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Shadow Rogue Chapter 102 – Returning to the City

Chapter 102: Returning to the City

Translated by: Last
Here’s last weeks chapter. Enjoy!

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Closing the recipes column on the status screen, Chu Rui looked below and noticed that the strong green poison had already become diluted.
The poison was already diluted, but even if it was still poisoned, in order to get the equipment before the ruthless system refreshed itself, Chu Rui acted.
Chu Rui jumped down from the broken glass column. Just as his feet landed on the poisoned water, the system immediately beeped.
20 HP per second? Acceptable!
He quickly grabbed all the equipment and used his Gathering Technique on Xin Jide’s corpse!

A Gold-class Boss was out of the ordinary, so this mother fucking elementary level Gathering Technique’s failure rate was incredibly high.

“Ding, gathering success. Congratulations, you have received one secret scroll! Gathering Technique experience up!”

No more, just this?

Chu Rui was incomparably stunned and looked at the worn out scroll on his hands, and then looked at Xin Jide’s fading body. He was completely speechless. Isn’t this mother fucker a Gold-class Boss? Couldn’t it give something more? With just this little toy, aren’t you afraid of losing face?

What’s done cannot be undone, there’s no use complaining! Chu Rui was not someone who could not let go. Although he would brood about it, he still thought about the three recipes and the equipment he just got, so he did not complain anymore.

Seeing that his HP was at 500 points, and that the poison had already diluted that it wouldn’t damage him, Chu Rui explored for a while.

When he determined that there are no secret rooms, his heart unwillingly resigned.

He took out the Return Scroll and returned back to Taja City.
(TL:I don’t really understand why it’s named Dataja City in previous TLs, but the raws write it as Taja City so I will henceforth use this.)

At this time, it was already daybreak in reality. The summer sun always rose early.

Chu Rui looked at his play time and realized that there is only half an hour left.

Standing in the center of Taja City’s Return Plaza, Chu Rui saw that there are more and more people entering the city. This city where he was the first player to enter, gradually became bustling.

Chu Rui looked at the surroundings and the surrounding people looked at him.

This couldn’t be helped since most of the player were those who had just became level 10. If they had entered the city earlier, they were elites. As for those left behind the Beginner’s Village, they were either new players or those who were not strong enough or some other reason.
Chu Rui was not famous because he had rejected the system in announcing his name when he was given the chance. However, he was still famous for defeating the Greedy Wolves Guild even when he was surrounded by seven people.
At that time, he did not announce his name but looking at him from head to toe others could not help but pay attention to him. Other people were still doing their utmost in completing a set of equipment and turning them into colored equipment. As for Chu Rui, his equipment was already complete. His hands carried two daggers, his finger had two rings and he was wearing a powerful armor. He wore a medal on his chest, an earring on his ear and a necklace on his neck.
Mother fucker, what kind of cheat is this? We are still here trying to complete an entire set of equipment while he already has a complete set with every jewelry available. Could this mother fucker be a GM?
(TL: GM = game master)
Every player’s psych was filled with jealousy. Especially those who thought that they were elites, those who felt that they were not bad. It was not that they could not accept that there were people stronger than them, but it was because they could not accept that they had started the game together with the same play time yet he was stronger than them by a lot. From another point of view, it could mean that he was treating them as trash. This was something that they would never admit.
As for other people’s thoughts, a master in the ways of the world like Chu Rui could already tell what they were thinking with a single glance.
Shrugging his shoulders, Chu Rui ignored them. What others think of is their business. He still had a bit more time, so he wanted to see the results of his hard work.
Putting away his dagger, Chu Rui quickly walked towards the center of the city. Although he wanted to run, he didn’t want to be caught by the guards. Disturbing the city’s law and order was equivalent to paying gold and staying in jail.
After walking for about ten minutes, he finally reached the Appraisal Store.
Unlike the lively scene of the Medical Store, Blacksmith Shop and Dress Shop, the Appraisal Store was completely deserted. Other than a few equipment hunters, there was no one else.
“Brother, did you obtain any good items? If you want to, I can buy them at a price that you are satisfied with!”
Seeing Chu Rui, a bored equipment hunter immediately gave him attention. Looking at his outfit, it was clear that he was very rich.
Chu Rui did not pay attention to them and directly entered the Appraisal Shop.
Seeing Chu Rui did not pay them the slightest bit of attention, a few people showed discontent expression, but they did not dare do anything. It was not that they were scared of Chu Rui, since most equipment hunters work as a group, but it was because Kismet puts priority to player’s privacy. If they wanted to disturb other player’s inside the city, it would be very hard to do so. This was especially true in the area of the Appraisal Shop. If anybody wanted to cause trouble, then the guards not far away would immediately catch the troublemaker. The punishment was also extremely harsh.
Even if those equipment hunters retaliated, Chu Rui would not be afraid of them.
Walking inside the Appraisal Shop, Chu Rui noticed it was truly too lonely. Inside, there were only 3 cats and an NPC old appraiser. Chu Rui was puzzled. Even if there were only a few players who needed to have their equipment appraised, it should not be as bad as this. Maybe it was because of the current time. Although Kismet was extremely popular, those who can play anytime would probably play in the day instead of early in the morning. In any case player could only play for 8 hours.
With only a few minutes left and being exhausted from the battle, Chu Rui did not waste anymore words and directly walked towards the counter. He then lined up the equipment in a row on the counter.
The old appraiser, who was dozing off from the atmosphere, became alert. Even if people came here, they would usually only have broken things appraised, but now a lot of equipment appeared in front of him, even a few amazing goods were among them. This completely awakened the old appraiser.
“Elder, please appraise these for me!”
Although you don’t have to be respectful towards NPCs, Chu Rui still continued to maintain proper respect. Especially towards the bosses of the big stores. He felt that it was offensive if he didn’t do so, they might even make things difficult for you. However, if you had obtained their favor, they might even give you discounts.

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