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Shadow Rogue Chapter 107 – Accompanying the Loli to buy Underwear

Chapter 107: Accompanying the Loli to buy Underwear

Translated by: Last
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Afternoon, four o’clock!
Chu Rui who just woke up from a nap walked out of the room and knocked on Su Meimei’s room.
“Ah! I’m here, what’s wrong?”
Su Meimei slightly panicked as her room was suddenly knocked on.
“Do you have time? If you have time, go out with me.” Chu Rui asked.
“Go…out? Wh… what are we going to do?”
Su Meimei’s voice became timid and soft. If Guai Shuli was here, he would definitely get a nose bleed from her extremely soft voice.
(Last: Guai Shuli: Internet slang for old uncles with lolita complex – you get the picture)
“We will buy you some clothes and then a few necessities and food!”
Chu Rui stretched his shoulders. Although he had a slight inclination of teasing Su Meimei, this little loli might take his words as real. Moreover, there were still many chances for them to go out together, since it was already quite late, Chu Rui didn’t want to delay anymore.
“Ah…oh, wait a minute!”
The surprised cry inside soon became a trembling noise.
He went to the wash room to wash his face and when he came out, the room was already opened and Su Meimei was standing under the door, waiting for him.
Seeing Su Meimei still in his clothes, Chu Rui’s head hurt. This little girl’s clothes had been torn yesterday and all the clothes that he had were for males. There were no clothes that fit her at all. If it was normal clothes, Chu Rui could just buy them. However, this little girl only had one set of clothes. If she planned to live here, she would need underwear and female necessities. Chu Rui could not help her buy those. Okay, if it were necessities, Chu Rui could just thicken his face to go buy them. However, he did not have the courage to go buy underwear. Furthermore, Chu Rui did not dare ask Su Meimei’s cup size. If he did it, it would be weird if he wasn’t treated as a pervert.
He returned to the room to find a pair of jeans and a relatively small short sleeved T-shirt and gave them to Su Meimei. After wearing it, the clothes were a bit wide but appeared to have a distinct style. As for footwear, any random sandal would do. Afterwards, they immediately went out.
Chu Rui wore beach shorts with a sleeveless shirt and a pair of flip-flops, as if he was going to Hawaii for vacation!
Su Meimei wore jeans with a wide male T-shirt and a pair of sandals. She looked extremely strange!
This pair of exotic combination walked down the street and immediately arose everyone’s attention.
Although Chu Rui was not super handsome, he was still in the delicate and pretty category. With his temperament and sharp contours, plunging neckline that showed his Adam’s apple, and shorts that almost showed his underwear made females constantly stare at him. As for Su Meimei, although she was dressed strangely, her face and blond hair appeared as if a doll-like cute loli face. It attracted the eyes of boys under 15 and uncles above 40. They looked at Chu Rui with an extremely jealous expression. This extremely high-quality loli was obtained by this damned beach short boy.
Chu Rui completely ignored the gazes of the people but Su Meimei was not able to. She was originally extremely shy and had never seen the world before. Being stared at by so many people, she did not know what to do and her mind became muddled. She could only blindly follow Chu Rui.
He brought Su Meimei and strolled the business street. Chu Rui did not know how much stares of despise, disdain, anger, threatening, and murderous he had received. Even if, he completely ignored these weak stares, being stared at for no cause at all made him feel gloomy. After buying clothes for Su Meimei and after she recovered her original appearance, the situation began getting out of hand. Chu Rui simply became the object of everyone’s venting.
“This… I can do it myself!”
They came to large store. When Su Meimei saw the objects displayed, her face reddened and spoke with extreme shyness.
Chu Rui looked at the brightly colored underwear and his face stiffened. He awkwardly nodded his head.
“Brother, so you are accompanying your girlfriend to buy underwear!”
Sitting in the rest area, a youth of about 20 years old immediately spoke.
Chu Rui looked at Su Meimei, who already entered, and made sure she did not hear the youth. He then nodded his head. This matter was impossible to explain. If it was not you were not accompanying your girlfriend to buy underwear, then it clearly showed you were inviting scorn!
“Haha, not bad, not bad! Truly a high quality loli. Brother’s eyes aren’t bad, your methods are extremely impressive, even this kind of girl was taken by you!” the envious youth raised a thumb at Chu Rui.
Chu Rui laughed without saying anything.
“I wonder when can I obtain such a high quality loli. Thinking about the tigress at my home, sigh. They are both people, but why was their gap so huge. She still hasn’t married in yet and is already like that. If she married in, would I still have a chance to get out of this predicament? Why is my fate so dark!”
The mournful youth complained about his hardship with grief. Seeing that expression, Chu Rui was unable to hold back his smile.
“Hey, until when are you just going to foolishly sit there? Quickly come help me tie the bag.”
Just as the youth was showing his Oscar-winning performance, a delicate and pretty girl suddenly came out and called him.
“Yes, right away, right away.”
The mournful face of the youth immediately changed into a flattering smile.
Chu Rui looked at the figure and became momentarily speechless. This mother fucker truly met with a high class good!
After the noisy couple went away, peace once again returned. Men who accompany their girlfriends to buy underwear were not few. However, those who sat outside like Chu Rui were only two. The funny youth before was one of them so now he was alone.
Since there was nothing to do, Chu Rui took out his cellphone and began playing a game.
After about twenty minutes, Su Meimei’s voice came from the side.
“Chu Rui, I have finished choosing!”
Her voice was truly like a mosquito. If Chu Rui’s hearing was not good enough, he would probably not have heard it.
He put his phone back into his pocket, stood up from the seat, and entered the store.
Chu Rui could not help but think that this fucking store’s prices were expensive. However, the land here was extremely expensive, such a huge store could not be compared to street stalls. Although the materials were the same, their workmanship, quality, design, and brand could not be compared to street stalls. Regarding clothes, women would rather not eat or eat less to buy them. As for men, clothes and cosmetics were indispensable in order curry favors. As a result, high-class female luxury goods were expensive. Even if people knew how expensive the items were, many people still buy them. This was already a mentality that could not be changed to show their superiority and tastes.

