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Shadow Rogue Chapter 97 – Killing Point

Chapter 97 – Killing Point

Translated by: Last

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Is this really in the middle of the game? Is this really a game based on western fantasy world? What kind of fucking situation is this? He had even transformed…

“Whose lost child is this, quickly bring him back to your planet.

Chu Rui wanted to stand on the tallest peak of Mt. Everest and represent the entire human race to shout towards universe. Fucking transforming races could you please stay away from Earth? We are a peace loving race. You and your explosive strength can go find other planets.
(Last: Simply imagine DBZ)

Seeing Xin Jide, who had completely become an Evil Poisonous Spiked Man, Chu Rui’s heart was at a complete loss. Isn’t this fucking situation too extreme? I am only playing a game and trying to beat a boss, does it really have to be like this? First it became berserk and even though it was an alchemist it had an abnormal sword qi, now it had actually transformed its entire body? You mother fucker, do you still have any shame? Are you stopping me from playing? This fucker, even though you are so shameless, shouldn’t there be a limit to it? This fucker is too shameless!

Evil Alchemist Xin Jide

State: Body Transformation

Level: 25


Characteristic: Full Body Poison

[Introduction]: …..

Chu Rui once again looked at Xin Jide’s status. Seeing the added state and characteristic, Chu Rui’s stomach churned. Seeing Jide’s entire body grew sinister and sharp poisonous spikes, Chu Rui was at a complete loss. How the fuck am I supposed to fight against this? The dagger is only this long and its entire body was full of spikes, how am I supposed to attack? If someone hit the spike, they wouldn’t even know how they died. If he was not beaten to death by the transformed Xin Jide, he would still be poisoned to death.

The special Formalin is also useless now. Xin Jide’s life was only a bit more than three thousand and all of his resistances were weakened, entering a weakened state.Chu Rui only needed ten seconds and at most five stabs to kill him. However, Xin Jide was now a hedgehog, moreover, a fucking shameless poisonous hedgehog. He was simply untouchable.

What should I do? Could it be that I could only watch it helplessly? If the situation dragged on, it could still regenerate.


Just as Chu Rui did not know what to do, a monstrous sound suddenly echoed. When he looked down, his complexion quickly changed. He saw the green poison, which dripped out from Xin Jide’s body, assimilating with the Formalin at a frightening speed. A lot of the Formalin had already diluted and changed into the unknown poison and it was incredibly frightening to look at.

Fuck, I can’t wait any longer! Chu Rui ground his teeth and looked at his skill column’s [Final Stand] and [Bloodthirsty Slash], then he looked at his own status. Facing Xin Jide, whose life points where a bit more than three thousand, if he risked his life, then he might be able to kill him. However, his entire body was full of spikes and there is a huge probability that his attack would be blocked. Even if his attack was not completely blocked, the damage dealt would be small meaning his attack would fail.

At this very moment, Chu Rui simply did not dare charge forward and make a gamble. Let alone Xin Jide’s attack power, those poisonous spikes would also be able to kill him. However, Chu Rui could not let this drag on any longer, once the expanding poison draws closer, he could only escape or die. He had already beaten this abnormal gold Boss to this point and was about to receive unknown rewards. Even if it was not Chu Rui, anybody would be unwilling to let it go like this. What’s more Chu Rui still had ways to kill him. He still had the chance to attack once. As long as his attack hit, then he would be the victor!

“Poisonous Spray!”

Suddenly, Xin Jide’s body shook and a green poison flew towards Chu Rui like an arrow.
Fortunately, Chu Rui was focusing on Xin Jide. He immediately responded to Xin Jide’s abnormal movements and dodged the Poisonous Spray by a hair’s breadth.


A strange sound came from behind. When Chu Rui looked back slightly, he saw the poison had hit the glass column. Unimaginably, at this moment, the glass column began to rot and gradually corroded into nothingness. It gave off an incredibly unpleasant smell.

Chu Rui’s face became green, it immediately became green!

Chu Rui looked at Xin Jide cautiously. Right now Xin Jide was already equivalent to a Poison Man (suggestions? 毒人), moreover it was the type where you die from just touching him. Looking at the strength of the poison a while ago, Chu Rui did not dare go near it. For some reason Xin Jide did not charge at Chu Rui but Chu Rui was also unable to go near him. Maybe Xin Jide’s transformation had a time limit, but Chu Rui could not wait any longer. Why you might ask? It’s because the poison had actually absorbed the special Formalin becoming extremely poisonous.

Now that the whole Biochemistry Laboratory was submerged in the special Formalin up to the calf. If Chu Rui wanted to kill Xin Jide, then it must in this map. Once he walked out, then it was equivalent to giving up the mission, giving up on him. If it was like this, then Xin Jide would be restored to his peak state by the system. Chui Rui had used his skills and strategy to bring Xin Jide to this point with great difficulty, how could he give up right now? Moreover, Chu Rui still hasn’t lost. He had one chance, one chance to attack.

One move to determine it all!

The longer time dragged on, the more unfavorable Chu Rui’s position would be. Not only will Xin Jide regenerate his life points, but also the extreme poison was slowly spreading over to Chu Rui’s side. Xin Jide could patiently wait, but Chu Rui could not.

He quickly make a move!

Chu Rui’s expression chilled.He became calm and his expression became deep. His entire body exploded with strength and entered into peak state. At this moment, he had already completely become his strongest —— The King of Assassins, Crimson Shadow Ghost!
Front and back, left and right, Xin Jide’s entire body was full of spikes without any openings. Even if a crack could be found, the spikes were alive and slightly move. There was simply no ordinary place to stab and kill him. Moreover, stabbing at unimportant locations could not kill him. Momentarily, Chu Rui’s head began hurting.

A human’s body structure flashed in his mind. Chu Rui’s eyes suddenly shone and unwaveringly stared at a place on Xin Jide’s body.

An assassin’s understanding of the human body does not need to be explained. Chu Rui’s understanding of the human body had even exceeded many experts, especially acupuncture points, arteries and veins, and nerves. In the entire world, it would be hard to find someone comparable to him.

(Last: What do you guys prefer for swears? I just replace everything with fuck or should I just literally tl e.g. your sister, your grandmother, your mother, this daddy etc.)

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