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SOGE Chapter 1 – The Bones Among The Historical Remains

Chapter 1 – The Bones Among The Historical Remains

Translated by: FTT
Edited by: Mario, Julia, Flamelord

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“Amun is the source yet also the final destination of everything. God loves all mortals, whether they are kind or evil, rich or poor. The river of fate flows, continuing until it ultimately end at the one and only other shore.” In the land of Egypt, an old man sat cross-legged next to a bridge while seriously and sincerely narrating the legends that had been passed on in this great land.

A dark-skinned youth in his twenties, who wore handy clothes and was carrying a travel bag, squatted in front of the old man. He listened to the old man in earnest and nodded from time to time while asking some questions.


In the eyes of the Egyptians, a body was merely a container for one’s soul. Death wasn’t the end of life, rather it meant a new beginning.

Under the will of Osiris, souls would enter the river of fate, the waters eroded and cleansed their sins, pass through the netherworld and enter the one and only paradise.


“God loves all mortals; He forgives all their sins and evils.”

Finally, Lin Hao got up and bowed solemnly.

He was a professional traveler. His parents died early, leaving behind a sum of wealth enough for him to live comfortably without working so he spent his entire time traveling. He traveled to numerous ancient civilization sites, explored and probed the unknown cultures as if this was the only way for him to get meaning from his life.

This was his second visit to the ancient land of Egypt. It was also the second time he heard the legends that have been passed down in this land.

The legends spoken by the old man were somewhat different from the general legends, but there were also similarities between them, namely the belief that death wasn’t the end of life and the existence of a world where souls resided.

As for him, it wasn’t that he found it completely unbelievable. However, in an era where science thrived, it was hard for him to believe it. He even thought that if paradise really existed, maybe it was the place he had been pursuing all this time.

Walking into a local hotel, Lin Hao put down his travel bag, took out his items and put on a pair of sunglasses. Moments later, he had changed from a vigorous young tourist into a weather-beaten scholar.

“Almost there.”

Lin Hao took a look at himself in the mirror and nodded to himself. He took out another object then walked out from the hotel.

“Sir, may I ask where are you going?”


Hearing his answer, the driver was momentarily shocked. After looking at Lin Hao’s gaunt and haggard appearance, his shabby but neat clothes, which gave out a scholarly look, he came to an understanding.

Half a month ago, there was a further breakthrough in the excavation of Egypt’s pyramids. In the lower layer of the Great Pyramid of Khufu, an excavation team found some odd skeletons. The shape of those skeletons did not share any similarities with any known creature on the Earth!

Although it hadn’t been disclosed yet, there was already an uproar within the archeological community. Relying on his special network, Lin Hao found out about this news and hurried over.


“Traveler, halt your steps!”

A few guards stationed at the outer perimeter of the pyramid stopped Lin Hao.

“Hello, I’m from Archeological Society of China. Here is my business card and my credentials.” Lin Hao deliberately put on a scholarly act, took out the credentials and proudly handed them over.

“Please wait.”

A few guards took the credentials, sized them up and then spoke in an apologetic manner. Afterward, a guard ran inside bringing the credentials with him.

Lin Hao nodded his head.

Soon after, an old man with disheveled hair walked out and took a glance at Lin Hao. A trace of disgust flashed in his eyes. However, seeing Lin Hao was looking towards him, a smile immediately showed up on his face.

“Hello, friend from China. Currently, the investigation of the pyramid is still in its initial stage. Information cannot be divulged. I wonder what is the request of your distinguished country. Our side will try to satisfy your wishes to the best of our capabilities.”

Old fox!

The corners of Lin Hao’s mouth curved slightly, but he didn’t say anything else and just took out another set of documents.

“This is my application to the consulate which has been signed by the authorities. It allows China to participate in the pyramid’s excavation. Please have a look.”

“The consulate!”

The old professor’s smile abruptly froze. He took the documents but without even taking a look at them, he handed them over to the young assistant behind him who hurried off after receiving the documents.

Upon seeing this, Lin Hao smiled in his heart. He knew that the assistant had left to verify the truth.

