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SOGE Chapter 16 – Shi Dashan

Chapter 16 – Shi Dashan

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

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Btw, does anyone know what is the meaning of “娘们”? I have the feeling I have mistranslated it all this time suddenly..

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“Second Uncle, why aren’t you at the iron mine?”

Fatty questioned a while later.

Hearing these words, Lin Hao’s countenance darkened and he replied in a bad mood, “You wish for your uncle to be buried that badly?”

“No, it’s not like that!”

Fatty smiled naively with scratching his head.

How could he have wished for his Second Uncle to be buried? He only asked out of curiosity. If something unlucky were to happen to his Second Uncle, he wasn’t sure what he would do.

Listening to him, Lin Hao gave a supercilious look.

“Let’s go in. We will talk more inside.”

While talking, he led Fatty inside the house. Although he spoke like that, he wasn’t as relaxed deep in his heart as he seemed.

There were people who wanted the Lin Family’s things. Therefore, they let him mine, intending to bury him inside the mine.

Be it three years ago or now, those people had kept their actions well-concealed. As a matter of fact, they had waited for three years. As long as nothing happened to the mine, they would  keep waiting. If there were no accidents, he would still be safe.

However, changes had occurred. The mine had collapsed, yet he didn’t die.

This would cause those people headache. No one knew if they had the patience to keep on waiting or what kind of means they would employ next.

“But… I’m not that Lin Hao……”

He furrowed his brows and a thought appeared in his mind.

It was impossible to endure it passively; this wasn’t his style. Either take the initiative to attack or live in seclusion.

He could cope with the iron mine because he could see the energy cracks, but it didn’t mean he would be so lucky each time, even if he was already a Condensed Fighter Blood warrior.

“Little Yi, I have a concern.” Thinking up till here, Lin Hao calmed down.

“Hm?” Fatty stared blankly.

Lin Hao hesitated for a bit, but still told him his notion in the end…

“Second Uncle, you are saying there are people who want to harm you?!”

Fatty wasn’t stupid. He could see the problem hidden within. His eyes burned with fury. Lin Hao believed, if it weren’t that he didn’t know who were responsible, he would rush out and fight with his life on the line with the other party!

“Don’t be impulsive. Actually, that’s not entirely correct either. To be precise, it’s that we, the Lin Family, have something they want but I stood in their way so they want to harm me.” Lin Hao said after thinking for a moment.

He really feared that Fatty would take things too hard and stake it out with them.

Staking out his life against his enemies wasn’t the main point. Afterall, they were both hunting squad warriors and not weak either.

The crux was that they knew too little about their enemies. They only knew Shi Dashan and they didn’t even know whether Shi Dashan was someone on the inside or just someone being used by them. As such, they couldn’t be impulsive.

“If I knew who they are, I would surely tear them apart!”

Fatty gnashed his teeth. He obviously understood Lin Hao’s meaning. Although he was impulsive, he still kept his head. Afterall, he was a fifteen-almost-sixteen years old hunting squad warrior. He still could figure things out.


Suddenly, loud sound could be heard.  Fatty felt alarmed and rushed outside.

He saw a robust youth kick open the door, bringing along two teenagers with him.

It was none other than Shi Dashan who brought along Shi Dalong and Shi Hu.

“Shi Dalong, Shi Hu, you have the nerve to come here again!”

Seeing these two little ‘monkeys’, Fatty’s eyes became red. The day he brought his Second Uncle back, he had seen the two dismantling his house. They had even stolen quite a number of things from his house before.

Shi Dashan didn’t need to be mentioned. If it weren’t for the fact that he couldn’t beat him, he would surely stake it out with him and at least interrogate who the mastermind was out of him!

Fortunately, the Lin Family’s heirloom were hidden in a secret chamber. Otherwise, they would have been swept cleanly by the others!

“Lin Yi, you… you stop scaring us. Let me tell you; we didn’t grow up by being scared!”

Seeing Lin Yi was at home, Shi Dalong and Shi Hu were shocked for a moment and hid behind Shi Dashan. But then, when they thought that Shi Dashan was also here with them, they became gutsier and started to berate him.

“Lin Yi, you, as a hunting squad warrior, consume the village’s rations and should do things for the village. Why did you bully the others instead?!” Shi Dashan furrowed his brows and chided him.

Hearing his words, Lin Yi almost exploded from anger.

Not to mention that he only said couple of words, so what if he taught them a lesson?

These two guys would come to steal if they had nothing to do. They were practically the thugs in the village. Could it be that he wasn’t allowed to teach them a lesson?

He became more certain of Lin Hao’s conjecture; Shi Dashan was deliberately aiming at their Lin Family!

“Shi Dashan, you are not welcomed here, scram now!” He steadied his expression and spoke coldly.

“You asked me to scram?”

Shi Dashan was shocked for a moment, then as if he heard a funny joke, he laughed out loudly, “Hahahaha!”

“How laughable. Do you think that you can be so haughty after joining hunting squad?”

“If I remember correctly, this house isn’t yours, is it? That wastrel Second Uncle of yours has been buried inside the mine. Young Master Zhu has personally ordered to take back this house. You better scram quickly!”

Speaking up till here, his complexion had sunk and strode towards the house.

Shi Dalong and Shi Hu followed behind him. As if generals who had claimed a victorious battle, they raised their head and placed their hands on their back.

“Get lost!”

Lin Yi exploded with anger and his complexion flushed. He embraced a huge stone that was the height of a person, rushed towards the three of them and flung the stone.


Shi Dalong and Shi Hu were scared shitless. They thought, with Shi Dashan as their backup, Lin Yi would not dare to do anything do them so they displayed an arrogant look.

However, witnessing the huge rock coming down from the sky, they turned pale and stood rigidly on their spot. They were so shocked that they even forgot to dodge.

The huge rock was as tall as a man and weighed at least a thousand pounds. Not to mention throwing it, they could not even budge the rock. Seeing such a huge object crashing towards them, the arrogant look they had previously had flown to who-knows-where.

“You dare!”

Shi Dashan was surprised by Lin Yi’s action. The brat’s temperament was too tough. He widened his eyes, tensed his right hand, and punched out suddenly. As if a leaping tiger, his fist hit the huge rock.

Accompanied by a loud burst, a gust of wind spread out from the center of his fist. The huge rock exploded and its fragments flew everywhere.

“Damn, wait until your hairs have completely grown before trying to scare me!”

Patting away the dust on his clothes, Shi Dashan glared viciously at Lin Yi and continued to walked in.

As for Shi Dalong and Shi Hu, although they had recovered from the shock, their faces showed hesitation, unsure of whether to follow Shi Dashan inside.

Seeing Lin Yi’s strength, they still felt nervous despite having Shi Dashan backing them.

“Shi Dashan!”

Lin Yi’s eyes reddened and rushed to follow from behind. His heart suddenly sank.

Lin Hao had urged him to never let those people know that he was still alive. Otherwise, there would be trouble.

No matter what, Shi Dashan mustn’t be allowed in!

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