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SOGE Chapter 14 – Innate Divine Strength

Chapter 14 – Innate Divine Strength

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

Sorry for the late chapter as something cropped up during the past two weeks. As a compensation, I’ll add two chapters per week I was away on tab (4 chapters in total). Without further ado, enjoy~

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Chapter 14 – Innate Divine Strength


“That’s why I said, little brother, do you want to try my golden sledgehammer? As long as you can wield it, I, Old Niu will treat you to wine right now!”

Niu Da became complacent again. He felt that he had great eyesight, practically the same as the legendary, erm…, Wisdom Discerning Eyes!

Compared to him, these people were practically blind. All of them pretended to be serious all day long which made him seem quite foolish. They were simply envious of him.

He had even thought about whether he should take a stroll in the village tomorrow, to see if there were any other geniuses.

With this incident about Lin Hao, he felt more and more that it wasn’t that there weren’t any geniuses in the village but there should be quite a few of them. However, they were overlooked by these blind people.

The faces of this group of people were as black as a pot but nobody mocked him anymore. It wasn’t as if they didn’t know Niu Da’s personality and they were not inclined to bicker with him. After all, he really ‘uncovered’ someone out this time.

They shifted their eyes to Lin Hao.


Lin Hao knew his explanation didn’t make sense, but he couldn’t admit that he had broken through the blood vessels’ restriction!

Clank! Clank! Clank!

He could only remain silent, lifting the sledgehammer and pounding on the sword embryo. Fiery red sparks flew in all directions. The heat surged, causing the temperature of the surroundings to quickly raise by a notch.

The temperature in the smithy was already high to begin with. But it temporarily dropped due to Lin Hao.

Now that Lin Hao began hammering, the temperature rose back quickly.

He wasn’t like the sturdy men who were using both hands to hammer. Those men didn’t have sufficient strength, but he did. His left hand held the sword embryo while his right hand hammered. Every hit of his were very heavy. The veins in his forehead popped up and his left hand, which was holding the sword embryo, became numb from the jolt.

Not long after, he was perspiring heavily.

In his vision, the more obvious energy cracks  disappeared under his hammering. But some of the tiny cracks reappeared as well.

By continuous hammering, his fighter blood boiled up as well.

But it was a different case for the sturdy men who were watching all of this, especially Baldy Shi. His eyes were downcast and his heart was dripping with blood.

Lin Hao saw that the sword embryo had less cracks now and its quality had risen by quite a lot. However, the men didn’t know it.

What they saw was that an originally good sword embryo had been forcibly hammered into a chunk of metal by him. It became smaller and was now scrap metal!

No matter how solid you forged it, people couldn’t possibly bring a chunk of metal to fight, right?

But he still hammered unceasingly. Baldy Shi was about to cry watching this. At first, he wanted to stop him but it was too late. Seeing that the sword embryo was thoroughly hammered into a piece of scrap metal, his eyes lost their vigor. In the end, he didn’t have to mood to stop him anymore.

“Stop stop!”

After quite a while, there was someone who couldn’t watch any longer and stopped him.

Baldy Shi’s eyes reddened from seeing the sword embryo, a semi-finished product which he had taken the trouble to hammer for quite a few days, being hammered into a scrap.

He felt that he had really gone crazy. To think he actually gave him a semi-finished product. Was forging something that could be meddled by an outsider? Moreover, an outsider whose strength was beyond reasonable limits at that.

“What’s wrong?”

Lin Hao wept his sweat. The fighter blood in his heart gradually calmed down.

Even so, along with his heart’s pulse, the fighter blood’s pulsation became a little stronger too. It was as if there was a feeling of it passing through his meridians.

He had a slight feeling that hammering unceasingly under this kind of circumstances had a higher efficiency than mining.

“Cough cough……”

A man pointed at the sword embryo, then pointed at Baldy Shi. He walked forward and patted Lin Hao’s shoulder, shaking his head silently.

Lin Hao drew a blank at first, but regained his senses soon after.

He took a look at the others’ sword embryo, then took a look at his, which was beyond recognition, and he was dumbfounded. Actually, he was wholeheartedly visualizing the pale gray world and hammered in an attempt to make the cracks disappear. He really didn’t meant to ruin it.

“How about……I just forget that piece of meat?”

Lin Hao acted in a coy manner before saying shamelessly.

It wasn’t that he was petty. Instead, it was because he hadn’t had meat since he came to this world so he was feeling ravenous.

“No! You must accept it! I, Shi Kang’s every word counts. Since you can wield the sledgehammer, I’ll go back and bring it to you right now!” Hearing his words, Baldy Shi seemed to be provoked. He bellowed at him and then immediately rushed out from the smithy!

Lin Hao gazed at Baldy Shi who rushed out, dumbfounded.

“Alright, kid, tell us the truth. Have you condensed your fighter blood?”

After Baldy Shi left, a group of people immediately encircled him.

Ruining a sword embryo wasn’t really too big of a problem, moreover, it wasn’t theirs to begin with. At most, the chunk of metal would be melted and reconstructed again.

And he would let Baldy Shi down for a bit.

But it was a big matter if Lin Hao did really condense his fighter blood.

How many hunting squad warriors were there in the village? Each additional member represented an increase in the village’s strength.

The most important part was that Lin Hao was still young. If he became a part of the hunting squad warrior while this young, it wasn’t impossible for him to further improve in the future. He might have the chance to reach the small success of the Condensed Fighter Blood Stage and become a “big figure” in the village!

“Not yet.”

Lin Hao shrugged his shoulders. His face hadn’t reddened the slightest bit.

“Hehe, little brother, don’t lie to us. No matter how strong your right hand is, it is impossible to wield this five hundred pounds sledgehammer freely without having a strength of a thousand pounds.” A man shook his head, clearly not believing Lin Hao’s words.

“That’s right, little brother. It is good to be modest, but being excessively modest might bring resentment from the others!” Another man nodded solemnly with an educative look.

“Uh huh, I have a daughter about the same age as little brother. How about ……”


Inundated by these people, Lin Hao almost couldn’t stand it any longer and was about to run away.

“Enough! Go back to your work now and don’t bother guessing anymore. If this kid really hadn’t condensed his fighter blood, most likely he has innate divine strength and practiced the technique on the stone inscription before. That’s why his strength is greater than a thousand pounds.”

At this moment, a few people who was forging at the back of smithy stepped out.

The uproar was too great. The smithy only had twenty to thirty people. Most of them had come to surround Lin Hao so there were practically no one forging.

“Cough cough…… Brother Shi, is it really possible for ordinary people to have a strength of a thousand pounds?”

A man couldn’t help but ask the question. However, his tone was much more respectful.

The few people at the back of the smithy were all hunting squad warriors. They were in charge of forging a special sword. Although all of these people were forging together, their status was much higher. Generally, they were equivalent to officials. When commoners talked to officials, their tone would be somewhat reserved.

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