He didn’t care about that. Although the documents from the consulate were fake, his identity as a member of Archeological Society of China was absolutely genuine. Having traveled to various ancient sites, he was able to obtain the documents easily. Of course, with regards to the pace of which China’s consulate handled affairs, they would be unable to obtain the results they wanted in a short period of time. This would provide him enough buffer time. As for the consequences, with his professional knowledge on archeology, he knew as long as he didn’t cause any loss to the relics, there wouldn’t be too much of a problem!

“Since you carry the documents from the the consulate, I wonder what type of assistance would Mr. Lin like us to provide?” The old man asked while pushing the glasses up the bridge of his nose.

Lin Hao shook his head, “You have misunderstood me. My country doesn’t wish to intervene with your research study. I was sent here as an eyewitness to see what the unknown civilization looks like. You can just ignore me.”

“Mr. Lin, please come with me then.”

Sure enough, after hearing that Lin Hao wouldn’t intervene with their research, a smile immediately appeared on the old professor’s face.

Lin Hao followed the old professor and walked to the pyramid. The air gradually became dull and wet, giving off an uncomfortable feeling.

A moment later, they were in front of the pyramid’s entrance. A staff member, who stood on the side, brought a set of protective clothes and stepped forward.

“Professor, here are your clothes.”

The old man nodded and then turned around facing Lin Hao, “Preparations will be needed past this point. Otherwise, don’t even mention the tomb’s mechanism, just poison from the tomb is enough to make us suffer. Will Mr. Lin stay here or go in with us?”

“I will go in.” Lin Hao pushed up the glasses on the bridge of his nose and smiled lightly.

“Provide Mr. Lin a set of protective clothes.” The old man didn’t find his response surprising and ordered the staff member immediately.

Both of them entered soon after. Although he was standing inside the large tomb, Lin Hao still felt a kind of oppressive feeling. The sound of footsteps was enough to make one’s hair stand on end.

Even if this wasn’t the first time visiting Egypt, this was the first time he personally entered the pyramid, one of the seven wonders of the human race. Instead of feeling fear, he even felt slightly excited!


The two weren’t the only ones inside the pyramid. Other than the old man, there were ten or so personnel on the excavation team who were in the midst of surveying the bones. Expressions of shock and amazement could be seen on their faces from time to time.

“Mr. Lin, we have arrived. If there’s nothing else, I will take my leave. While observing, please do not damage any relics. Of course, as a member of the Archeological Society, Mr. Lin surely doesn’t need my reminder.” The old professor stroke his white beard and said with a deeper meaning.

“Professor Ryan! Come quickly and take a look! A big discovery!”

It was at this time, a distant voice suddenly shouted. Hearing this, the old professor gave Lin Hao an apologetic nod and left hastily.

Lin Hao stared and shook his head at the old professor, who was clearly getting on in the years, dragging the heavy protective clothes as he ran past. Pushing up his glasses, he started to observe the beast bones that were scattered on the ground.

As for the “big discovery” on the other side, even though he was interested, he wouldn’t go and intervene. After all, he was really here to only observe.

Lin Hao found that from the shape of the beast’s skeleton, though it could be counted as something unknown, that wasn’t entirely true either. They were similar to the skeletons of wolves, tigers or leopards, but they were obviously much larger. If it hadn’t been for the evolution tree which had been confirmed, he would have even suspected that these skeletons were the ancient species of those creatures. It was clear to him now that they clearly weren’t.

In the end, he even saw a couple of human bones among these bones. What made him felt incredible was that even though they were referred to as human bones and there weren’t any abnormalities in terms of size or shape, when he tried to lift them up to observe them, he found that these few bones were incredibly heavy. It was to the point where he couldn’t even move them  if he didn’t use his full strength!


He couldn’t help but feel shocked. Just imagine, four to five thousand years ago, there existed creatures which had an appearance similar to humans. However, a piece of their bone alone weighed over a hundred pounds. Once they land their steps, they could even cut into a mountain and split rocks. A collision with them would be akin to being crushed by a war chariot. What sort of concept was that? Just the thought of it would frighten people to death. Yet, why would this kind of creature buried inside the pyramid?

“Mr. Lin, are you there? Please come here!”

