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Shadow Rogue Chapter 108 – You want to get on top of her? (1)

Chapter 108: You want to get on top of her? (1)

Translated by: Last
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When he walked into the store, Chu Rui was truly stunned by the neatly displayed and brightly colored underwear. He was not an extreme lover of these kinds of things but he was still speechless when he saw those things that covered a woman’s most secret spot.
Su Meimei, who was originally embarrassed by bringing a man to look for underwear, became even more embarrassed when she saw Chu Rui’s expression. Her face was so red that steam could be seen coming from it.
“Just two kinds?”
Chu Rui, who walked towards the counter, slightly wrinkled his brows when he saw that there were only two bags. Although the feeling of accompanying a cute little loli in buying underwear wasn’t bad, he didn’t want to come back here multiple times. She only bought one kind of underwear, even if the one she originally wore was added, there were only two and it was only enough to alternate them. In such a hot weather, this was definitely not enough.
(Last: most likely top and bottom are separated into two bags)
“Just this much?”
Chu Rui turned around and dumbfoundedly asked.
Being asked by Chu Rui, Su Meimei lowered her head as she fiddled with her fingers.
Chu Rui’s head slightly ached. He understood Su Meimei’s thoughts. Although this girl looked weak, her self-esteem was very strong. If not for the fact that she had no choice, she would not come and spend his money. All girls love dressing up. Right now, she did not care about dressing up, she only wanted there to be enough to change her clothes daily.
“Handsome, our store still has a wide selection. Your girlfriend is so beautiful, whatever she wears would be beautiful.”
Listening to Chu Rui and Su Meimei’s conversation, a salesgirl came and spoke to them. As a sales staff, she naturally knew what to say, what not to say, and what to say in order to be a bit tactful.
Being called his girlfriend, Su Meimei’s ears reddened. Although Chu Rui’s mind was shaken, he still maintained his calm expression.
“Bring her to pick a few more!”
Chu Rui told the beautiful sales staff. The latter smiled and nodded her head.
“I… I don’t need it!”
Su Meimei softly spoke.
“Buy a bit more! Having a few more to change into in this hot weather is better.” Chu Rui indifferently said.
Love of beauty and cleanliness were innate tendencies of women. Hearing Chu Rui’s words, Su Meimei did not insist anymore. Since she had already bought something, she already owed him, what’s wrong with increasing it. Moreover, having only two sets of underwear for a person like her, who is obsessed with cleanliness, was out of the question.
“Beautiful, please come this way. The ones here are today’s new arrival, you will definitely like them.” The sales staff smiled and professionally led the way.
“Remember to buy a few more, I will wait for you here!” Chu Rui naturally did not follow along. Moreover, Su Meimei was not related to him. How was it proper for him to observe a female’s private article?
“Handsome, are you not coming?” Listening to Chu Rui’s words, the beautiful sales staff turned around with astonishment.
“This… I’m good!” Chu Rui smiled in embarrassment. He truly found this matter a bit embarrassing.
“A woman makes herself beautiful for her sweetheart. As the boyfriend, how could you not come? You must know that when we, women, dress up, we are trying to let men see it. Moreover, your girlfriend is trying to dress up to let you see. If you did not enjoy it, what meaning is there to beauty?” It can be seen that this beautiful sales staff was an extroverted and lively girl. It was very rare to meet this kind of person who would ignore the customers wishes.
Hearing this, Chu Rui couldn’t help but stare blankly and shot a glance at Su Meimei. She noticed his gaze and her blushing face became redder.
Perhaps it was because of her embarrassment, she did not retort. Since she did not retort, Chu Rui did not evade the topic anymore and followed along.
When they arrived at the new arrivals section, that the sales staff talked about, Chu Rui became stunned. He finally understood why this girl diligently wanted to bring him here. The items here were indeed very hard for women to sincerely choose from if men did not follow. This was because the items sold here were appealing underwear!!! This appealing underwear were what women wear to show men. Different people have different tastes. If women wanted to win over men, they needed to know their tastes. If there was a man giving advice on the side, then the underwear would be to his tastes. If this underwear was worn then they would truly be appealing.
  Seeing the underwear here, Su Meimei couldn’t help but softly cry out. Her blushing face further reddened.
“Little sister, no need to be embarrassed, you would have to come in contact with these kinds of things sooner or later.
Looking at Su Meimei’s expression, the sales staff slightly smiled. It seemed that this little loli had seen these kinds of underwear before. However, she would definitely be embarrassed with so many people around.
“Th, there is no need for this. Let’s return to the other side instead.”
The corner of Chu Rui’s mouth slightly twitched and turned around, wanting to return to the previous location. Although he wanted Su Meimei to wear this for him to admire, this was only the thoughts of a normal man and not really something he would go mad over. Su Meimei was clearly not a simple person. The most important thing was that he did not have any feelings for her. Moreover, she was so small. Chu Rui did not want to become his most detested thing, a rapist. Chu Rui did not want to have sex without any feelings because this was just venting out one’s desires. It’s fine if people called him stubborn and obstinate, in any case he was this kind of person.
Ignoring the strange gaze behind him, Chu Rui walked out of the appealing underwear section without looking back.
He stood at the normal underwear section for a while but didn’t see Su Meimei’s figure.
Could it be that that girl truly picked an appealing underwear?
Evil thoughts swirled in Chu Rui’s mind. His brain couldn’t help but imagine Su Meimei wearing some of the appealing underwear that he saw a while ago. For a moment, his heart beat quickened and his face reddened.
After waiting for a while more, Chu Rui looked at the time. Almost twenty minutes had passed and yet they still haven’t come out.
Wrinkling his brows, Chu Rui hesitated a bit and in the end walked back.
“Beautiful, listen to me and pick these. These would definitely make you shine.”
“These are also not bad. I guarantee that they would fit you! If you wore them, people would definitely go crazy for you!”
“Yup, there’s also this. They are all good. How about I buy them all for you and then let me send you back by car.”
Just as he walked back, Chu Rui heard a disgusting crow-like cawing voice. When he looked, he saw a pale faced, eye-sunken youth standing beside Su Meimei and incessantly fawn upon her. It seemed that he was introducing himself to Su Meimei but anyone could see the glint in his eyes. Even an idiot could understand what he was thinking. A youth with drunken expression was recommending an extremely appealing and sexy underwear to a beautiful loli, this mother fucker was already sexually harassing her!

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