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SOGE Chapter 18 – Nie Manor

Chapter 18 – Nie Manor

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Flamelord

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“Don’t you remember? It is the house of that Nie Li chick!”

Fatty stared with his eyes wide in disbelief. Although three years had passed, Second Uncle shouldn’t have forgotten about it!

Lin Hao suddenly trembled after hearing those words.

He had just remembered that other than letting him become a member of Lin Family, this identity had also left him a huge problem!

“Of course I remember. But do I really have to go to her house?”

Lin Hao perspired profusely.

Although the secret of his identity seemed safe for the moment, if an investigation was really carried out, he would not be able to keep it hidden.

Not to mention other things, just the question of him surviving for three years in that cave, no one could answer it.

Even he could do nothing about it, as the identity he was assuming was fake!

“I know that you do not like to go to her house.”

Fatty nodded his head while feeling convoluted for a moment, and continued, “Well, you did say once before, “What kind of man would live in another woman’s house? If you are planning to spend your lives together, you should marry the woman into your house”, so ……”

Speaking up till here, he felt anxious and said, “But is there any other way out? Since it is a critical moment and it is impossible to go and hide in the desolate land, even if I accompanied you, I may not be able to handle it once we encounter fierce beast.”

“Alright, alright, I get it already.”

Seeing Fatty’s anxious state, Lin Hao pacified him, “It is okay. If I can take refuge in her house, then let’s go.”

“Eh? Second Uncle, did you not say before ……” Fatty was stunned for a moment.

“Stupid, that was in the past. Let me tell you now, to do big things we cannot bother with the trifling matters…”

“Oh” Fatty, who seemed to be thinking of something, nodded.


That night, two silhouettes scuttled away from the Lin Family.

Borrowing the dim light of the night, the two of them darted towards another direction in the village. On their way, they deliberately avoided a few areas.

According to Fatty, those few places were the residences of important figures in the village. There were figures with cultivation level of small success of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage and hence they might risk getting discovered by them..

Although that was what Fatty had said, he still felt quite panicky.

God knows what was the relationship between Lin Family and Nie Family like? Fatty too was unsure of this point.

If their relationship was very good, he was afraid he would expose himself. If the relationship was not good and he still went with thick skin, he would be throwing away his face.

However, he could still discern something from Fatty’s words.

The words of that already-dead Second Uncle of his might be pleasant to the ear, but as a matter of fact, he was afraid to stay in that ‘Chick’s’ house.

If not for the fact that Fatty’s words made sense; that he was still too weak; that his strength was too puny compared to the boundaryless desolate land, although he had broken through the blood vessels’ restraint, he would never have agreed to come here.

Moreover, would they really offer shelter to them?

Just when he was feeling perturbed, the two of them had arrived at the outside of a stone courtyard.

“This is ……”

Lin Hao was dumbfounded.

When he had first heard the words “Nie Manor”, the image of “Lin Manor” subconsciously appeared in his mind. But when he saw the real thing, he was stupefied.

This is what a real manor looked like!

Although it was also just a stone house, and the structure was not that exquisite, and compared to the mansions or residences of dignified officials in his memory, it was too simple and unadorned.

But no matter how he looked at it, it was still much better than his run-down Lin Manor.

Three huge stone houses were situated within the courtyard and the exterior was encircled by a ten meters tall wall. Even the main door was made from a huge whole-piece of wood. Dyed in red, it gave off a solemn feeling.

He had been to quite the number of places in the village, despite not all of them, in these three days. They had also traversed almost half of the village along the way here. But he never saw a house similar to this one.

It was simply the square peg in the round hole in the village!

“Little Yi, do you think coming here so abruptly is a bit weird?”

Lin Hao halted his steps and asked in hesitation.

Seeing the stone courtyard, he felt like he was a poor relative coming to seek shelter. Or it could be said that he could not even be counted as a relative.

If the relationship between their families was not that good like what Fatty described, but instead it was an ordinary one, then he would be really throwing his face this time.

One could tell that the Nie Family was not an ordinary one with just a single glance. Being able to keep such a house in the village was impossible without some special status. If the relationship between their families was not bad, things would not turn ugly. But if the mastermind behind all of this was ……

Lin Hao shuddered suddenly when he had this thought.

But since they were already here, it was impossible to leave just like that.

“Second Uncle, don’t be intimidated by the house.”

Fatty, who heard those words, immediately reacted and continued, “These houses were built after your disappearance by that Nie Li chick for her father. You don’t know the many things that happened during these three years.”

“Tell me more about it.” Hearing this, Lin Hao asked in hurry.

Finally there’s a chance to beat around the bush.
(TL: 旁敲侧击 i don’t know what this is either but I think it meant he finally can probe for information here)

He relaxed his mind for a bit.

“It is like this.”

Fatty nodded his head then said, “There are altogether three big events that happened during these three years. The first one was that Zhu Mingyu managed to breakthrough and reached the perfection of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage but I don’t want to talk about him.”

Once the name ‘Zhu Mingyu’ was mentioned, he would remember how Shi Dashan came to the Lin Family twice and kept mentioning Young Master Zhu.

Although he did not know whether there were any relations between Zhu Mingyu and all of what happened, but he felt vexed by just hearing his name.

“What about the other two?”

Lin Hao furrowed his brows and asked.

These past few days, he had heard many people flattering Zhu Mingyu, a reputative figure. But he was the same as Fatty, hearing this name just worsened his mood. He thought that with Zhu Mingyu’s status, there were no reasons for him to covet Lin Family’s things so he did not pay him much attention. But in the case that he was really involved, then things would become problematic.

“Actually the other two events could be considered as one.”

Fatty then puffed his chest and said proudly, “A year ago, Grandmaster Li from Heavenly Eagle Tribe came to our village, saying that he wanted to craft a sword.

Grandmaster Li is very powerful. It was said that he has long since surpassed Condensed Fighter Blood Stage and is a real expert. He did not even put Zhi Mingyu in his sight. Against all expectations, he set his eyes on Nie Li, who had not even broken through the blood vessels’ restraint at that time, instead!”

Finishing his words, faint excitement could be seen in eyes.

He had subconsciously treated Nie Li as his Second Uncle’s wife. Nie Li being powerful meant that his Second Uncle was powerful as well. Of course he would be excited!

On the other side, Lin Hao, who heard this, was perspiring cold sweat profusely.

He did not knew Fatty’s views on this matter, but he understood that although Nie Family did not have too much accumulation of either wealth or power, they had a daughter with shockingly incredible background. It was even much more incredible compared to the accumulative background of everyone in the village!

Moreover, this daughter with incredible background of theirs, was someone his identity’s owner always dreamt of!

Now this is a big rip off!
(TL: 这下坑大了!I don’t know if i got this part right. As far as i know, it means “being cheated” or “got taken advantage by the others”)

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    he set his eyes on Nie Li, who had not even broken through the blood vessels’ restraint at that time instead!”
    he set his eyes on Nie Li, who had not even broken through the blood vessels’ restraint at that time, instead!”
    This need one more comma to make a sentence complete as seen here.

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