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Scriptures of the Great Emperor

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Novel Title: Scriptures of the Great Emperor (大帝经)

Novel Status: Ongoing
Published Date: 2016-03-21
Author: Tian Ya Zhu Meng (天涯逐梦)
Total Chapters: 85 (last updated on May 12th, 2016)
Genre: Parallel World, Action, Eastern Fantasy
Project Contact: FourTimesTwo
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The end of the beginning marks the beginning of a new era. Gods and devils were buried in the past, their history had crumbled into dust. As of now, twelve scriptures were passed down.

With the passage of time, during an excavation, a mysterious star map scroll was unearthed in Egypt. As if carrying a mission, it abruptly appeared and soon after disappeared. When it disappeared, a youth disappeared along with it…

Synopsis taken from qidian.com
Translated by FourTimesTwo
Edited by Mario (special thanks for him)


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