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Shadow Rogue Chapter 105 – Little Loli Su Meimei (1)

Chapter 105: Little Loli Su Meimei (1)

Translated by: Last
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As he opened his eyes, the sun was already high up and it was almost noon.
Putting down the game helmet. Chu Rui touched his body. Sweat had drenched his clothes and stuck to his body.
He started playing from 3 o’ clock in the morning for 8 hours and now it was already time to eat lunch.
Although he was very hungry, Chu Rui still chose to take a bath first. The sticky sweat was very unpleasant.
When he opened the bedroom door, he heard a weak voice and at the same time a fragrant aroma wafted inside.
This was the smell of food!

Chu Rui suddenly gulped his saliva. At this moment nothing else could compare to the attractive force of food.
Eh, why is there such an aroma?
Chu Rui’s expression became sluggish so he slapped his forehead. This game had turned him into an idiot. Yesterday he had picked up a little loli at the park. It was just a night ago and he almost forgot about it.
Entering the kitchen, Chu Rui saw a petite figure wearing large clothes with an apron on top busying herself on the stove.
He slightly swept a glance at the kitchen and saw a pot of congee. On the side, two simple yet delicate cold dishes and a pot of something that is being cooked. He then saw the little loli holding a kitchen knife as she peeled the potato.
“You…woke up!”
Seeming to have felt something behind her, the little loli turned around and looked at Chu Rui’s naked body with only his underwear. She couldn’t help but blush and turn around. Although she pretended to not mind as she continued to peel the potato, her hands were slightly trembling.
Seeing this situation, Chu Rui laughed and didn’t say anything. He turned around and entered the bathroom.
He immediately took a cold water bath and felt revived. With a good mood he walked out of the bathroom.
“Tha…that..the food is ready!”
Seeing Chu Rui come out, the little loli muttered shyly.
Regarding the shyness of the little loli, whose name he did not know, Chu Rui slightly smiled. Chu Rui did not intend to mind it instead he appreciated it.
A loli has 3 good things: a pure voice, a soft body, and easy to push over!
This kind of faint shyness, pure expression, and blushing cheeks were a loli’s best features. In order to not break this sense of beauty, Chu Rui naturally did not say anything.
“Such a fine meal, you are truly skillful!”
Even if the loli in front of him was a charming beauty, it was not as attractive as the food on the table.
One pot of porridge, one plate of radish salad, one plate of scrambled eggs, and one palate of julienned potato.
Although the dishes were very simple, Chu Rui drooled.
As long as food was concerned, Chu Rui did not know modesty. Food is the God of the people. Eating when you are hungry is a natural thing.
Without the slightest hesitation, Chu Rui already begun to dig in the cooled porridge. He then proceeded to pick up a few pieces of radish with his chopsticks and directly stuffed them in his mouth.
It had a refreshing taste that carried a faint sweetness. A small amount of sesame oil and chili gave it a spicy flavor and yet it did not cover the taste of the radish.
Simple yet elegant, fragrant and delicious, spicy and just right.
(TL: getting hungry)
This kind of flavor was very close to top class restaurants. It was unimaginable that this loli actually have such good cooking skills.
Chu Rui widened his eyes in amazement and then took a glance at the worried loli. Chu Rui did not say anything and gave her a thumbs up. Afterwards he did not pay her any more attention and began wolfing down the food.
Seeing Chu Rui’s appearance, the little loli smiled and also picked up the bow and ate slowly.
Chu Rui had eaten a half pot of congee and the side dishes on the table were licked clean.
Perfectly satisfied, Chu Rui rubbed his stuffed stomach and burped a few times.
Seeing the little loli clearing up the table, Chu Rui did not say anything. He returned to the living room and turned on the television.
He continuously changed channels. Chu Rui became speechless as all of them were talking about Kismet. When he attentively looked, even news channels were talking about Kismet.
One abnormally magical scene was shown. A popular film star appeared wielding a divine sword battling an evil dragon. Sword light flashed, dragon breath flew everywhere, this was a scene that can be described as heaven falls and earth rends. However, just as justice prevailed over evil, just as the brave defeated the evil dragon, the scene suddenly returned to reality. The film star, wearing fashionable clothes, got up from the bed and suddenly let out a heaven shaking sound. Afterwards, biscuit crackers, with different packaging and flavors, appeared in front of the television. At the same time a single line appeared: Battling in the world of Kismet, start your heroic journey today. XX biscuit will give you its energy, helping you go through a hundred battles!
Chu Rui’s face continuously twitched. Who the fuck was rich enough to actually show this kind of mother fucking advertisement!
Changing the channel, Chu Rui reached his favorite nature channel. In the past, he loved to watch these kinds of programs to understand the big wide world or to understand the secrets of history.
“Kismet…” The familiar words once again popped up. Chu Rui’s face once again twitched,

Fortunately, the nature channel was not as excessive as other channels. The channel dug up news about Kismet’s origins. At the same time there were many classic channels that talked about Kismet ranging from the backgrounds of the game, to PK’s. They were simple dazzling.

After looking at the television for about twenty minutes, the corner of Chu Rui’s eye caught the figure of the timid loli.
With his hearing ability, he had already heard the sound of water stop since a while ago. This little loli did not know what to do after washing the dishes so she just stood there staring blankly. Only after ten minutes had passed did she walk out.
The little loli appeared so Chu Rui naturally moved his eyes away from the television and onto her body.
Feeling Chu Rui’s gaze, the little loli became flustered as her cheeks blushed red.
Chu Rui had traveled far had wide these few years. He had already forgotten which countries he had went to but did not forget what he saw. However, this was the first time Chu Rui met a little loli with a shy expression. Moreover, this top grade little loli was so close to him and they were both alone.

Last: Yeah I released 4 chapters in one day, though I translated for 4 days. Okay here’s the deal (just wanted to say this), so midterms is coming and no chapter release for 2 weeks (starting next week). After 2 weeks I can begin speeding up my translations. Wish me luck and I hope it’s not bad luck. I also want to know if there are any ADMU comrades here (just curious) so just comment yourself 🙂

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