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SOGE Chapter 10 – Cultivation

Chapter 10 – Cultivation

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Julia & Vick

This chapter was supposed to be posted yesterday but I got delayed. Sorry for that 🙁

Chapter 4 has been edited.

– fighter blood congealment technique will be changed to Fighter Blood Condensation Technique
– fighter blood stage will be changed to Condensed Fighter Blood Stage

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“What’s going on?”

The middle-aged man collected his pick and walked towards Lin Hao with his brows furrowed.

Lin Hao didn’t know that the middle-aged man wasn’t any ordinary person.

He was Nie Zhan. In his early years, he was a hunting squad warrior who had reached the Fifth Layer of Condensed Fighter Blood Stage. However, during a beast wave, he was injured, and was left with a hidden injury. As a result, he withdrew from the hunting squad and became an ordinary villager.

Even so, his status in Stone Swallow Village was special because he had an arrogant daughter!
(TL: This is what the raw said. 因为他有一个骄傲的女儿! I don’t understand either why would having an arrogant daughter will make his status special lol)

If he didn’t want to do anything, no one would force him to do so.

Even him coming to the mine today was only due to the fatty’s request.

To ordinary people, a thousand pounds of iron ores everyday was an astronomical number. However, as a former hunting squad warrior, Nie Zhan’s strength far surpassed ordinary people even if his fighter blood was abolished. Although completing the task everyday wasn’t so easy, with his assistance, it was not that difficult either.

That was why he didn’t say anything when Lin Hao asked him to move to the border of the mine. A trace of admiration even welled up in him.

He thought that Lin Hao wanted to rely on himself and didn’t want to receive too much help.

However, it turned out like this!

Nie Zhan’s complexion didn’t look too well.

His attention was always on Lin Hao even while he was mining. Of course, this was nothing considering his strength.

However, since that small iron ore which he mined in the beginning, Lin Hao was only able to mine a fist-sized iron ore. Other than that, he did nothing. He had only knocked on the mine wall unceasingly. So he is only putting on an appearance!

He even suspected whether it was luck that the two pieces of iron ore fell down to the ground from his knocking.

This stinky brat!

Nie Zhan’s eyelid kept twitching. How he wished to beat up that guy.

But after some thought, he calmed down again. He only came here to help so it was enough for him to do his thing and besides, he didn’t care too much about the others. From his impression, Lin Hao might seemed dispirited and languid but he was respectful to him so he wasn’t exactly a scumbag.

He decided to observe him longer.

Though Lin Hao kept knocking here and there, who knew if he really found a better way.

But soon after, his complexion changed. It completely sank.

This brat… he actually slept inside the mine!


He firmly stabbed his pick into the ground. The pick’s handle quivered!

After a while, he took a deep breath, pulled up his pick and started to mine again. However, he stopped putting his attention on Lin Hao because he was thoroughly disappointed in him.

It didn’t matter what you say to a person who didn’t know how to think ahead.

When he first heard that Lin Hao accepted the mining request of his own accord, he thought that there were finally results after practising for three years. But he hadn’t thought that Lin Hao was still the same as before!

He had decided that after the matter of refining weapon was over and the stock of iron ores wasn’t in short supply anymore, he would distance himself from the Lin Family. As for the mining request this time, he could only try his best and leave it up to fate. Even if he was a hunting squad warrior, he didn’t have the confidence to mine a thousand pounds of iron ores every day…

Of course, Stone Swallow Village was a small village. In fact, the demand for iron ores wasn’t that high. Even if iron ores had been mined out, not many people would refine them. So much so that there was quite a few iron ores stockpiled in the village. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dare to leave the task to Lin Hao.

Even someone as idle as him had placed much importance in the Fighter Selection, much less those “big figures” within the village.


At this time, Lin Hao, who he thought was sleeping, was experiencing one of the biggest transformation in his life!

A cornelian-like drop of blood was gradually forming in his heart. Strands of thread-like Blood Qi were being extracted from all over his body and converged together. This process consumed a lot of his mental strength to a point where he was unable to move at all!

This was his fighter blood!

Even he didn’t expect that he would condense his fighter blood this quickly. Counting from the day he first saw the pale gray world, he had only cultivated for three days. Even if his efficiency was ten times faster than ordinary people, it meant that he only took a month!

Even in a tribe, an ordinary person who became a hunting squad warrior by breaking through the blood vessel restraint in a month was considered a peerless genius!

Yet, in reality, he only took a total of three days.

If this cultivation speed was known by others, it would thoroughly shock them and make them go crazy!

If Zhu Mingyu knew this, he would no longer disregard Lin Hao. He might even take action against him.

That was because even Zhu Mingyu himself used as much as three month to reach Condensed Fighter Blood Stage when he first started cultivating.

This disparity was too large…

He was fully concentrated at this moment, to the point that he didn’t even dare to breath heavily, and placed his entire attention on the bloody red drop of blood in his heart.

Being able to condense fighter blood didn’t mean it will certainly succeed!

Despite the difference in aptitude and cultivation speed, no matter who they were, as long as they had accumulated enough, they would be able to reach this step sooner or later. Even so, only a handful of people could really break through the restraint of blood vessels.

There were a thousand households in Stone Swallow Village, but there were only twenty to thirty hunting squad warriors!

Although part of the reason was control over the Fighter Blood Condensation Techniques by the village, the main reason was that many of them stumbled at this step.

Once they failed, besides suffering damage to their meridians, an injury would also be left in their minds. The next time they tried to condense their fighter blood would be more difficult…

That was why hunting squad warriors were revered by the others.

His vision of the world had turned completely pale gray. Strands of Blood Qi moved unceasingly towards the drop of blood to repair the crack.

What made Lin Hao the most anxious was that no matter how he tried to repair it, that drop of blood was unable to reach perfection!

Other than the red liquid he saw before, he had never seen anything perfect which was why he didn’t aim for perfection as well. After all, not everyone was able to see the distribution of “cracks” in things like he could!

It was unknown whether it was because of the visualization drawing but even if he didn’t want to aim for perfection, he couldn’t do so. If the fighter blood had any traces of flaws, when he started to condense it, there would be indications of dispersal from the cracks. It decisively made him stop the process.

(TL: maybe it’s quite confusing in this part. Imagine it as: if the drop of blood he had condensed has flaws (cracks), the blood that he had condensed will disperse from the cracks, hence he was unable to complete the process.)

Damn! What should I do?!

There was nothing perfect in the world. The only perfect and balanced thing was only red liquid!

At this moment, he concentrated his mind on his body.

He wanted to find the red liquid he drank before!

Initially, he thought that the increase in his strength was attributed to the red liquid. But reality had proved that it was because he was cultivating. Since he had unceasingly visualized the pale gray world, his strength kept growing. Then… where did the red liquid go?

He believed that the perfect substance wouldn’t disappear for no reason.


Night had arrived. From the beginning until now, there wasn’t a third person who appeared in the mine.

But Nie Zhan didn’t care about this anymore. He was thoroughly disappointed in Lin Hao. Even now, Lin Hao was still lying on the floor “sleeping”. This was simply unacceptable!

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