Last: I think I’m going to continue this for a while. Also it’s not like I hate this novel, I like it to a certain extent but not as much as love LLS and DE (desolate era). P.S. I was surprised that someone told me to drop this though hahaha. Any recomended dropped novel? (add links pls)

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  1. efflamblog says:

    Ark the legend was dropped i quite liked it, not as much as LMS (Legendary Moonlight Sculptor), but still i would prefer if you continue with this novel. ^^

    • Theodore Graham (@TeddyJGrahams) says:

      I didn’t particularly like Ark the Legend. It wasn’t a bad story at all but every time he thought “Oh, I let my guard down because I’ve been invincible for so long I’ll never do that again” I developed a greater and greater hatred for the story.

      • ombra30 says:

        could you make an example please? i just don’t remember Ark thinking that over and over again.


  2. th3chanman says:

    My Beutiful Teacher and Awakening are both amazing if you’re looking to pick up some dropped titles

  3. TheObserver says:

    I recommend the Godly Thief Incarnation its a really interesting dropped novel and i would love to see it be translated more.

  4. miragem says:

    The captivating crown prince http://www.novelupdates.com/series/the-captivating-crown-prince/

    Before, she was a modern age demoness, striking fear into people’s hearts, the eldest miss of the Shang family. Under her boundlessly splendid appearance was hiding a cold as ice heart.

    Now, she is the cowardly and gravely ill crown prince Shang Wuxin.

    Just as that cowardly Shang Wuxin died, the body welcomed a brand new soul, Shang Wuxin (heartless). Heartless, and also ruthless, cruel like a devil. When she changes into her, when cowardice changes to cruelty, when ignorance changes to wisdom, when kindness turns into bloodshed, whose eyes has this kind of woman caught? Whose heart has she stolen? When she stands at the peak, who will come and hold her hand to end her loneliness and desolation?

    TL’s summary: After getting betrayed by the only person she’d loved, and dying, miss Shang wakes up in the body of the cowardly crown prince Shang Wuxin, who is actually a girl cross-dressing as a boy due to her own circumstances. After inheriting the crown prince’s memories, Shang Wuxin has three things on her agenda:

    1. Clean up house

    2. Gather loyal followers and soldiers

    3. Get the throne

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