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Shadow Rogue Chapter 101 – Super Potion

Chapter 101: Super Potion

Translated by: Last
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After leveling up, Chu Rui’s HP was now close to 2000 and his MP was more than 1400. His status was now similar to a level 20 knight without its equipment.

Looking below, Xin Jide was dead. He naturally could not maintain his transformed state and slowly returned back to normal. Moreover, because the poison water did not flow out from his body anymore, it had been diluted by the special formalin. However, the poison had not yet been completely diluted and Chu Rui did not want to soak in the poisoned water, so he could only stare at the dropped equipment and Xin Jide’s body. Chu Rui still planned to get them later. The items were his after all and they would not run away. Why would he even panic?

It would be best to first check the system rewards! After completing the quest, the system only gave Chu Rui three recipes, even an idiot would know how precious these recipes were.
(Last: Made mistake the reward was only three recipes adjusted earlier chap)

Super Potion (I, II, III, IV, V) Recipe: High grade recipe
The fruits of Xin Jide’s ten years of research. Allows the player to create Super Potion I-V. Extremely rare.

Super Potion I: Recover HP and MP by 200 every second. 10 second duration!

Super Potion II: Recover HP and MP by 500 every second. 10 second duration!

Super Potion III: Recover HP and MP by 3% every second. 10 second duration!

Super Potion IV: Recover HP and MP by 5% every second. 10 second duration!

Super Potion V: Recover HP and MP by 8% every second. 10 second duration!

My God!

Chu Rui firmly rubbed his eyes again and again.

There’s no mistake, there’s no mistake!


Am I fucking dreaming?

Chu Rui simply could not believe his eyes. What did this Super Potion Recipe mean? What could it mean? This was not only an incomparable super recovery medicine, but also an unspeakably great business opportunity that no one could copy with huge profits.

What was the most valuable thing in the world?
(Last: No, it’s not love)

A monopoly!

[Kismet]’s basic tutorial allows players to understand the basic mechanics, among them the players were most worried about potions. There are three types of potion sold by the system: low grade, middle grade, high grade.

Low grade potions could either restore HP or MP by 10 points per second for 10 seconds.

Middle grade potions could either restore HP or MP by 30 points per second for 10 seconds.

High grade potions could either restore HP or MP by 50 points per second for 10 seconds.

For places like the Beginner Village, only low grade potions were sold. For low leveled cities like Dataja City middle and high grade potions were sold. One step further would be big cities and the Master City. The potion sold there were a level higher with stronger effects —— restore HP or MP by 80 points per second for 10 seconds. As for the Imperial City, there was no announcement from the system yet.

Player’s in [Kismet] enter cities at level 10. To enter big cities and the Master City, they need to be level 30. To enter the Imperial City, they need to be level 50. While he was waiting, if Chu Rui could grasp this Super Potion, then he could possess all the riches and make everyone speechless. Even in the later stages, if Chu Rui could make this heaven defying potion, then he would remain unparalleled and no one could compete with him.

Naturally, other players might also obtain such a recipe. However, Chu Rui believed that there was only a single copy of this heaven defying potion’s recipe. After all he had completed this incomparably hard quest. If everyone would have a copy of it, then what’s the point of the game? However, this did not truly represent that Chu Rui did not have competition. After all there were many potion recipes, his was extremely high-end, but those lower end ones could probably act as soup when eating meat.

Without any hesitation, he tapped the scroll and light momentarily entered his body. When Chu Rui looked at his status screen, his face couldn’t help but show helplessness. This Super Potion was indeed very powerful, but the requirements were too high. The lowest grade Super Potion need middle-leveled potion refining skill, Moreover, the materials for the potion were expensive. This was truly a high cost thing.

Life Jobs, whether it was a blacksmith, a tailor or an apothecary, or others, they were jobs that burned money during the early stages. For solo players, their skills have to very high with very high success rates and they can easily produce high quality items, or their luck was very good with low failure rates, otherwise they would have a hard time learning them. Therefore, many Life Job players would find masters to supply with. Moreover, those secret organizations would naturally need them for the organization’s development. Many people joined [Kismet] not for the sake of playing, especially those who are in poverty hope to find ways that could improve their lives. These people do not have a talent for fighting so they could only pick Life Jobs. However, no matter which industry it was, they would naturally value elites. Those gangs, factions, mafias, etc. would also require elites or those with high potential. So, the current situation remained with many solo Life Job players.

Chu Rui did not have any friends in these field so he did not have an ideal candidate. As for selling it, he would not agree. This thing cannot be weighed by money. It was a gold mountain that would never decrease. Placing them on the side was a waste, selling them would be impossible, then he could only learn them. Chu Rui originally already planned to learn Medical Arts, Forging Arts and Tailoring Arts, these three Life Jobs.

Putting the Super Potion’s matter to one side, with a good start, Chu Rui’s expectations for the two other recipes increased.

Voice of the Wind Recipe: High grade recipe.
Allows player to create Voice of the Wind. Reduce Chanting time!

Divine Steps Pills recipe: High grade recipe.
Allows player to create Divine Step Pills. For a short amount of time, explosively increase speed!

Reducing chanting time?

Explosive increase in speed?

Seeing the introduction on the two recipes, Chu Rui became dazed. Three light-weighted recipe was actually as heavy as a mountain. Three thin papers could actually become millions and millions of gold. Let alone the Super Potion, how could players not have potions? The higher the level of the player the greater the demand for them. Inside the game, no matter what it was, it would have a chance of selling poorly, but only potions would never sell poorly. Moreover, compared to the important potions, Voice of the Wind and Divine Steps Pills were also extremely important. No matter what class it was, once they reached a certain level, they would obtain skills with fixed chant times or even charge times. This is especially so for magicians who rely on their skills to live. Even idiots could understand the benefits it would bring if their chant time was shortened. As for the Divine Steps Pill, it could explosively increase speed for a short time, take note, explosively increase. This thing would definitely be wanted. Whether it was for escaping or chasing, it was incredibly important. This is especially so for rogues like Chu Rui who rely on speed to live.

Without any hesitation, he tapped the scrolls and learned the two other recipes!

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