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SOGE Chapter 13 – Three Thousand Pounds of Strength

Chapter 13 – Three Thousand Pounds of Strength

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

So, the roe deer meat …

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The sledgehammers used for forging in the Stone Swallow Village were all specially custom-made. Each of them weighed five hundred pounds. Even if those sturdy men had strengths nearing a thousand pounds, wielding them was considerably strenuous.

Everyone was dumbfounded. Although Baldy Shi didn’t state it explicitly, his words had implicitly admitted that this thin “monkey” had indeed lifted the iron ore.


“Look at all of your wretched faces. I, your father, has said that all of you were wrong this time but you guys just wouldn’t f*cking believe me. Am I the sort of person who would joke around?”

“It feels damn good to vent my anger indeed! Haha!”

The happiest person at the moment was naturally Niu Da. He gazed at the group of people with a complacent look. His sides split apart from laughing.

“Snort, trying to solve the matter with just a piece of roe deer meat. Baldy Shi, you are too stingy. I won’t call you Baldy Shi anymore. Just change it to Stingy Shi!”

Niu Da said boorishly. He deliberately circled around a few times, then took out his own sledgehammer which was inlaid with a golden decorative design, “Come, little brother. If you can wield this sledgehammer, I, your father, will gift you a jar of old wine!”

The surrounding people were shocked.

Wine was different from roe deer meat. All of the people present had some status in the village. Even if they failed to break through the restraint of blood vessels, their strengths still neared a thousand pounds. Occasionally, they could still hunt some of the weaker wild beasts. Although roe deer meat was hard to come by, they could still manage to get some.

But a jar of wine was different as brewing it would take quite a large amount of provisions. There weren’t many among the people present who could take out the surplus provisions in order to brew it. Only Niu Da and a few others had this capability.

Some of the men looked at Lin Hao enviously.

“Cough cough, Niu Da, my family was just lacking in old wine. You also know that my mother-in-law always nags about it. How about letting me try?” A man said without hesitation while rubbing his fingers together and stepped forward, readying himself to lift up the sledgehammer with the golden decorative design.

“Let me try too!”

“Wait wait, I want to try as well……”

“Screw off! You scoundrels are really shameless. When the golden sledgehammers were being distributed last time, didn’t you guys try it out? Which one of you managed to lift it up? Each of you went crazy just from hearing about the old wine.“

Seeing that Baldy Shi had stepped up as well, Niu Da’s countenance darkened. He pushed them away and offered the sledgehammer to Lin Hao.

Those who were pushed away were stroking their noses and feeling quite itchy. Their eyes landed on Lin Hao.

Lin Hao looked at Niu Da’s golden sledgehammer, then looked at Baldy Shi’s.

He noticed that the two sledgehammers were different. Although they had the same size, in his eyes, the former had less cracks in its energy distribution and the pounding was more well-distributed. There were even some miniscule cracks which he couldn’t see through.

“How heavy is this sledgehammer?”

Lin Hao pointed at the golden sledgehammer in Niu Da’s hands.

This sledgehammer was obviously different from the rest. From Niu Da’s words, it could be inferred that it was distributed not long ago and it was somewhat special. Asking this question wasn’t strange at all.

“Hehe! Good question! I can tell you that this is a custom-made golden sledgehammer bought from the Heavenly Eagle Tribe. It is much heavier than theirs. Their sledgehammer only weighs five hundred pounds, while mine, a thousand pounds!”

After he finished his words, Niu Da straightened his waist. Even his face became rosier.

Lin Hao was momentarily shocked and then he squinted his eyes to observe carefully. Only then did he come to a realization.

It turned out that this Niu Da was a hunting squad warrior too. Similar to Lin Hao, he had broken through the blood vessels’ restriction not long ago. Thus, the energy he emitted was still quite weak. That was why he hadn’t noticed it before.

“I think I’ll try this one.”

Lin Hao deliberately hesitated for a while before he pointed at Baldy Shi’s sledgehammer.

The surrounding people nodded their heads, not suspecting him the slightest bit.

Not to mention wielding it, just lifting up Niu Da’s sledgehammer required at least a thousand pounds of strength. It was impossible for someone other than a hunting squad warrior!

But that wasn’t how Lin Hao thought. In fact, he presumed it wasn’t a problem for him to wield the golden sledgehammer. However, danger lurked around him. It was better to not disclose that he broke through the blood vessels’ restriction as it could serve as a hidden card during critical moments.

“Are you sure you don’t want to try out the golden sledgehammer?”

It was unknown if something was wrong with his nerve. Something that was deemed normal by the others caused Niu Da shock instead.

This shock of his stirred a noise among the surrounding people.

“Shoo shoo, Niu Da, are you befuddled again? We can’t even lift it up and you ask this little brother to wield it?

“Say, Old Niu, don’t add to the confusion. As for that jar of wine of yours, you should save it and drink it yourself.”

“That’s right. Old Niu, save it. How many people can lift that golden sledgehammer of yours? Unless if that person had broken through the blood vessels’ restriction…”

A few people spoke at the same time, but now, they couldn’t continue any longer.

It was because Lin Hao had received Baldy Shi’s sledgehammer while they were talking. Just this alone didn’t amount to anything. When they saw that Lin Hao could catch a washbowl-sized piece of iron ore easily, they had guessed his strength was greater than five hundred pounds. Being able to lift up the sledgehammer wasn’t strange.

What made it hard to believe was that Lin Hao actually didn’t use both hands to receive it. He only used a hand!

Receiving the sledgehammer using one hand, even if it was the habitually-used right hand, requires at least a strength nearing a thousand pounds. Moreover, from looking at Lin Hao, it didn’t look like he was forcing himself but he received it easily instead!


They looked at each other in dismay. There were twenty three people altogether in hunting squad. They even knew the youngest one, Lin Yi. But they had never heard someone named Lin Hao before……

Actually, Lin Hao was shocked as well.

He only received it casually and hadn’t thought much of it at first. According to his guess, even though he had condensed his fighter blood, he had yet to clear any of his primary meridians so his cultivation stage should be a bit lower than Niu Da. He could barely be counted as reaching the First Layer of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage.

Generally, at most, those in the First Layer of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage had a strength nearing two thousand pounds.

Lifting a five hundred pounds sledgehammer with a strength of two thousand wasn’t a problem. But wielding it using only one hand was quite impossible. It was the same as an adult, who was able to lift something weighed a hundred pounds would find it quite impossible to wield a twenty-five pounds burlap sack with one hand.

Not to mention that he was able to receive the sledgehammer with only one hand. He actually felt like he hadn’t even used a third of his strength!

A single hand had the strength nearing two thousand pounds. Could it mean that his strength had surpassed three thousand pounds?

“Cough cough…… My right hand is a little bit stronger.”

Feeling the gazes from his surroundings, he immediately changed to using both hands and smiled awkwardly.

However, those words were useless as the gazes on him weren’t decreasing the slightest bit.

Are you joking around?

Generally, people’s right hand are a bit stronger. The problem was, no matter how strong your right hand, even if you concentrated most of your strength to your right hand, could you lift up the sledgehammer?

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