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Shadow Rogue Chapter 99 – Three Step Strategy

Chapter 99: Three Step Strategy

Translated by: Last

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“Battle Cry!”

Chu Rui opened his mouth and a wild howl surged out from his mouth. The loud sound, filled with vigor and confidence, echoed and shook the entire Biochemistry Laboratory.

First he showed a clear and bright expression, next was an encouraging battle cry. Xin Jide who was already agitated and hot tempered began to fidget.
However, Chu Rui does not plan on letting Xin Jide go with just this.

If Chu Rui wanted to kill him, he must make him mad!

As he charged towards Xin Jide with a strange smile, he gradually disappeared under Xin Jide’s eyes!


An expression of boundless confidence, a battle cry of unshakable willpower, and a strange smile as his figure disappeared!

With three successive moves, Chu Rui gave the frightened Xin Jide a stronger mental pressure!

Was facing a crazed opponent better or facing a calm opponent better?

This was very hard to say!

Crazed opponents would recklessly use their strength to endlessly terrify their opponents. Unfortunately, if they was not calm enough and lose their reasoning, they would completely rely on their brute strength, hot-bloodedness, and crazed conviction. This kind of enemy was very easy to lead by the nose and be played until death!

Calm opponents would advance gradually and prepare an ambush everywhere. They would utilize their wits and give you a hard time. Unfortunately, these plans would not be flexible and lack recklessness. Their plans would never catch up fast enough to changes in the battlefield. No matter what kind of flawless their plan was, there was a chance that others would find a hole in it and break through. Moreover, if they fought against reckless and crazed opponents the results would be undetermined!

Whether it was crazed or calm, each of them has their own pros and cons.

Chu Rui would not rashly force an opponent into a crazed state, but he would also not let an opponent be completely calm. The most ideal situation when dealing with an opponent would be to make him impatient and overly suspicious. This kind of opponent was half crazed and half calm. They wouldn’t know left from right and were the easiest to deal with.

In this world, the bosses and NPCs might be intelligent. However, they were only given relevant knowledge. They were simply not the same as real humans planning and scheming far ahead. Although Chu Rui was not an expert at playing with other’s hearts, he still understood it. For unqualified assassins, who failed their missions and caught by the enemy, they would not face death but instead face interrogation by torture. Using brute force to gather information was the lowest class. If you want to obtain information, using psychology and playing with the person’s heart until collapse was real interrogation.

Although Chu Rui’s methods were not the best but it was quite good. Using it to deal with the insignificant Xin Jide was still simple!

“Bastard come out! You coward, if you have the guts then come out, COME OUT!”

There was not a soul in sight, other than the dripping sound from the formalin, it was incomparably quiet, as if he was the only one there. At this intangible pressure and weird atmosphere, while knowing that Chu Rui was still there, Xin Jide became a bit more crazed.

What kind of opponent was the scariest?

Ones that are hidden in the darkness!

Chu Rui was now hidden in the shadows, and Xin Jide was out in the open. Originally Chu Rui was a weak ant that could be easily be pinched to death, but he had never imagined that it was actually a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He had gravely injured Xin Jide. Xin Jide, who had been cheated, felt wronged. Mother fucker, if you were so strong then show it. Mother fucker, why did you have to pretend to be trash? I hate people who pretend to be a pig to eat the tiger the most.

The three step strategy had caused Xin Jide to be slightly crazed. Now, Chu Rui still did not move, which made deepened Xin Jide’s unease. Right now he was already half crazed. This was the best time to strike!

Chu Rui coldly stared at the continuously shouting Xin Jide. The corner of his mouth leaked a sinister smile.

Where was he? He was in the same spot and did not move a single bit!

Below him was the pool of formalin. If he moved, it would naturally cause sounds. It would have some effect on the following plan. So, in order to not reveal himself and to further increase the pressure in Xin Jide’s heart, Chu Rui chose to stand on the spot without moving and quietly stare at Xin Jide after using stealth.

Naturally, after twenty seconds of absolute silence, Xin Jide’s psychological barriers collapsed. He finally entered into a crazed state.

He looked around everywhere with a fierce expression. He continuously sprayed poison all around him. Chu Rui who continuously accumulated power within him finally moved!

Chu Rui immediately jumped softly onto the closest broken glass pillar


Soft rippling sounds echoed as Chu Rui jumped due to the formalin below him forming ripples. It was clear to the naked eye and even if he wanted to hide it, it was impossible. However, Xin Jide was now half crazed and kept roaring. His voice concealed the sound created by the ripples. His body kept moving leading to disruptions in the water surface and erased the ripples. However, he was still a strong boss monster. Moreover, after transforming, his senses have also sharpened, even the wind blowing through the grass would alert Xin Jide..

“Found you, you bastard!”

With a load roar, Xin Jide strode over. Poison momentarily sprayed on the spot where Chu Rui was before, the formalin instantly became poison and began corroding the broken glass pillars.

Seeing the scene before him, Chu Rui was shocked. This mother fucking system was truly shit. Does common sense still apply? A bit of poison had actually corroded the broken glass like this. If it hit his body, wouldn’t he be immediately turned into a skeleton? No, none of his bone would probably remain!

“What the fuck, this mother fucking boss actually used such a single handed move to deal with a level ten rogue? He was already poisonous, berserk and transformed. Damn, what the fuck was this? Mother fucker, do you still have any humanity in you? If the mother fucking reward did not satisfy this daddy, this daddy will definitely go to Kismet’s Marketing Department Chairman’s room and spit on his fucking face!”

Seeing the frightening poison, Chu Rui’s complexion endlessly changed. In his heart, he continuously cursed. However, cursing was also a method to relax the pressure before the battle. Chu Rui clenched his hands tightly. He heightened his concentration and his expression remained calm and unflustered.

Closer, closer, gradually getting closer…

(Last: I finally realized something, I hate the author’s writing style. The challenge of TLing this has increased. Also I recommend reading FILWTV, it’s now one of my top reads. P.S. It’s also the cause of the delay in release, but then the week hasn’t ended though.)(I need more motivation from the comments please)

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