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Shadow Rogue Chapter 106 – Little Loli Su Meimei (2)

Chapter 106: Little Loli Su Meimei (2)

Translated by: Last
I’m back! Though I technically did not leave since I was doing LLS.

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From ancient times before an army makes a move there is a saying that goes ‘an army marches on its stomach’ and this is still true until now!
Whenever they locate their target, assassins would not charge ahead and sweep forward with a submachine gun nor would he just stay in one place with a sniper rifle. This was only something low class assassins do. A smart and highly skilled assassin would plan just like planning a war. From strategies to deployment to implementation, all of them have complete plans.
If they wanted to effectively, successfully and safely eliminate their target, they would undoubtedly need careful preparation. Moreover, information was the most important part of it.
Since ancient times, there was place where people from all different trades gather while blending with society. Here, different types of information could be obtained. Dragons and snakes mingle there and all of them were evil monsters. Whether it was major information or secret information, everything could be obtained!
In the modern world, the place where fishes and dragons mixed together was not in a tavern anymore but a bar and other similar locations. Most probably everyone in the world knew what kind of people come to these bars. At night, lonely people who try to seek excitement also go there. As a result, there are many different sides to it. Chu Rui had also done such things but everyone understood that it was only trying to play along. He was an expert at hiding himself among flowers but he was still a virgin at heart. Facing this strange atmosphere, he did not know what to do.
(Last: What a useless prologue)
One was a virgin at heart and didn’t know what to do. The other was a loli that had never seen the world! The two of them did not speak nor did not make any movements. One raised his head and went off on a mental journey while the other lowered her head as her heart thumped loudly. The scene was extremely awkward but also incredibly funny.
“Cough…that, what’s your name? My name is Chu Rui, meaning distinct and acute!” Chu Rui awkwardly spoke. As a man, he was trying to assert himself, how could he let a delicate loli speak first? He not only spoke with politeness but also looked at the other party in the eyes!
The confused loli that had been stared at by Chu Rui became a bit frenetic. After yesterday’s matter, she was not an ignorant novice anymore. What was the current situation? A man and a woman in a room alone! Moreover, this was somebody else’s house. If he wanted to do something to the weak her, she simply would not be able to do anything.
“My name is… Su Meimei!” the little loli spoke in a soft voice just like a mosquito. If not for Chu Rui’s acute hearing, he would not have heard it.
Seeing the scared little loli like a little quail, the corner of Chu Rui’s mouse could not help but twitch.
“Su…Meimei!” Chu Rui called out awkwardly and asked: “Where do you live? Let me send you back!”
Hearing Chu Rui’s words, Su Meimei raised her head in astonishment. She seemed to not believe that the man who saved her would not do anything to her. She was very confident in her looks and charm. Up until now there was only one type of gaze that the surrounding men had used to look at her.
“What’s wrong?” Seeing Su Meimei’s strange gaze, Chu Rui couldn’t help but ask while rubbing his face.
“Thank you for saving me last night! How can I repay you? Su Meimei softly said.
Repay? Would you devote your life to me?
This kind of thought rose from his heart which astonished even himself.
“Repay? You already repaid me! Thank you for lunch!” Chu Rui slightly smiled and pointed to the kitchen.
Seeing the smile on Chu Rui’s face, Su Meimei was surprised. Facing her words, the man in front of her actually did not have any other request? Could it be that her charm fell?
“That, can you let me live here?”
She secretly sized up Chu Rui. Although she did not know what kind of person he was, she relied on what her intuition told her that he was not a bad person. When she thought of her own situation, she contemplated a long time before gritting her teeth and spoke these words.
Chu Rui was shocked at Su Meimei’s words. Live here? What kind of situation was this? Could this be a fucking joke? I am a man living alone and also young and vigorous. In this blistering hot and agitating summer, I am at my most impulsive state. What is this girl thinking? She actually dared say these words?
However, when Chu Rui thought about it, when he saved her not a single article on her was not from famous brand. Moreover, her manners were elegant, her skin was fair, especially her hands were incredibly soft as if she had never done any heavy labor before. This Su Meimei was definitely not an ordinary person and her house should also be thriving. This kind of girl should have been extremely doted on but yesterday she was almost done in by two hoodlums, and today she actually asked a hot-blooded young man if she could live with him. What kind of situation was this? Could it be the legendary ‘melodramatically leaving from the rich family’ setting?
“Oh, you want to live here?” Chu Rui rubbed his chin and smilingly asked.
“N!” Seeing Chu Rui’s expression, Su Meimei became timid. However, she was not an idiot, before this Chu Rui did not show that kind of expression but now when she told him she wanted to live here, there would definitely be conditions.
“I can let you live here. However, you have to give remuneration.” said Chu Rui as he squinted his eyes. His tone was like a big bad wolf tricking a small rabbit.
“Wh… what…. remuneration!” Su Meimei became flustered at Chu Rui’s gaze and timidly asked.
“If you want to live here, I will not receive rent from you. However, I will leave all the housework to you, especially cooking food! As for other matters, you don’t need to worry about them.” Chu Rui indifferently smiled. Although he knew that this girl was not simple, he was the Crimson Shadow Ghost, who was he afraid of? In comparison, he wanted Su Meimei to stay, this way his stomach would be at ease. This way he would not have to go outside to eat breakfast, nor eat instant noodle for lunch, nor exhaustively go to Sister Qin’s place anymore. Although this Su Meimei was delicate and weak, her skills were unquestionable. Moreover, having a little loli at home was visually pleasing.


She raised her head and saw Chu Rui’s indifferent smile. When she looked in his eyes, she did not see the things that could make her alarmed. Thinking about her own situation, Su Meimei only thought for a bit and nodded her head in agreement. In any case she loved to cook, there was no problem cooking for one person. Just being able to find a place to stay in exchange for doing housework was already worthwhile.
Seeing Su Meimei nod, Chu Rui’s heart became incredibly excited.

Last: Hi guys, I’m back. Just wanted to announce that I am finally confirmed for graduation (College). So Yeah, I’m very happy right now. Starting next week I’ll be releasing chapters on Monday and Saturday so double chapters YAY. However, I’ll be honest, I find translating SR to be annoying because of the clustered lines (meaning there are around greater than 5 lines of text per paragraph unlike LLS which has more 2-3 lined paragraphs) so I’m thinking whether I am dropping this or not. What do you guys think? P.S. I know this is a stupid question to ask.

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