were looking at him, he leaned forward and stretched out his tongue…

There was very little red liquid, only a shallow layer. Lin Hao only licked twice and he had reached the end of it. It was like aged wine, scorching him from the throat all the way to his lungs. It made him feel so comfortable that he let out a moan. His face was burning as well.

When he landed his eyes on the small cauldron again, he was surprised. The bottom of the cauldron was like a mirror with a few decorative designs on it. Lin Hao saw a fatty, who was looking around sneakily as if he was doing something that couldn’t be seen by others, in the mirror.

Could this be the scene outside the cave?

He blanked out for a moment because he could see a collapsed cave in front of that fatty. Though he couldn’t see the cave’s cracks through the mirror, but from the external view, it looked the same with the cave he was residing in!

This small cauldron… Could it really see things outside the cave?

1 to pretend to be fond of something while actually fearing it.

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    MC 3/5 decent but lhas logic leaps
    Translation 2/5 Iow quality. Unnecessary words, tense isues, obvious speech errors. Is this a machine translation?

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    Is the translator going to get an editor? the english in this chapter is super choppy. Maybe make an editor request on r/noveltranslations and novelupdatesforum?

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