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SOGE Chapter 19 – Nie Zhan

Chapter 19 – Nie Zhan

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Flamelord

Sorry it came out late. Was about to post it a few days ago but then found out some mistranslated parts so had to re-check it. Another chapter coming up in a while ~

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“Second Uncle, don’t worry. Although that chick Nie Li isn’t in, but Uncle Nie still accepts you. He promised me to help you mine previously.”

Fatty comforted Lin Hao upon seeing the uneasiness on his face.

“What, what! You asked him to help me mine?!”

Lin Hao, who was nonchalant at first, was greatly shocked upon hearing this.

“Yeah, didn’t Uncle Nie go there?”

Fatty stared blankly for a moment. In his eyes, Uncle Nie was someone who would do exactly what he said he would do, and wouldn’t renege on his promise.

“No, he did come…”

Lin Hao let out a sigh. A middle-aged man appeared in his mind.

No wonder his gaze on me felt weird.

Lin Hao felt uneasy thinking about what Fatty had said to the middle-age man.

Initially he had perceived the middle-age man as an eccentric person. But now that he thought about it, maybe he himself was a scoundrel in the middle-age man’s eyes.


Seemingly thinking of something, Lin Hao trembled.

“Not good!”

“What happened?”

“Uncle Nie may still be inside the mine. The mine has collapsed, he …”

Speaking up till here, Lin Hao’s heart sank.

He had thought that something didn’t feel quite right when he first saw the courtyard but couldn’t point out what was wrong. But he understood it now; it was too lifeless.

Such a big courtyard, yet there wasn’t a single light lit. Moreover, it was too quiet, quite to the point that it was too scary!

Nie Li had gone to the Heavenly Eagle Tribe, leaving such a big courtyard behind with Nie Zhan as the only person residing within. If Nie Zhan didn’t live here, it would naturally become lifeless.


Fatty was surprised as well, but reacted immediately and said to Lin Hao, “Second Uncle, don’t be worried. Uncle Nie was once a hunting squad warrior with the strength of fifth layer of Condensed Fighter Blood stage. Even if the mine collapsed, he should be fine. I reckon he should be just trapped inside.”

Hearing such words, Lin Hao finally calmed down.

If Nie Zhan were to get hurt due to helping him, that would be a big problem. Nie Li would definitely not let him live peacefully.

“What should we do now?” He knitted his brows.

“You hide here first, I will go look for help!” Fatty replied.


Lin Hao entered the Nie Manor in the end.

It couldn’t be denied that Nie Manor was indeed a good hiding place. Due to Nie Li, this place was special and was respected by people. As long as there wasn’t any big movement, no one would try to find him here.

Even if there were people who managed to guess that he was here, they might not necessarily have the guts to search here.

Moreover, the house was astonishingly big.

Lin Hao suspected that if he really did hid himself here, then even Nie Zhan might not find him when he got back.

“This is …”

A row of stone locks was placed in the courtyard. The lighter ones weighed around five hundred pounds, while the heavier ones weighed thousands of pounds. There were even those that weighed tens of thousands of pounds. Not mentioning the ones weighing tens of thousands of pounds, just those weighing thousands of pounds stone locks were basically huge millstone with bronze disc embedded on them. Some of them had even formed verdigris.

Among those stone millstones, Lin Hao saw that there was one stone lock stained with blood. Around the handles on both sides, the bronze was grinded to the point that it was shining. The ground caved in from countless indentation marks superimposing on each other.

“Uncle Nie is unexpectedly so hardworking.”

Lin Hao had heard things about Uncle Nie from Fatty. Uncle Nie was once a hunting squad warrior. His cultivation had reached the fifth layer of Condensed Fighter Blood stage, almost reaching the small success stage. However, during a beast tide, he was injured in order to lure the beast tide away from the village and retired from the hunting squad.

From how the things looked like, although his fighter blood was abolished, Uncle Nie had never given up in his heart. He had kept training arduously over all these years.

He glanced at the row of stone locks.

Lin Hao rubbed his hands then grabbed the handle on both sides. Holding a piece of millstone weighing three thousand pounds, he lowered his waist, and … up!

He gritted his teeth and used all of his strength. He felt that there was a mountain pressuring on his chest. Even his face turned red from the pressure.

Gritting his teeth, he managed to lift up the millstone in his embrace until it passed his chest.

Lin Hao was delighted. He persevered for around ten seconds before putting down the stone lock.

This was the strength of three thousand pounds!

Three thousand pounds was akin to 1.5 tonnes on Earth. It was comparable to the weight of a small-sized van.

It would be unimaginable if it was on Earth!

Someone who could lift up a small-sized van, just how heavy a punch from him would be?

Moreover, he could aim for weak spots with the help of his eyes. He could even probably break apart a train!

“It is still not enough.”

Lin Hao shook his head.

The strength of three thousand pounds might seem to be quite enormous, but it was still too weak in this world.

Disregarding those from tribes or higher existences, there were quite a lot of people who were stronger than him in Stone Swallow Village. If Zhu Mingyu was really the one who intended to deal with the Lin Family, then his current strength wouldn’t even be enough to fill the cavity in his enemy’s teeth.

“It is time to prepare to clear the first primary meridian.”

Thinking this way, Lin Hao found a rather simple stone house in the courtyard and went inside.

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    Paul Anderson – The Guinness Book of World Records (1985 edition) lists his feat of lifting 6,270 pounds (2,850 kg) in a back lift as “the greatest weight ever raised by a human being”.

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