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Shadow Rogue Chapter 109 – You want to get on top of her? (2)

Chapter 109: You want to get on top of her? (2)

Translated by: Last
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Su Meimei was afraid of looking at the youth in the eye. This was because the light in his eyes were the same as the ones she met before. Moreover, it was much more explicit and sinister. She lowered her head and couldn’t run away since her road was blocked by the man. Her expression was full of anxiety and looked towards the direction Chu Rui left from. However, when she did not see anyone, she panicked to the point of crying.
Seeing Su Meimei’s eyes gradually redden, the beautiful sales staff could hardly endure anymore. This cute little loli was just like a doll, if it was a woman, they would love and protect her. However, as a sales staff, she did not dare say anything towards the customers. Although she knew what the playboy was planning, his performance looked like he was kindly introducing underwear to Su Meimei. Even if she had the urge to berate him, as a staff of the shop, she would probably lose her job once she did so.
Why is that other guy not coming yet?
The beautiful sales staff could only entrust the little loli to her boyfriend since she could not do anything at all.
Su Meimei, who could strike the hearts of men and women, could easily obtain a favorable impression. However, that was only in normal situations under the vision of normal people. Although the beautiful sales staff had a very good opinion of Su Meimei, the seductive woman besides the youth did not have the same opinion. Seeing his own man show an expression that even an idiot could understand, she immediately couldn’t help but resent Su Meimei.
“Dear, this underwear is so beautiful, I’ll wear this for you tonight!” The seductive woman coyly acted like a spoiled child in front of the youth.
“Okay, okay. Look at it yourself, if you have anything you like just grab it.” With a small rabbit in front of him, the youth completely ignored the used toy besides him. There was huge difference in quality between her and Su Meimei. He simply did not look at her anymore and waved his hand to make her leave. Then he made his move on Su Meimei.
After seeing the youth’s actions, the seductive woman’s expression turned into resentment. Their relationship was only a simple one. The reason he looked at her was because of her body. And the reason she looked at him was because of his money. However, in this kind of situation, even if their relationship was an emotionless business transaction, he should have at least called her his lover, right? By flirting with another woman in front of her, wasn’t he slapping her in the face? Saving face is very important for men, it is also true for women especially when they are competing with another.
Su Meimei, who had been harassed by the youth, finally cried. Those hazy tears did not give the youth feelings of guilt, on the contrary it attracted his eyes more. Originally, he was only using words to harass her, but now his heart began to itch. The fragrance that entered his nose almost made him lose control of himself and he began to use his hands.
At this time, Chu Rui just entered again and saw the scene.
Although he did not know what was happening, by deducing from the things he heard and Su Meimei’s crying appearance, he had guessed eighty percent of it. His gaze coldly swept the youth a glance. Chu Rui gloomily walked towards the youth.
Seeing Chu Rui, Su Meimei’s lovely yet pitiful expression immediately changed. The fear in her eyes cleared out as she remembered Chu Rui’s might during yesterday’s incident.
Seeing Su Meimei raise her head and the tear on face, Chu Rui’s heart clenched. Although they were only acquaintances for a day and have yet reached the point of having any attachments to each other, they were still going to live together in the future and she was his tenant. In the future, his five viscera were going to rely on her. Even if these things did not matter, Su Meimei, this lovely loli, being bullied was something unacceptable. This was especially true if the other party was a vulgar and disgusting man.
When the beautiful sales staff saw Chu Rui, she immediately relaxed a bit. However, when she thought about how the youth in front of him might be rich or powerful, she wondered how Chu Rui would deal with him. Although Chu Rui’s air was out of the ordinary, his clothes still made others speechless. The beautiful sales staff intently watched Chu Rui!
Su Meimei’s expression lead to the youth’s attention. The little loli’s tear-stained face, her bright and destructive expression almost made the wolf inside him burst out.
Unfortunately, her gaze did not land on him so this made the youth extremely unhappy. When he turned around, he only saw a person wearing sleeveless shirt, beach shorts and a pair of flip-flops coming over. That extremely weird appearance almost made the youth’s brain overload.
“Let’s go!”
Chu Rui completely ignored the youth and the seductive woman that was staring at him. He just walked over and pulled Su Meimei’s hand, preparing to leave.
Su Meimei’s face reddened. However, she did not dodge not struggle against it. At the very least, she felt that Chu Rui was much more reliable than the disgusting youth in front of her.
Seeing that two people directly leave, the youth, the seductive beauty and the beautiful sales staff momentarily stiffened. The youth could not believe that he was just ignored like this. The seductive woman, on the other hand, was surprised. In the upper society, stealing another person’s woman was simply making enemies, not because of the woman but because of the reputation. As for the beautiful sales staff, she originally wanted to see a good play but she did not imagine that Chu Rui would be so terrified and immediately became helpless.
The world could not exist without these kinds of garbage. However, Chu Rui did not want to become the garbage collector and did not want to waste his time here. When he saw the youth, he knew that he was only a second generation and did not want to lower himself to such a level. In this time, he would rather go home and sleep comfortable. In such a hot weather, wasn’t moving without thinking just asking trouble for yourself.
However, Chu Rui did not want any trouble, but trouble found its way towards him.
Chu Rui wanted to ignore him and pulled Su Meimei to continue walking.
“This daddy is telling you to wait, did you not hear me?”
The youth that was ignored again was burning with rage. His temper was already quite bad, in such a hot weather his mood became much more impatient. Moreover, his loot was about to be taken away, so how could he endure it?
Seeing the youth quickly running over to block him, Chu Rui’s eyes flashed with killing intent. He was an assassin not a pacifist. The blockhead in front of him kept provoking his taboo and pressed hard again and again. Just because Chu Rui had separated himself from the world of hit men, it did not mean that he did not have a temper.

{Last: Huhuhuhu so many clustered lines for this chapter. I also learned that this author has shit typos that are hard to understand. The delay of the chapter was caused by my graduation, hooray for me. I am still pursuing another degree though so I’m still not yet out of college. I will also begin to follow my release schedule now unless Apocalypse Summoner’s TLer gives me the ok to TL it.
Special note: Most shops in China do not have cooling system(aircon) in them. Or at least that’s how I remembered it the last time I went.
Specially Special Note: Pls use english in commenting. And yes I am reading them.}

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