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SOGE Chapter 17 – Faking Death

Chapter 17 – Faking Death

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Flamelord

Welcome to our new editor, Flamelord *applause* thanks to his hard work, we got two extra early chapters this week (well, actually these chapters are to make up for the previous weeks when I’m gone so they’re late chapters @_@)

Another thanks to blackhawkrider for the suggestion. I think “chick” is more suitable than “bitch” in this context. As for the reason, i placed it at the end of the chapter to avoid spoiler 😀

Another chapter coming up soon, stay tuned!

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“Hm! To think that there would be a piece of roe deer meat here of all places!”

Shi Dashan managed to enter the house in the end. Sweeping a glance across the interior of the house, he  saw the roe deer meat. Disregarding any sense of courtesy, he walked towards it and put the meat inside his waist pack.

“Put that down! It belongs to my Second Uncle!” Lin Yi grabbed towards Shi Dashan’s waist.

“Presumptuous brat!”

Shi Dashan’s complexion sank. He clutched at Lin Yi’s neck and slammed him onto the wall, causing the house to quake, bringing it to the verge of collapse.

“Shi Dashan! That roe deer meat belongs to my Second Uncle. Put it down now!”

Although Lin Yi’s throat was being crushed, he didn’t show any weakness. His face flushed and he let out a roar.

He was a hunting squad warrior, incomparable to an ordinary person. When he struggled, the ground trembled. Holding his breath for an hour was nothing for him, let alone being held with his throat choked.


Looking at Lin Yi’s deadly glare, though Shi Dashan was angry, he felt quite helpless as well since he could not really do anything to him. Afterall, Fatty was a member of hunting squad warrior. Just how many hunting squad warriors were there in the village?

“That wastrel Second Uncle of yours has died. You want to waste food on a dead person?!”

Shi Dashan roared in anger while his eyes were fixed on Fatty.

“Who said my Second Uncle is dead! Who said my Second Uncle is dead!”

Fatty widened his both eyes and cursed in rage, “You bastards. You used to say that my Second Uncle is dead just until a few days ago. Did not he come back safe and sound?!”


Shi Dashan was about to say something but got choked by Lin Yi’s words instead. Lin Hao did not die even after being trapped in the cave for three years. As such, he was unsure whether this time Lin Hao really was dead after being caught in the mine disaster or not.

Thinking in such a manner was one thing, but he could not admit it just like that!

Young Master Zhu had told him that, regardless of whether Lin Hao was alive or dead, he had to bring back that thing, even if he had to tear down the stone house. If he admitted that Lin Hao was not dead, how would he tear the house down!

“My Second Uncle is not dead! If you want to do anything to this house then step over my dead body first!”

The veins on Fatty’s face bulged. He roared in rage, causing Shi Dashan’s ears to become numb.

Hearing those words, Shi Dashan felt that things had become problematic. Lin Yi was not an ordinary person. Had he been an ordinary person, he could have just tied him up and put him aside. But how could he control Lin Yi, who had more than a thousand pounds of strength, by himself? At the very least, he needed another hunting squad warrior to do it.

“Fine! Just you wait! I would like to see just how long you can protect this house!”

Glaring at Lin Yi for a while, Shi Dashan realised that he did not have any other way out. He let out a snort and smashed Lin Yi to the stone table before leaving.

He did not believe that Lin Yi could always stand guard here.

Regardless of the fact that whether the wastrel of Lin Family was alive or dead, he could not come back anymore. On the other side, Shi Dashan could come here anytime. Sooner or later, he would be able to tear the house down.

“Both of you, scram quickly!”

Fatty came out from the house only to see Shi Dalong and Shi Hu behaving sneakily in the courtyard. He roared at them, scaring them away immediately.


Lin Hao walked out from the hidden chamber with a gloomy complexion.

He had anticipated that there would be people coming to investigate the real situation. With Fatty here, he did not worry about being exposed. But he did not thought it would be Shi Dashan again; moreover that rampant attitude of his!

“Second Uncle, I am sorry.”

Seeing his Second Uncle’s complexion, Fatty could guess that he was unhappy, so he apologised with his head lowered.

“It is okay. If they come again, don’t obstruct them.”

Looking at Fatty, his rage reduced to half of its original value. Afterall, no matter how furious he was, he could not take it on Fatty.

With Shi Dashan’s impromptu visit, Lin Hao had a gut feeling that there must be someone with a high status behind all of this.

Shi Dashan was a hunting squad warrior afterall. Moreover, his strength was above Fatty’s. He could be considered someone with high importance in Stone Swallow Village. Be it using or instructing him, being able to assign tasks to Shi Dashan repeatedly indicated that, either Shi Dashan had a problem with his head or the person in question was not simple.

Although Fatty was a hunting squad warrior, if the other party was imprudent, something dangerous might really happen.

But Fatty did not think like this. Hearing his Second Uncle’s words, he lifted his head instantly and said, “No fear, Second Uncle, and rest assured. As long as I am here, nothing will happen to the house!”

“Stop being impulsive!”

Lin Hao massaged his eyebrows and looked at him with his head aching, “Little Yi, you must know that the stone house can be reconstructed anytime if it is gone. But nothing must happen to us.”

“We are both living, and are well now. As long as we are still alive, Lin Family will never perish!”

Lin Hao felt awkward while saying those words.

Although Lin was his surname as well, he did not have the slightest of relationship with Fatty’s Lin Family. However, he still had to do so. Otherwise, with Fatty’s temperament, most likely he would not heed his words.

Fatty curled his lips after hearing those words, “I am a hunting squad warrior. What could possible happen……”

His voice, however, softened quite a lot.

Lin Hao took another glance at him and did not speak any further. Speaking up till here, he understood that Fatty already knew how to weigh the matter. Anyway, if it really came down to it, Fatty would know how to handle it.

“By the way, since Second Uncle intends to hide for now, do you have any place in mind?”

Suddenly, Fatty asked out of curiosity.

Lin Hao smiled bitterly while shaking his head. He was not the real Lin Hao. This was the first time that he was here and so he did not have a place to hide.

“There is none. But since the desolate land is so wide and Stone Swallow Village is big only to an extent, there should not be any problem as long as I leave the village and find a cave to reside in.”
(TL: the previous barren land will be changed into desolate land.)

“No way!”

Who would have known that after hearing those words, Fatty’s complexion would change abruptly.

“Second Uncle, the desolate land may be wide, but it is too dangerous. A random strong wild beast can cause huge loss to the village. That is why the hunting squad warriors exist. I was too weak three years ago, but I cannot let you go this time. If you do not have any particular destination, then I have a place in mind, but I do not know if you are willing……”

Fatty hesitated, trying to decide whether he should continue or not.

Hearing Fatty’s words, Lin Hao felt curious and asked, “What place?”

“Nie Manor!” Fatty nodded and spoke reluctantly.

“Nie Manor?”

Lin Hao was surprised. Although he did not pay much attention to the first word, he knew what the word “Manor” meant.

Could it be it is another Tribe Elder’s descendant?

It just doesn’t make sense to seek refuge to someone you call bitch, does it?

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