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Shadow Rogue Chapter 98 – Xin Jide’s Disordered Stance

Chapter 98: Xin Jide’s Disordered Stance

Translated by: Last

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The mysteries of the human body cannot be expressed in words. The positions of the organs could only be roughly determined by oneself, there was simply no way feel it clearly.

However, through their diligence, people have found the parts of the body that are necessary for them to live. These parts are the most vital parts, which also means that people had more methods to quickly kill each other.

The brain, the temple, the throat, the heart, the arteries and veins…

As long as these parts were injured, it would be fatal. Among these the arteries and veins needed to be greatly damaged or else there was still a chance for them to be saved. Other than that, damaging other vital parts would lead to instant death.

Being the King of Assassins, Chu Rui naturally knew how to fatally wound a person and the places to hit in order to kill them instantly. Even with his eyes closed, he could do it to a perfect degree.

Although Xin Jide had transformed, he was still a human. He only borrowed the power of other genes. Even if he could not be counted as a human, he still had the characteristics of a human, the characteristic of life. He has a heart and a brain.

However, right now, his heart, throat, vein and arteries were all covered and blocked by disgusting spikes. The only place that Chu Rui could attack was the brain.

If he charged ahead, he would definitely suffer for it. Xin Jide would definitely use those agile spikes to block him. At that time, even if Xin Jide did not hit Chu Rui, once Chu Rui touches the poison, it would be the end of him.

How was he going to find a chance to ambush Xin Jide and attack his head, piercing his brain? Chu Rui could not fly, even if he could, Xin Jide would just simply perform a corresponding action to deal with it, thus evading or blocking Chu Rui’s fatal strike!

Wanting to perform an ambush under these conditions?

It was too difficult!

Chu Rui wore an ugly expression.

He had already thought of a way. However, carrying it out seemed to be impossible. If only he had absolute speed. Speed that would not give Xin Jide enough time to defend his attack! However, is there such a thing? If Nimble Wind was still active he still had the chance, but now it was still on cooldown. If he waited for the cool down time to end, Xin Jide’s life might have recovered to its peak.

Retreating a few steps, Chu Rui looked at the poisonous liquid as it continued to spread. He couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows.

Could it be that he must truly give up?

Chu Rui was unwilling, he was truly unwilling. He had already walked to this point and was so close to picking the fruits of victory. However, he was completely unable to overcome this final step. Let alone touching Xin Jide, Chu Rui did not even dare approach the expanding poisonous liquid. Moreover, as the liquid spreads, the farther he was from Xin Jide. If this continues for a while longer, even if Chu Rui wanted to risk his life to launch an attack, he wouldn’t be able to do it due to the distance.

At this crucial time, Chu Rui did not panic. Instead, he calmly analyzed his surroundings, trying to find an opportunity. However, other than the remains of the broken glass columns, there was nothing else.

He looked down with a bit of disappointment. Chu Rui opened his backpack and skimmed over his items, searching for something that could turn around the situation.

Golem Doll?

When Chu Rui saw that he still had one more use for the Golem Doll, his eyes shone. If he could summon the mud golem, he could attack while standing on it. At that time, he could stay on high ground and won’t be touched by the poisonous liquid below.
Just as Chu Rui prepared to carry out his plans, he suddenly stopped in silence. His hands that were about to throw the golem doll stopped rigidly in midair. This kind of plan was too obvious. If Chu Rui could do it, then how could Xin Jide not see through it? Xin Jide was not an idiot after all. This plan would truly allow Chu Rui to attack conveniently, at the same time it gave him a good position to attack. Unfortunately, Xin Jide was capable of clearly seeing through him. Chu Rui’s main plan was to ambush Xin Jide without him knowing, only then will it be a success. If he could not do it, then everything would be over. Chu Rui reached the conclusion that he could not openly perform this step. He would definitely be blocked by Xin Jide. Even if he could injure Xin Jide, the attack would surely not kill him.

Disappointed, Chu Rui stuffed the Golem Doll back inside the backpack. Since the plan was bad, he would not waste the Golem Doll. This toy would definitely have its uses in the future.

However, just as Chu Rui looked at his hand, or to be more precise, landed on the two rings on his fingers, he immediately stared blankly and became incomparable ecstatic after a short while.

If he remembered correctly, when he had killed the Spider Empress, Elise, he had obtained a precious yet special ring —— the Strong Spider Silk Ring!

He once again opened his bag and began to turn over the things inside. He finally found the rings that were buried underneath the backpack!

Strong Spider Silk Ring: Unique Equipment

[Description] Able to shoot out a strong sticky spider silk. Longest shooting range: 3 metres
Cool down: 5 mins

With an incomparably simple description, it was an unremarkable equipment. In short, in the eyes of other players, it was just trash. However, right now it was in Chu Rui’s hands, meaning it now contained endless possibilities. Right now, this Strong Spider Silk Ring was Chu Rui’s important key to victory!

Raising his head, Chu Rui charged towards the distant Xin Jide with a cold smile.

Bastard, do you think you are already invulnerable? This granddaddy will let you witness what’s called a miracle!

Seeing Chu Rui’s radiating eyes, Xin Jide was surprised. At this moment, he was beaten to the point that he was completely afraid of Chu Rui. Even if he had transformed, he only stood on the spot and let the poison spread. At that point Chu Rui would either be forced to leave or be killed by the poison. He believed that under this situation, Chu Rui would have no alternatives. However, when he saw the radiance in Chu Rui’s eyes, his confidence shook.

There were no absolutes in this world!

Xin Jide was very clear of this point!

“Could it be, he has already found a way to break through this situation?”

Xin Jide was surprised and immediately concentrated. He adjusted his body to its peak condition and stared at Chu Rui. As long as there was a sign of danger, he could come up with countermeasures.

Seeing Xin Jide’s actions, the corner of Chu Rui’s mouth raised into a sneer. This mutant’s stance was now disordered.

Once the stance was disordered, it would be the beginning of one’s defeat!

After that, Chu Rui would surround him step by step, forcing Xin Jide to his death and finish him off with a dagger.

(Last’s afterthoughts: I have actually finished this a few days ago without proofread, but I just released it today because of Opera Omnia and fire emblem. I have decided to temporarily do this once a week, will increase once I have settled a few problems.)

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