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Shadow Rogue Chapter 110 – You want to get on top of her? (3)

Chapter 110: You want to get on top of her? (3)

Translated by: Last

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“Is there a problem?” Chu Rui coldly asked.
With a gloomy expression, Chu Rui looked at the fearless kid in front of him.
“You can go but leave the beauty.” The youth spoke arrogantly.
Although he was astonished by Chu Rui’s expression, the youth thought about his own house’s power and resolutely pointed at Su Meimei.
Chu Rui looked at the youth with a surprised expression. Although there were many dark places in China, it was still a country where the law was above everything. This kid dared to say such things in such a huge place. He was clearly trying to kidnap a woman in daylight in such a bold manner as if the law was on his side. Could it be that his background was not simple?
Chu Rui smiled. Even if this youth was the president’s descendant, anyone who provoked Chu Rui would undoubtedly be killed. He did not believe that even the president’s descendant could call the army to kill him. As an assassin, Chu Rui was not only exceptional in killing people, he was also exceptionally good at concealing himself. If anyone wanted to find him, they would not be able to.
“You want to get on top of her?”
Chu Rui did not answer the youth’s question. Instead, he looked at him with interest and said words that would make the surroundings laugh.
The youth was slightly dumbstruck and looked at Chu Rui with astonishment. What kind of mother fucking situation was this? In front of so many people, in such a huge store, he actually dared to say such things.
Hearing what Chu Rui said, the beautiful sales staff looked down on him. She probably thought that Chu Rui would sell such a cute little girl to reach a compromise. These kinds of spineless men are what women hate and despise the most.

As for the seductive woman, she became unsightly. Originally, she thought that Chu Rui would directly destroy the lust of the youth towards Su Meimei and not allow him to succeed. However, from the current situation, Chu Rui spinelessness made her hopeless. She wasn’t ugly and had a great figure. Moreover, she was extremely knowledgeable on how to make men fall. However, men liked fresh things more than old things and would immediately replace them. This was a fact. Even if she was still young, she couldn’t stop the youth’s curiosity towards new things. Moreover, the target of his lust was an absolutely beautiful loli, that all men would be interested in especially a pervert like him. Although they had known each other for a long time now, she did not have any kind of emotional attachment to him. In the eyes of other women, she had only eaten the rice of youth. When she became old, who would remember her beauty? In order to live a better life, she had no choice but to rely on her youth to struggle. If it was an ordinary man, she would not care at all. However, this man was hard to find. He did not only have money but also have authority. She couldn’t help but want to take a bit more for herself.
Su Meimei suddenly tightened her grasp on Chu Rui’s hand. Although she was a loli on the outside and was fresh and pure, she was not ignorant. Originally, she only met Chu Rui by chance and relied on her intuition to tell that he was not a bad person. Only then did she boldly ask if she could stay with him. However, from the current situation, Chu Rui did not seem like her prince on a white horse.
“That’s right, I want to get on top of her!” The youth was already very shameless. Now that the words came out clearly, the youth did not fear anymore. This was a high quality loli in front of him and he might not find another one in the future. After prevailing over everything in his mind, the youth did not care about anything else and just admitted it.
“Name the price, just transfer your girlfriend to me!” The youth openly said it. The disgusting and filthy transaction came out from his mouth without the slightest hesitation. He was definitely familiar with these kinds of things.
After hearing the youth’s words, Chu Rui smiled. This was a sneering and ridiculing smile. However, in the eyes of others, it seemed to be one of happiness.
Looking at the two filthy men and the high quality loli, the bystanders couldn’t help but look down on them and pity the loli. However, no one dared to come up. In the current world, bad things happen to good people. Good people will only get a thank you in return and then suffer from the other party’s retaliation. Looking at the youth, they believed that he was not simple and did not want trouble on themselves.
Hearing the youth’s words, Su Meimei couldn’t help but tighten her grasp more. Even if Chu Rui’s hands had calluses from holding guns and daggers, he still felt a bit of pain. He looked at Su Meimei, who was lowering her head. Her face was pale and her shoulders and lips continued to tremble. Chu Rui waited in expectation. If this girl revealed her identity, then such a situation where she might be sold would probably not occur. However, after waiting for a while, he could only see her lips open and close a few times and did not let out any sound.
“Quickly tell me how much do you want for her!” The youth couldn’t help but urge Chu Rui afraid that he would turn back on the deal. His incredibly greedy eyes kept licking Su Meimei from top to bottom. Then he looked at Chu Rui’s eyes that was looking at his prey that was close to his grasp.
“When did I say that I would sell her? You actually want to traffic someone in today’s society? You are truly treating this world as lawless!”
Chu Rui who had been annoyed raised his head and glared at the youth. The fury on his eyes slightly startled the youth.
“I’ll give you ten minutes to disappear from my sight!”
Without learning about Su Meimei’s origin, Chu Rui was a bit disappointed but he was also very happy. If Su Meimei revealed herself, then it would also be the time that she would leave. The current situation was very nice. With a beautiful loli at home, he would not only have an eye candy but also someone to do housework and fill his stomach up. To people who prepared to reside in the world of Kismet like him, his house with her in it was like paradise.
Seeing Chu Rui, who was being an obedient grandchild in front of him, suddenly spoke such arrogant words stunned the youth from the huge discrepancy.
“Brat, do you believe that this daddy can kill you. In all my years, those who dared speak to me like that did not get away safe and sound.”
The youth, who came to a realization, released his ruthlessness and charged towards Chu Rui while howling ferociously.
“Then today this daddy will make an exception!”
Chu Rui disdainfully looked at the youth. He did not take an ant like him seriously. In his eyes, no matter how rich or powerful a person was, everyone only had one life. An assassin would not care how wealthy or how rich you were. If he were to take a person’s life, what could they do about it? Although this world could not be compared to the world of dark fantasies, the powerful still stood on top. Why was America so arrogant, that in times of peace and development, they would dare to arrogantly cause wars with whomever they want. That was because they had the power to do so. So what if you were hit? What could you do about it?

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