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Shadow Rogue Chapter 111 – The clever alluring woman

Chapter 111 The clever alluring woman
(Sorry TL mistake, changed seductive woman to alluring woman)

Translated by: Last
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“You, you…”

The youth that had been enraged by Chu Rui kept saying ‘you’ for a long while without saying anything else.

“Five more seconds!”

Chu Rui disdained these kinds of people the most. He coldly shot him a glance like god looking down on an ant while crossing his hands.


The youth was looked down upon by this person wearing sleeveless shirt, beach shorts and flip-flops. Furthermore, the surrounding people were also looking at him with disdain. The youth’s anger immediately rose and raised his fists to hit Chu Rui.

Seeing that the youth was about to punch, Su Meimei fearfully tightened her hands and wanted to retreat.

Chu Rui’s right hand tightly held Su Meimei’s hands, while his other hand passed through the youth’s attack and counterattacked with lightning fast speed…


A loud and clear sound echoed. Everyone was stunned as they saw the youth flew out like a baseball in a beautiful arc. The youth flew away for a few meters and heavily hit the floor. Those people who had good eyesight even saw the blood that came out from the youth. The blood that the youth spat out even seemed to have two white teeth with them. The scene was so tragic.

Everyone stared at Chu Rui blankly. They could never have imagined this person, who was dressed weirdly, was actually so strong. Although the youth was a degenerate, who only cared for wine and women, he was still a man that weighed at least fifty kilograms. Chu Rui’s single punch actually knocked him flying while spitting out blood and teeth. How strong was Chu Rui?

Nobody dared to move after witnessing Chu Rui’s strong pressure. The alluring woman and the beautiful sales staff both covered their mouths and looked at Chu Rui with disbelief. The beautiful sales staff was still better as she looked with splendor. On the other hand, the alluring woman was struck like a cupid’s arrow by Chu Rui’s attack. To be more precise, it was the pit of her stomach that throbbed and her eyes became hazy.


A light groan awoke the alluring woman back from her delusion. Seeing her financial banker/ lover on the ground, her complexion changed and quickly adjusted her expression. With a heart aching worried expression, she run towards the youth.

“Dear, are you okay?”

She supported the youth that was lying on the floor like a dead pig. A weak woman like her trying to support the boy that was at least fifty kilograms was already dripping wet with fragrant sweat. And the sweat was absorbed by her thin clothes. It was already summer, and everybody understood that no matter how flirtatious the woman was, she did not dare wear see through clothes. However, after sweating buckets, her underwear was becoming clearer under the clothes. It wasn’t only this, because of the sweat, her clothes begun sticking to her body, making the image clearer.

Appealing underwear and it was also black, very tasteful.

Honestly speaking the woman was alluring with a pretty good appearance and she also had a mature charm like a poppy flower. Looking at the beauty’s situation, the fellow men begun watching with glee and tilted their necks to look with all their strength. However, they had forgotten everything in front of the sight and met with a tragedy. Their female companions looked at the men’s expressions wrinkled their brows. They used a woman’s innate skill, [Pinching] to pinch their waists. In an instant, screams and groans did not stop coming out.
(Last: reminded me of this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpCXxqiTjqE , also note that they are inside a lingerie shop so most are couples)

“Wretched bastard, my father is Shanghai’s public security chief. You actually dared to hit me?”

The youth that had been hit by Chu Rui not only flew down on the floor but also felt pain all over his body. Moreover, his mouth swelled like a meat bun that spat out blood and teeth. It can be said that the youth was a tragic sight to be seen even his speech was distorted.

“Public security chief?”

Chu Rui slightly frowned but not because he was afraid of an insignificant public security chief. Chu Rui did not even care about the public security chief even if this was Shanghai. It was because he did not want to leave the country again after drifting for a long time and finally finding a good place to stay, He would not do it unless it was absolutely necessary. He had finally found a peaceful life. He was able eat and sleep when he wanted to. Furthermore, there was a fun game, Kismet. Compared to his earlier days with a knife edge on his mouth, his current situation was heaven. Soon it would be school opening and he wanted to experience the feeling of being a student.

“What? Are you scared now? If you kneel down right now and slap yourself a hundred times at the same time offer your girlfriend, this daddy will consider forgiving you.”

Seeing that Chu Rui frowned, the youth thought he was scared and became incredibly arrogant. Ever since childhood, once he brings up his father’s position, he never lost.

“Scared? Scared your fuck! Even if your father is Li Gang, he wouldn’t be able to save you!”
(Last: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Li_Gang_incident )

The second generation calling himself ‘daddy’ and then trying to steal his girl while telling him to kneel and slap himself, this too fucking unbearable.

Chu Rui carried a gloomy look and walked towards the youth supported by the alluring woman. His killing intent almost made the youth pee himself.

“Sta… stay away from me!”

Seeing that Chu Rui walked closer, the youth’s pale face was filled with fear. He could not believe that the man, that seemed to be a temporary worker, in front of him still dared to move. He was immediately terrified. He was strong because of his father’s background, without his father’s protection, he was nothing but shit. Chu Rui’s attack had already turned him into this appearance, what kind of background could he have to be able to compare to the youth’s father. Seeing how the other side was secure as if he had backing, the youth almost fainted from the killing intent emitted by Chu Rui. He immediately believed that he had hit a hard wall.

“Save me!”

The youth shrieked in terror when he saw Chu Rui approach like a demon god. He immediately raised his hands as his legs trembled.

A strange smell spread and made Chu Rui frown. When he looked down, he only saw that a puddle appeared below the youth.

A puddle?

Chu Rui stared blankly for a while and immediately understood. He glared at the youth without saying anything for a long time.

He actually peed his pants from the fright?

The youth’s embarrassing situation was actually seen by the people around him. Momentarily, despising laughter continued to echo.

Actually he could not be blamed for this. He was originally a timid coward, it was only due to his father’s prestige that he was able to be bold. Being hit by Chu Rui and then bathed by his abnormal killing intent caused him to lose control of his bladder for a moment and made him pee. However, for a man to pee from being scared would be laughed at no matter what the reason was. The youth would probably not be able to raise his head anymore.

“Don’t hit him. If you want to hit someone, hit me!”

Suddenly, the alluring woman, that was supporting the youth, blocked Chu Rui’s path like a hen protecting its chicks.

Chu Rui looked at the alluring woman’s sonorous expression and stared at it blankly. He then looked at the youth, who was grabbing onto her clothes with a touched expression. Chu Rui smiled. A while ago he had seen the disgust and loathing in her eyes. But now, she was able to do such an action in such a short amount of time. Chu Rui couldn’t help but say that she was a clever woman!

(Last: Hi everyone, I might drop SR. Pls wait for further announcement)

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  3. l0gin4me says:

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  7. Wuxialand says:

    Thanks for the translation. I enjoy this series :3

    Wha.. drop ? Please noo…

    But again thats your decision as a translator,

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