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SBT Chapter 9 – Forced to take a shortcut

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 009 Forced to take a shortcut


…   …

Wu Hao, with an income of 3 million yuan that night, decided to leave the casino. When he was about to do so, a sudden disturbance not far away caught the attention from everyone present.

“Mister, please watch the way you act, or else don’t blame us for being not polite.” A few security guards in suits and black leather shoes approached an emotional youth and held him in place.

From the looks of it, if this youth still insisted on creating a scene here, they would most probably take action.

In fact, to open such big casinos, someone must have a background with local powers who would back them up, regardless of whether said powers were black or white.

It was very similar to this situation here. Such scene occurring in casinos was not infrequent. However, those losers who were trying to make a scene in casinos would usually have a bad outcome.

“You guys are just mere watchdogs. Get the f*ck away from me! Today, I am gonna kill that bastard Cheng Yu Liang. How dared he work with others and cheat me!” The youth kept struggling to get out from the security guards grasp. However, his physique compared to those guards was a bit too fragile. Naturally, his struggling was in vain.

At that moment, the manager in charge of the casino rushed to the scene. Having seen the incident, he went to the guards and whispered his orders to them. “Drag him out and settle it.” By ‘settle’ they did not mean killing, only a lesson to be remembered.

Actually, the manager pretty much understood the exact situation. Most probably during the gambling on the casino table, someone must be partnering with others and made him lose money.

This situation was too common in this casino. This kind of closed gambling between guests were allowed here. The casino would not participate in it but just acted as middleman and charged some service fees only.

As for who win or lose among the customers did not matter to the casino. Of course, there were times when some customers would bribe the dealer and person in charge.

As for this incident today, there shouldn’t be anyone from the casino involved in it.

This was because if the casino was a part of it, this man would not even have any opportunity to act as he likes at the entrance.

Those few securities with vicious expressions, after hearing the orders from the manager, naturally would not be giving this youth any face anymore. Thus, a few people suddenly dragged the youth to one of the side doors and left.

“To all guests, I am extremely sorry regarding this and apologize on behalf of our entertainment centre. The customer just now probably lost lots of money, leading him to behave emotionally. Sorry again for frightening you all.” The casino manager immediately explained to the onlooking gamblers after the youth had been dragged off by the security guards.

“Haiz! I am afraid this man is already in such a bad luck. Yet, his brain is even worse. Such a daring youth to try mess with the casino.” Some of the gamblers were able to guess the story behind the scene in their heart. However, in their opinion, even if you had been set up by people, you can’t try to create a scene at the casino’s entrance!

Doesn’t this act only find trouble for oneself? To be able to open a casino in such places like Macao, which one of them would not have some deep background?

Even if you are someone rich with billions to spend, you go to casino and gamble happily, of course the casino management will treat you like a god. However, if you purposely try to create trouble, then they won’t give you too much face.

Soon, the onlooking gamblers began to disperse from the entrance. At the moment, in the lounge of the second floor, a few people within the same age range as the youth observed the scene and sneered among themselves.

“Hmmpphh! This idiot. He thought he was still like before, the rich young master? How dare he try to create a scene in the casino!” This youth was Cheng Yuliang. The few other youths beside him were his accomplices. But the major credit would be to the one guy who was a gambler master from some Japanese organisation.

This gambling expert from Japan was someone specially invited by Cheng Yuliang through his family to specifically set up this trap. The purpose of this trap is to secretly attack the Liang family and thus, succeeding in one of the aims.

Liang Shirong, the only legal successor of Liang family, was a second generation who indulged in his fortune. Normally, Liang Shirong would not rage over losing in gambling.

However, this time it was different. Not only did he lose several hundred million Yuan, but also his share in the Liang family business empire had been used as collateral.

And this private gambling was something Cheng Yuliang had planned properly and succeeded in convincing Liang Shirong to take part in it. As for the final result, of course you could naturally imagine it.

Though he had lost money and shares, Liang Shirong still hadn’t lost his rationality yet. He then tried calling his dad and asking for his help. It was then when he received an even more miserable news.

That was his family business empire had gone bankrupt. Even his dad’s current whereabouts were unknown. At this stage, even if Liang Shirong was a retard, he could guess the true story behind these actions. That was why he was raging and creating a scene.

Wu Hao who was mixed within the crowd, did not quite understand the specific details after spectating the scene. However, watching Hong Kong films about casinos for so many years gave him some rough ideas of what exactly happened.

“Never did I imagine that the scene which only appears in movies played out in front of me.” Wu Hao could only helplessly sigh. A sigh is still a sigh. He did not have any ideas of involving himself in this matter and act like a hero.

He knew that although he had some godly superpower, he still had not reached the realm of invincibility.

This kind of battle, it was better for him to stay further away. Moreover, that youth was brought down in a casino. He really could not blame anyone else. The only person he could be mad at should be himself for being addicted to gambling.

Otherwise, how could he lose all his family fortune? Thus, for these kind of people, no sympathy is worthy for them.

At the backdoor of the casino, the security guards who dragged Liang Shirong began to throw him onto the ground and kicked him continuously.

“Okay, okay! Stop hitting him. If this still goes on, I am afraid that he would pass away right here.” The head of the security guards said.

“F*ck! This retard, how dare he try to create a mess in our casino!” Although those security guards had stopped their actions, their mouth was still very active cursing him.

Like them who worked as security guards in casino, though it was a legal job, they would still somehow have some black elements in their nature.

When they were working in the casino, of course they had to maintain their honest appearance. However when nobody was around, their true nature would surface.

In the end, those security guards left the scene. The only one remaining there was Liang Shirong, struggling to stand up from the ground.

“Cheng Yuliang, I will never let you have a happy life.” Although the former young master who spent whatever he wanted was now hit to the very bottom and became penniless, a hatred started to form deep in his heart.

Then, slowly, Liang Shirong supported himself and left the casino. As for where was he heading to, only he himself knew.

… ….
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