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Shadow Rogue Chapter 103 – Dark Gold Equipment: Poison Fang!

Chapter 103: Dark Gold Equipment: Poison Fang!

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“Little brother ain’t bad. You actually obtained this much goods. Moreover, there are quite a few of them that are unique, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen such a heroic youth. Not bad, not bad!”

The old man stroked his half-white half-black beard and laughed happily.

Chu Rui smiled and did not say anything.

“Let me see! …a total of 83 gold coins should be enough!”

The old appraiser flipped the pile of equipment and spoke words that made Chu Rui open his eyes wide.

“What? 83 gold coins?”

Chu Rui was stunned, his entire face showed disbelief. 83 coins, and it’s in gold coins! Is this mother fucker deceiving me? Who could bring out 83 gold coins at this point in time?

“How could an old man like me swindle a little child? Moreover, seeing your contribution to Taja City, I have even discounted it.”

The old appraiser looked at Chu Rui’s response and was slightly angered. He stroked his beard and glared.

Chu Rui bitterly smiled. He naturally knew that the system’s stores would not go as far to hinder him, but fuck, 83 gold coins is too much. At the early stages of the game, tens of gold coins were already a huge sum. Chu Rui believed that even Yezekael would not have that much money.

Having such a high appraisal fee naturally means that there was something worth that much money.

Last time, the gold equipment that were appraised did not even exceed 10 gold coins, but now it needed 83 gold coins. With such a huge difference, there might be equipment that surpassed gold class.

Chickens lay eggs and eggs give chickens!

If he did not invest, where would the return come from? Moreover, even if the appraisal cost was expensive, he could just sell the items for a huge sum.

He was originally strong coupling with the fact that he defeated Xin Jide and earned 100+ gold coins, Chu Rui was very rich. He was still able to bring out 83 gold coins.

With money, you can do anything you like! Even an old appraiser like this would become respectful.

After obtaining the money, the old appraiser immediately beamed with happiness as Chu Rui looked with disdain.

Old man, I had brought you such a great business yet you don’t even follow up? You truly don’t know how to do business.

Handling business was easy with money. Although the old appraiser was a bit greedy, his skills were top notch. By just moving around the pile of equipment he was able to finish appraising them instantly.

After appraising the pile of equipment, the old appraiser smilingly said: “Not bad, not bad. These things are considered to be the highest quality of their class. Especially these three equipment which are considered extremely rare. I didn’t expect that they had already been obtained by you. It seems that little brother is quite strong.”

Since he had just spent 83 gold coins, Chu Rui’s stomach was cramping. At this time, he did not even care for politeness and simply ignored him. He quickly took back the equipment and inspected them. Fuck, this daddy narrowly escaped with his life for this pile of equipment and spent 83 gold coins just to appraise them. If this daddy isn’t satisfied, this daddy would definitely peel your mother fucking beard.

Chu Rui only swept the silver equipments a glance and ignored those that were not for rogues. He paid attention to the three pieces of equipment that the old appraiser mentioned. There were two gold equipment and one dark gold equipment!!

Chu Rui tried to suppress his excitement and breathed out. He saved the best for last and started with the gold equipment.

The first equipment was a heavy sword. It was extremely similar to the one that Xin Jide wielded. That unlucky fellow actually dropped his weapon. Chu Rui offered him a moment of silence.

Chu Rui looked at its properties. It was very strong! Its minimum damage was 58, while the highest was 87. It adds 20 bonus strength with one passive skill and one strong sword qi skill. Moreover, warriors and knights could use it. In the beginning of the game, warriors and knights could only serve as meat shields so there were extremely few of them. Warrior were still not bad but knights could only block knives. With this weapon, they would definitely become the main force. Moreover, the skill it had was very strong. It was able to shoot out sword qi at enemies from afar. This was too heaven-defying. As for the power of the skill, if their attack power was high they could instantly kill fragile enemies. The gold long sword that Chu Rui had given Yezekael before was only worth 10,000-100,000 RMB but this gold equipment was at least 200,000 RMB. Naturally, this estimate was only based on the current market price. After half a month, many players would probably reach the level of being able to use this two-handed sword. At that time, the price would most likely skyrocket.

The second equipment was an armor!

Ling Long Chest Guard: Gold Equipment
Defense: 150, +5% defense, +10% counterattack chance
Requirements: Level 20, female players only.
Durability: 35/35

Bonus: +30 Vitality

[Passive Skill] Guard: 50 MP. Raise defense by 20% for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 5 minutes.
(TL: don’t ask me how this is a passive skill)

[Active Skill] Ling Long Guard: 100 MP. Negates mortal damage once. Cooldown: 30 minutes

What a strong armor! Not only did it add 150 defense but also increases total defense by 5%. It can also has 10% counterattack chance and adds 30 vitality. It has one passive skill and one active skill, especially that active skill ‘Ling Long Guard’, that can negate a killing blow once. It could become another lifeline at crucial moments! Unfortunately, it was only for female players. Sigh, forget about it! This thing required level 20 to use, its better to keep it for now and sell it once the price increases!

Chu Rui placed the two gold equipment back into the backpack and picked up the last equipment. It was probably the current strongest equipment in Kismet, a dark gold equipment.

Poison Fang: Dark Gold Equipment.
Attack: 142 -258; +10% Lifesteal; +15% Critical Strike
Requirements: Level 20, Rogues only
Durability: 30/30

Bonus: +50 strength, +30 agility

[Passive Skill] Poison Fang: High chance to poison enemy for a long duration. The lower the enemy’s poison resistance the longer and stronger the poison.

[Active Skill] Poison Stab: 100 MP. Deal strong a strong stab towards one enemy. 80% chance to ignore defense. 30% chance to damage armor. Applies poison. Deals at least 180% damage. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

[Active Skill] Poison Rush: 200 MP. Continuously attack isolated enemy for 1 second. Minimum of two attacks, maximum based on player’s attack speed. Every attack deals 120% damage. After ability activates, deals at least 300% damage. Cooldown: 5 hours


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    I suspect the armor got its passive and active skill labels switched. You can’t manually activate something to prevent death if it has killed you. That kind of ability must be triggered (assuming you still have the mp) and can only be passive.

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