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Shadow Rogue Chapter 100 – Attack that surpassed the limits

Chapter 100: Attack that surpassed the limits

Translated by: Last

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Xin Jide was now getting closer to the broken glass pillar that Chu Rui was hiding on! However, for some reason, he suddenly stopped at around two meters!

Chu Rui’s expression trembled as a flash appeared!

Stealth only had five more seconds left!

Since Xin Jide did not follow his plans, Chui Rui could only use his final move and follow his final plan!

Last five seconds!

“Spirit Immunity!”

Chu Rui prepared for the unexpected and activated Spirit Immunity to block against any mental type attacks and preventing any tragic events from ruining his plans.

Last four seconds!

“Final Stand!”

Chu Rui immediately activated Final Stand. In an instant, Chu Rui felt his strength rose like a tide. His vitality, agility and intelligence were all converted into strength. After adding the values of his equipment, it became an extremely frightening number. At the same time, his HP and defense were converted to attack; his MP and magic defense became magic attack. His speed remained the same at 15 points!

Last three seconds!

Chu Rui activated the Strong Spider Silk Ring. In an instant, the ring shot a string of silk towards the top of the glass pillar closest to Xin Jide. Xin Jide was either very good at choosing locations or extremely unlucky. The broken glass pillar besides Xin Jide was not completely destroyed. Only a hole was opened with the broken glass, while the metallic frame work remained intact. The glass pillar was very tall, probably taller than Xin Jide by one and a half meters. Moreover, he did not notice Chu Rui’s spider silk on top of it.

Last two seconds!

Chu Rui stored the Strong Spider Silk Ring and pulled on the strong spider silk. His body rose to the air and quickly advanced towards Xin Jide.

The Death God had already descended and closed in on Xin Jide, pitifully Xin Jide was not even the slightest bit aware of it. He continuously searched the surroundings for Chu Rui’s figure. As for the spider silk, it was just too high and too thin, so it couldn’t be helped that Xin Jide did not notice it. As for Chu Rui, he should have been discovered easily, but he just had to deliberately activate stealth. According to normal logic, a low leveled rogue should not even be able to get close to a Gold ranked Boss. However, Chu Rui’s ability to hide his presence was too good. Moreover, Xin Jide was in a crazed state and he could never have imagined that Chu Rui was so close to him.

Last second!

Chu Rui’s body moved in midair as he pulled the string until he reached above Xin Jide’s head. He could completely see the veins on Xin Jide’s ugly skin.

Stealth had ended!

Chu Rui’s figure appeared! Moreover, along with his figure, his concealed presence and killing intent also appeared!

Feeling the frightening killing intent above him, the half crazed Xin Jide was alarmed and quickly raised his head. He only saw Chu Rui’s figure as he latched on the thread, looking at him with a cold expression. On Chu Rui’s right hand, the glittering dagger, that had injured Xin Jide countless times, had been replaced by a normally useless steel dagger!

“Last Stand!”

A frightening death-like voice came out from Chu Rui’s mouth as a surge of killing intent burst forth. Xin Jide wanted to move, but he discovered that his body did not listen anymore. The berserk killing intent was already locked onto him. The glowing dagger quickly moved. The frightening voice that seemed to pierce the mind made Xin Jide slightly faint. Along with the enveloping killing intent that locked onto him, his entire body actually trembled.

The dagger that broke the sound barrier seemed like a brilliant flash of light crossing the horizon. Nobody could have imagined that it would produce such a breathtaking color. Even Chu Rui was surprised!

In an extremely short duration, the normal dagger already crossed the remaining distance.


A frightening five digit number in gold appeared above Xin Jide’s head. Xin Jide, who had barely healed 5000 HP, could not emit a sound. Just like that, he was instantly killed by an attack that surpassed the limits!

Ding! Congratulations for successfully killing the Gold-ranked Boss—— Evil Alchemist Xin Jide.
You have been awarded:
1,300,000 experience
2000 fame

Ding! Congratulations for clearing the hidden quest——Destroy the Evil Biochemistry Laboratory.
You have been awarded:
1,000,000 experience
Xin Jide’s Medical Recipes

Ding! Congratulations, your contribution points for Datajia City has increased by 5000 points.
You have been awarded:
Title [The Protector]

After the system update, a title system was added? Chu Rui was immediately interested.

When he looked at it, he was immediately surprised!

There were many titles in the title system. This included [Mercenary], [Master Magician] etc. Furthermore, the contribution title had seven categories.

[The Respectable] – 100 points
[The Virtuous] – 500 points
[The Chivalrous] – 1000 points
[The Protector] – 5000 points
[The Saint] – 10000 points
[The Hero] – 100000 points
[The Savior] – 1000000 points
(Last: Any other name suggestions would be helpful for this: 路见不平,拔刀相助,行侠仗义,锄强扶弱,舍己为人,济世扶危,为国为民)

A title is not simply a title. It changes the level of respect the city treats a player. For example, Chu Rui’s title would not only let all the NPCs respect him, but it also comes with a few privileges, such as discounts from stores or even have immunity from prosecution, etc. This made Chu Rui excited!

This time he had obtained 2,300,000 experience from killing Xin Jide. Chu Rui had leveled up by three levels putting him at level 19 and 76% experience. This was simply uncomparable!

From the 15 attribute points, he added 11 to agility, this way it had reached 95 points. Adding the 35 points from the equipment, he got 130 points. His speed, which was 13 points, added with 2 points from his boots and 2 points from his status would give him 17 points. As for the 4 attribute points Chu Rui placed them all on strength, increasing his damage by 4!

After the system update, the level up attribute allocation system did not change, but there was an increased scaling for HP and MP per level up. This increase was dependent on the job class.
Knights would gain 50 HP and 10 MP.
Warriors would gain 40 HP and 20 MP.
Magicians would gain 20 HP and 50 MP.
Rogues, Archers and Tamers would gain 30 HP and 30 MP.
Priests would gain 20 HP and 40 MP.

(Last: Only magician has total of 70 points this game needs to be rebalanced. Heya guys, I might release another chapter for the week/before Sunday, if this post gets 40 comments from different people. This is only for my self-satisfaction. P.S. still haven’t decided to open donations yet since I’m still contemplating on some things but I will still TL this for a long while so don’t worry about me dropping this anytime soon.)

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