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SDG + DOP News?

Hey guys,

If any of you guys noticed, I haven’t been around as often as I used to be on the chat and on the site. Had some real life things to take care of and I’ve been feeling very tired and exhausted. Won’t be posting any chapters until Monday. Sorry there wasn’t any DOP chapters this week. :'(

I’ll slowly make up the chapters next week
As of right now, I still have:

5 SDG Chapters (3 Regular Chapters for this week, 2 Sponsored Chapters)
9 DOP Chapters (5 Regular Chapters for this week, 4 Sponsored Chapters)

Next Week:
10 SDG Chapters (1 Chapter on Monday/Wednesday/Friday/Sunday. 2 Chapters on Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) (5 Reg + 5 Owed)
14 DOP Chapters (2 Chapters on Monday-Sunday) (5 Regular + 9 Owed)


  1. bloodywarz says:

    Hope you feel better soon! As much as we love more chapters and releases, we would still rather our translators are healthy and happy! Thanks for all the hard work

  2. DMR says:

    Real life? Never heard of it. I’m stuck in the land called Vacation… where we lay in our beds all day and try to forget the horrors of exams (well, they aren’t that bad… but that’s besides the point).

    Real life… I heard you have to…. wait, memories seem to be returning *hits myself on the head with a baseball bat*

    Hmmm… it seems like I forgot something…. well, must not be important….

    Okay, but in all seriousness, I wish thee good luck and thank ye for telling us XD

  3. Jmk says:

    Dont push yourself, you should just call this a needed break, throw out the regs you missed this week and start up next week with the normal amout of regs and all the sponsors.

  4. spoilerproof says:

    its all right, rest properly. after all, there’s only one you in this multifarious world.
    obvious reference^

  5. crow967 says:

    take a little break we don’t want you working to the point of hating this you started because you liked this and we don’t want that to change so… when you feel batter come back all refresh’t and ready

  6. GSC says:

    I wouldn’t worry about making up any chapters you miss due to RL that aren’t sponsored; if life happens, it happens. Rest up, take care of things, and when you are able, translate. Friends, family, and what supports your lives and that of those around you are a bit higher on priorities.

  7. aiya03 says:

    Hey, no worries! Go do your thing and I hope everything’s fine now.

    Thanks for continuing with the projects, specially DOP. I reay like translations here (:

  8. Dutches411 says:

    Thanks for your hard work! Though until now, the chapters haven’t been posted…. but again thanks and hoping for your good health.

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