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SOGE Chapter 15 – The Mine Collapsed

Chapter 15 – The Mine Collapsed

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

Finished editing couple of days ago but forgot to post it -.- This is the chapter for the previous week. (4 owed)

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“Naturally, there are those who could.”

Shi Chong glanced at the sturdy man and placed down the sledgehammer in his hands, “Human races had experts who had ascended to the peak. Their descendants will inherit their bloodlines and possess innate talent superior to others. However, after a few generations or tens of generations, their bloodlines will be thinner. Those geniuses will gradually disappear.

Although Stone Swallow Village was but a small village at the edge of barren land, but if they traced back to the past, it wasn’t as if there were no legacy left by ancient experts. Some lucky few could awaken their dormant bloodline and possess innate divine strength. Although there weren’t many of these people, they weren’t rare either.”

“How about the other village?” someone hastily asked once he finished his words.

“Of course!”

Shi Chong indifferently said, “Everyone has it within them, but the degree of thickness varies. If we trace back to the beginning, all of them were experts with indomitable spirits. Otherwise, they couldn’t survive that bloody era. Those people are our most ancient ancestors.”

Speaking up till here, he stopped for a moment before continuing, “But you guys don’t need to be envious. This kind of bloodline awakening will largely suppress the meridians so it’s not necessarily a good thing. Generally, it is almost impossible to break through the blood vessels’ restriction.”

“So that’s how it is!”

The group of people suddenly understood, even Lin Hao felt that it was an eye-opener. The things that these hunting squad warrior know are much indeed. Seems like I need to talk with Fatty when I get back.

“It turns out that little brother has innate divine strength. Amazing, amazing!” Someone came forward while cupping his hands.

“Not bad, not bad. If there’s a chance, come and sit in my house. It is just in the vicinity. It’s the one with a basket hanging outside!”

“Haha… Come to my house as well. I also have a daughter in my house…”

The group of people laughed merrily and dispersed.

Although Lin Hao didn’t admit it, they believed that Lin Hao was born with innate divine strength. Afterall, there was no one who would conceal the fact that they had broke through the blood vessels’ restriction since it didn’t make sense to them.

However, they were still polite to Lin Hao. Although innate divine strength couldn’t be compared to those who had broken through the blood vessels’ restriction, he was still stronger than them and had bright prospects.

“Little brat, although you might not break through the blood vessels’ restriction in the future, you still have the strength of a thousand pounds. Are you interested in joining the hunting squad? If you are, I can recommend you over.” Shi Chong walked to Lin Hao and asked him.

Hearing this, Lin Hao shook his head repeatedly.

“Hey, little brat. The hunting squad is a lucrative job. Don’t reject so quickly.” A nearby sturdy man who heard this advised him.

But Lin Hao still continued to shake his head.

The sturdy man took another glance at Lin Hao but could only drop the subject.

Afterall he was someone who hadn’t broken through the blood vessels’ restriction, so there was a limit to his growth in the future. Though the hunting squad was a lucrative job, it was dangerous as well. Since Lin Hao was unwilling to join, he didn’t persuade him further.

Shi Chong nodded his head, but didn’t speak further.

Everyone has their own choices. With Lin Hao’s strength, even if he didn’t join the hunting squad, he could still live well.


“Heh heh, little brat. Do you want to try out my golden sledgehammer? From what I see, even if they can’t lift it, you might be different. Although you probably won’t be able to wield it, you should be able to lift it up. If you can do it, let’s go and drink wine!”

After a while, just when Lin Hao had received the roe deer meat from Baldy Shi and was about to leave, Niu Da came up to him again, with both his eyes fixed on the roe deer meat in Lin Ho’s hands.

Lin Hao was taken aback at first. But after seeing his gaze, he recollected himself.

Who said that Niu Da wasn’t sharp and clever. Drinking wine must be accompanied by food as well. Although Niu Da seemed to be coarse, he was quite scheming. He was definitely attracted to this piece of meat.


Holding the meat in his hand, he walked back towards the Lin Manor and felt free of worries.

After strings of explanations, the sturdy men finally knew that the iron ores were mined by him from the mine. They weighed six thousand pounds in total. In other words, he could rest for six days.

Six days wasn’t long nor short. However, he wouldn’t really use it to rest himself. He wanted to get to the bottom of a few matters.

For example, who is it that wanted to deal with the Lin Family?

He was too weak before this, so he had the mentality of keeping a certain distance from the mastermind. But he had some advantages now.

“Now that I have the strength of three thousand pounds, although I haven’t cleared the first primary meridian, I’m still barely qualified as a warrior of the first layer of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage. If I can clear the first primary meridian, I estimate my strength can be increased to four thousand pounds!”

He secretly assessed that since his fighter blood was more perfect than the others, perhaps the strength increment for each time he cleared a primary meridian was equivalent to the threefolds of ordinary people.

In other words, once he cleared his first primary meridian and really reached the first layer of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage, it was equivalent to a hunting squad warrior of the third layer of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage. That way, he could be considered as an expert in Stone Swallow Village. Then, with the visualization drawing of the pale gray world, he wouldn’t need to fear a majority of people!

There weren’t many hunting squad warriors in Stone Swallow Village, only twenty-three altogether. Those whose strengths are greater than the small success of the Condensed Fighter Blood Stage didn’t even reach ten people. As long as it didn’t involve any big figures, he had the ability to protect himself.

Thinking this, he was finally back. He hadn’t even entered before he heard a burst of a crackling sound.

What was going on?

Feeling alarmed, he dashed in hurriedly and coincidentally bumped into Fatty.

Lin Hao’s strength was unlike before. If it was before, the one sent flying would surely be him. But now, Fatty was sent flying like a cannonball.

Accompanying a thud sound, a few big rocks in the courtyard were turned into rubble. Fatty was lying on top of it dejectedly.

Lin Hao swayed for a bit and dashed in afterwards.

“Who is it?!”

Fatty shook his head before standing up and roared like a lion.

Lin Hao had experienced his loud voice before. This time, his eardrum felt painful from the roar, thus he covered his ear.

“Second Uncle?”

Seeing the incoming person, Fatty dazed for a moment.

“Second Uncle!”

He roared again excitedly and rushed forward. His tears squeezed out and the shovel in his hands was thrown to the side.

Fortunately, Lin Hao had broken through the blood vessels’ restriction. Otherwise, his neck would have been snapped from his hug.

“Stop stop! What happened exactly?”

Lin Hao pulled Fatty down and asked him with his brows furrowed.

It was too abnormal. He had clearly seen that if he didn’t come back, Fatty would have rushed out aggressively, half-naked with a shovel in his hands.

After wiping his tears, Fatty replied, “Second Uncle, the cave collapsed. I had thought that ……”

“The cave collapsed?”

Lin Hao furrowed his brows and seemingly didn’t understand him. But after an instant, his eyes shrunk and his complexion became solemn.

“You are saying… the iron mine cave collapsed!?”

“That’s right. I thought you were trapped inside, so I was about to dig you out.”

While speaking, Fatty laughed and pointed at the shovel beside him, proving that he was really about to dig him out.

Seeing the shovel, Lin Hao was speechless. However, his heart sank…

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