At this time, the excited voice of the old professor came from the distance.

Lin Hao slightly hesitated, then he put down the bone in his hand and walked to them.

“Mr. Lin, we have made a big discovery. I’m not proficient in regards to the ancient culture of China, but do you have any impressions towards this pattern?”

Seeing the arrival of Lin Hao, the old professor, whose face had turned red, shouted excitedly. He had completely forgotten how he loathed Lin Hao’s appearance before.

Lin Hao was slightly started. He carefully unfolded the scroll which was being studied by the old professor and the others. What he found inside it was a sketch of abstruse star map. He didn’t look at it clearly. Instead, he followed the indication by the old professor and the others and landed his sight on the inscription of the star map. He suddenly narrowed his eyes!

There weren’t any words inscribed, but there was a fist-sized Eight Trigrams drawing!

Inside Lin Hao’s mind, the story regarding the Eight Trigrams surfaced immediately. According to the legends, China’s forefather, Fuxi, observed the white turtle in the pond for three days and had an epiphany. He split yin-yang, the two opposing extremes which created heaven and earth, and developed the Eight Trigrams.

This was part of China’s civilization!

According to the legends, the pyramids in Egypt were built at around 2700 BC, dating back to nearly 5,000 years ago, which was the initial period of China’s ancient civilization. It was right before the era of Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors, the era where China’s forefathers thrived!

The time coincided, but… why would a relic of China’s ancient civilization appear inside Egypt’s pyramids?

Could it be that during that period, the two ancient civilizations had the means to travel across the continent and came in contact with each other?

When he thought of this, part of his knowledge started to crumble. Lin Hao’s heart shook. He even felt like there wasn’t enough of his brain for him to use!

“How is it? Isn’t this a part of China’s culture, the Eight Trigrams?” Just as Lin Hao got lost in his thoughts, someone raised the question bringing him back to his senses.

Lin Hao turned around and had a serious look. He knew whether his conjecture was correct or not, once this thing was confirmed, it would undoubtedly trigger a magnitude 10.0 earthquake within archeological history!

Right when he was about to answer, a horrible scream came from the distance.

“Not good! Get out quickly!”

The expression of the old professor and the others abruptly changed. They didn’t wait for Lin Hao’s answer and evacuated immediately.

Everyone knew something strange was occurring within the pyramid. Even if they were curious about an unknown civilization, they would never joke with their lives.

There was a youth who had just lifted his foot but then his body abruptly froze.


The old professor let out a shout, but there wasn’t any response from the youth. A moment later, wisps of black smoke spilled out from his protective clothes.

At the same time, not only him, several excavation personnel also froze in their tracks. Even the old professor, who realized something was wrong and wanted to run away, suddenly stood motionlessly after his fifteenth step. A horrified expression remained on his face. Wisps of black smoke seeped out from under his protective clothes. It became thicker as the time passed and gradually filled up the entire tomb!

Lin Hao stood still on his place. Fear could be seen on his face.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to move, but he didn’t dare to move!

He, who stood on the side, clearly saw that those people stopped in their tracks after they came into contact with the black smoke. From his point of view, he knew that the people inside the protective clothes had already decayed.

“Not good!”

Right at that moment, he saw a wisp of black smoke moving towards him. Quickly, he raised the scroll in his hand to shield himself!

Crackle, crackle.

The scroll instantly decayed. Without any delay, the black smoke entered his body!

I am finished!

His expression changed suddenly.


His mind suddenly roared. The surroundings in his vision gradually grew further and further away, eventually turning into a thin line and disappearing. For unknown reasons, he vaguely saw that after the scroll had decayed, the star map didn’t disappear. Instead, it turned into thin lines and numerous dazzling points of light, sketching out the star map onto the empty air. It seemed to move closer to him and became even clearer in his eye.

The next moment, his sight blurred and completely darkened!


“The great God of Wisdom, Thoth has left behind an oracle. If what has passed isn’t the end, then the soul who has leaped out from fate will return eventually. Then, everything shall return to its proper track …”

In the ancient land of Egypt, an old man sat next to a bridge and continued to pass down the legends of this great land.

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