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SOGE Chapter 12 – Delivered To The Wrong Place

Chapter 12 – Delivered To The Wrong Place

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia


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At this moment, a sturdy man, whose upper half was bare, happened to come out from inside the smithy. Upon seeing Lin Hao wandering in front of the smithy, he walked towards him.

“Hey, stinky brat! What are you sneaking around here for?!”

“These are iron ores? So many of them?”

The man was about to chase Lin Hao away. But when he saw the cart filled with iron ores, he blanked out for a moment.

Lin Hao also blanked out for a moment. Seeing the sturdy man’s reaction, he suspected that he had delivered to the wrong place.

If the iron ores which had been mined was supposed to be delivered to this place, that man shouldn’t have that kind of reaction. In fact, he should have been somewhat prepared. But the bronze medal had only marked this place and the mine on it. Lin Hao didn’t know where else to go.

Had he known about this, he would have asked the uncle in the mine earlier.

Thinking this way, he felt a bit regret.

At the same time, another sturdy man with a pair of bright eyes walked out from the smithy. Seeing a cart full of iron ores, his eyes lit up.

“Haha, what a coincidence. The smithy is lacking in iron. These should have been transported from the iron mine, right? This little brat’s strength isn’t bad. Come in and have a look inside!”

The man simply didn’t give Lin Hao any chance to explain. Moreover, he was shockingly strong.

Lin Hao might not lose to him in terms of strength, but he was completely bewildered by him. He hadn’t even managed to explain when he had already been dragged inside.

“Old Niu, you came back so quickly!”

“Hey! Old Niu, why did you drag this wimpy kid here? Is this a place where a wimpy kid can enter?!” A man who was in the middle of forging saw Niu Da dragging in Lin Hao. He immediately stopped his hammering, wept his sweat, and walked towards them.

“That’s right. Old Niu, didn’t you go to the mine to collect iron? Why did you bring back a wimpy kid instead?” A few men who were in the midst of forging put down their work and laid their eyes on Lin Hao.

“Say, kid, have you even weaned yet?”

A bald man deliberately said and laughed loudly. While talking, he purposely slammed the sledgehammer in his hand onto the scarlet sword embryo, which caused a flame to suddenly emit and almost grazed Lin Hao’s face.
(TL: I don’t know what this is either. 剑胚 [literally sword embryo])


Listening to the jeers by this group of people made Lin Hao a bit speechless.

He was thin in appearance, but what did that have to do with being a wimpy kid? Moreover, these people were only slightly older than him, with the oldest probably in his thirties or forties. They just had a sturdier body. Like Shi Dashan, all of them had the back of a tiger and waist of a bear1, and were at least taller than him by half a head.

However, he could see that their strength was at least greater than five hundred pounds. There were even a few of them who had energy fluctuating around them so they were possibly hunting squad warriors. They indeed had the right to be arrogant.

However, those few people were forging in the back and didn’t pay attention to him.

Those who paid attention to him all had strengths nearing a thousand pounds.

Actually, the reason behind the mockery towards Lin Hao was simple. In this world where wild beasts were treated as food, humans were born strong and sturdy. Generally, they could reach immense strength to around four to five hundred pounds. Furthermore, they could practice techniques on the stone inscription which would make their strength near a thousand pounds.

But Lin Hao, with his thin looks, obviously didn’t have much strength. As such, he was incompatible with this place.

Niu Da, who heard all the mockery, couldn’t stand it anymore. After all, he was the one who brought Lin Hao here. He yelled, “You scoundrels, let me tell you something. This time, all of you are wrong. This brat’s strength isn’t small at all.”

He was already boorish in the first place. Moreover, he had a loud voice. Now, everyone in the smithy had heard him.


The scene quieted down instantly. A few sturdy men’s sight landed on Lin Hao, especially those who Lin Hao suspected to be hunting squad warriors.


A few breaths later, it was unknown who initially roared with laughter but it caused the others to laugh as well. There were also those who weren’t laughing but they displayed a look of amusement. They obviously didn’t believe it!

The few sturdy men who were suspected to be hunting squad warriors also shook their head, and then continued to temper the sword embryo in their hands.

Wasn’t it so?

Lin Hao’s looks wasn’t that much difference from a girl. He didn’t even have the qualifications to be bestowed the Fighter Blood Condensation Technique stone inscription from the village.

How could he be strong without the technique? Even if he had some strength, how much could it be?

To say that he had the strength of a thousand pounds, no one would believe that!

“Say, Niu Da, could it be that you saw that he has the strength of a few hundred pounds and thought he is really strong?”

“Haha, Niu Da, I know that you are bored, but you don’t need to bring along a wimpy kid.”

“Little brat, you have quite the strength, right? Can you lift this rock?“

A person holding a chunk of iron ore, weighing about two or three hundred pounds, threw it directly at Lin Hao. His face was filled with scorn.

He pictured Lin Hao’s image, who was in a difficult position, trying to dodge the iron ore.

Looking at this scene, Lin Hao didn’t feel anything. Instead, Niu Da’s face had reddened from anger.

He felt there must have been something wrong with his brain for him to have dragged Lin Hao here. As a result, he got mocked by this group of scoundrels.

But since he had dragged him in, things couldn’t just end like this.

He really thought that Lin Hao’s strength wasn’t small at all. That wooden cart had at least a thousand pounds of iron ores on it. Though he only pushed the cart, his strength couldn’t be low since he was able to push iron ores that heavy. It should at least be higher than five hundred pounds.

He hadn’t said anything yet, but everyone was dumbfounded in the next moment.

They only saw that Lin Hao had raised his right hand and directly caught the iron ore thrown by the sturdy man. Moreover, he had done it with a light expression, evidently he didn’t use much of his strength.

“Baldy Shi, could it be that the iron ore you threw was hollow?”

The surroundings immediately quieted down. Suddenly someone asked a question. However, this time, the voice was very quiet and didn’t contain a tone of mockery anymore.

“That’s right. Baldy Shi, you only wanted to scare him so the iron ore was hollow, right?”

Being able to catch an ore weighing two or three hundred pounds with a bare hand, if there wasn’t a problem with the ore, it meant he had a strength of at least five hundred pounds. A youth with more than five hundred pounds in strength wasn’t much different from them.

The youth whom they had mocked a moment ago was actually comparable to them. Even if they were thick-skinned, their faces were quite hot now. They could only wait for an explanation from Baldy Shi.


Shi Kang’s face darkened. For him to recognize a thin “monkey” who he had mocked just now was more painful than killing him.

But he couldn’t say that the ore was hollow either. This kind of lie would be exposed once someone had the ore in their hands. Unless he had problems with his brain, he would never tell this kind of lie.

“Cough cough… Little brat, you do have quite the strength indeed. If you can wield this hammer, I will give you a piece of roe deer meat so you can eat it at home”

Shi Kang walked forward and held out the sledgehammer he usually used to forge.

1 tough and stocky build

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    Sword embryo is an interesting term. I’ve seen it used in a few other novels as well.

    I’m pretty sure it refers to the unfinished blade of a sword (no hilt), often still undergoing the smithing process.

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