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SDG announcement

I’m sorry guys….

No, it did not get the ban hammer and no i’m not dropping it. Lol, just trying to scare you guys. It’s just going to go on a few days of hiatus for personal reasons. I will release the chapters that should be released during this time after I return. Cheers.

As a bonus if anyone can guess the reason for the hiatus, I’ll release an extra chapter, after I return. Please be specific, e.g. if it’s an illness, what illness is it, if it’s a game, what game is it, etc. If it’s extremely specific, I will release 2 chapters. Will close the comments in 24+ hrs or unless I see someone got it. Unlimited tries.

Time’s up. Sadly no one guessed it. Not saying the answer though. Don’t know how to close the comments lol.


  1. vanaril says:

    You’re gonna binge watching a lot of Detective Conan ep + movie (maybe i’m the only one doing this :O)

  2. Varler says:

    He found out from an e-mail that a Saudi Arabian oil prince needs his help to transfer $200 million into the US, which he can get 10% of if he just helps them transfer the funds by giving the oil prince his bank account.

    I’m 110% that this is it! 😛

  3. testr1809 says:

    Damn, you guys shoulda just googled a list of books, games, illnesses and events and just copy pasted that shit, if I hadn’t been saving up chapters….

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