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SOGE Chapter 11 – Small-scale Collapse

Chapter 11 – Small-scale Collapse

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia

Sorry for the late post. Here’s the chapter for the previous week. Another chapter should be coming up within the next 12 hours.

Umm, I made a mistake in chapter 10, which is the part that stated the big figures placed utmost importance on choosing a weapon (or something like that). It should be ‘placed utmost importance in the Fighter Selection’ instead. (refer to chapter 8)

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Early morning of the next day, Lin Hao wore his ferret clothes and with overflowing vigor, went to the mine again.

“Uncle, good morning!”

He waved his hand at Nie Zhan enthusiastically. His mood was especially good.

In order to condense his fighter blood, he went back to the Lin Manor very late at night and only had 4-6 hours of sleep but he didn’t seem to be tired at all.

Nothing is impossible for a willing heart. It turned out that the red liquid was hidden in his bones all along. Though he only managed to “borrow” a little drop from it, it enabled him to condense his fighter blood and he successfully entered the First Layer of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage.

He even felt that under the influence of his fighter blood, his growth wasn’t limited to merely a thousand pounds of strength. Though he hadn’t figured out what the changes were, he felt a tremendous change within himself. Even his confidence rose quite a lot.

Confidence was one thing, but he mustn’t be lax in cultivating for even a moment.

But he found that no matter where he cultivated, none of the places were as good as cultivating in the mine.

Although the iron mine was densely packed with cracks, had an uneven energy distribution, and was very dangerous, but for him, the visualizing efficiency was exceptionally good. It was many times better when compared to other places.

If he was cultivating in other places, he might not be able to condense his fighter blood after just three days.

That was why he came to the mine early in the morning.


Nie Zhan nodded his head.

Seeing his neither-warm-nor-cold attitude, Lin Hao was quite surprised.

But he didn’t put much thought into it.

The middle-aged man was an eccentric. Naturally, he wouldn’t care about the mindset of an eccentric.

After thinking for a while, he walked to the spot where he was knocking yesterday.

He had left a “mark” at that spot. He only needed to “improve” it a bit more before he could cause a small-scale collapse which wouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

Lastly, he only needed to take out the iron ores from the collapsed section. That way, he would save a few days of work…Thinking up till here, he started to knock unceasingly again. Of course, what he used was his fist.

This brat is quite diligent today.

Thinking this way, Nie Zhan’s mood gradually became better.

He even laughed at himself and felt that he was too harsh.

Though Lin Hao was twenty years old now, he had too little experience living under the shadow of his ancestors. It was reasonable if he wasn’t sensible. In his eyes, Lin Hao was still a lad. Previously, he was so disappointed because he had put too much hope in him as he thought Lin Hao would change after three years.

He nodded his head. Since he was still a lad, it was normal to make mistakes. It was good as long as one could change after making mistakes. After all, not everyone was as sensible as his daughter.

Thinking this way, he focused his attention on Lin Hao again.

It would have been good if he didn’t take a look at him. But now that he saw him, his nose was almost out of joint.

Lin Hao was actually at same spot by the wall from yesterday and knocking here and there. What more, his expression was a serious one, as if he was doing something extremely important.

Did he think he is an Origin Stage expert, who could just knock the mine down?

Nie Zhan’s heart was burning from anger. The memory from yesterday resurfaced again, causing his mood to worsen.

Forget it!

He withdrew his gaze and began to mine again.


“It’s done!”

When it was almost noon, Lin Hao’s eyes were filled with glee. Lifting his fist and taking a deep breath, he punched towards a crack in his line of sight!


His huge fist landed on the wall. A gust of wind surged from the pointed area on his fist. A rumbling sound resounded in the mine followed by a faint shake.

His eyes shrunk. Like a nimble monkey, he ran out from the mine immediately.

Just after he left, a malevolent crack spread out and triggered a chain reaction. Innumerable tiny cracks formed like a spiderweb, spreading out to the entire mine rapidly!

Following waves of the loud rumbling sound, tens of rocks, with the height of half a man, fell down successively and caused dust to billow.

The entire mine appeared to faintly shake.

“Not good!”

Hearing a loud rumbling, Nie Zhan’s eyes shrunk. He immediately left his pick stuck to the side of the mine wall and was about to go save Lin Hao.

The fatty’s request was for him to come to the mine, mining was an extra. The main reason was to prevent a mining disaster!

He was shocked before he could even turn around.

Lin Hao wasn’t inside the mine. Instead, he was outside, looking at everything that had happened in the mine proudly.

Under the gaze of a dumbstruck Nie Zhan, Lin Hao pushed a wooden cart and piled the iron ores on top of it. Although the rocks which fell down weren’t entirely iron ores, he still managed to gather thousands of pounds of ores.

Not long after, a whole cart was neatly filled with iron ores.

“Uncle, I will go deliver these iron ores first.”

Lin Hao shouted and informed Nie Zhan.

He informed him even though he felt that there wasn’t any need to say anything to the middle-aged man. After all, they were working together.

Looking at Lin Hao who had just departed, Nie Zhan was thoroughly shocked.

Could it be that what this brat had done these past two days was to prepare for this?

Or was it just purely luck?

He shook his head.

When he remembered Lin Hao’s serious expression, it didn’t seem to be as simple as mere luck.

The fact that the collapse was a small-scale one, and the majority of the rocks which fell down contained iron ores, if all of these were merely luck, it was somewhat hard to believe…

He hesitated a bit before walking towards the main mine cave.

(TL: previously there’re only 矿洞 in the raw but now a 主矿洞 popped up out of nowhere. Presumably there is a main cave and a few branches inside the mine.)

At this time, the main mine cave was already filled with cracks. Some of them were even on the verge of caving in.

But Nie Zhan was a hunting squad warrior who had reached the Fifth Layer of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage. With his strength of almost six thousand pounds, he wasn’t bothered with this degree of danger; unless if the entire mine collapsed…

He began imitating Lin Hao’s ways of knocking on the mine wall, trying to figure out the mystery behind the collapse.


On the other side, Lin Hao was pushing a cart full of iron ores and walking towards the village.

Although there weren’t many iron ores on the cart, they were iron ores after all. By his estimation, its mass wouldn’t be small in number.

He didn’t know whether there were ten thousand pounds, but they wouldn’t be less than a few thousand pounds. Because he was pushing the cart, added with the fact that he didn’t have a grasp on his strength, he couldn’t make a base estimation. But, at least, he wouldn’t have to deliver for another three to five days.

Mulling up till here, he wanted to give his thanks to those people instead. Weren’t if for them sending him to that place, he wouldn’t have been able to break through the restraint of blood vessel this quickly. Even if he had a breakthrough, if the mine wasn’t so dangerous, it wouldn’t have been easy for him to create a small-scale collapse……

According to the map markings on the bronze medal, he pushed the wooden cart to a huge smithy.

“Ei? Here is……”

He stared blankly.

Staring at the bronze medal in his hand, he determined that he hadn’t gone to the wrong place. Hearing the forging sounds inside, he could roughly guess what this place was. But to deliver the iron ores here right after mining?

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