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SBT Chapter 8 – Getting Lucky

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 008 Getting Lucky

…   …

After he arrived at the bus station, Wu Hao did not immediately leave the building. After all, he did not have any plans to stay in Guangzhou. Instead, he came off the platform and went to the ticket counter to purchase a departure ticket to Zhuhai.

In Mainland, the nearest city to Macao is Zhuhai. These two cities can be described as just a step away from each other.

But to go to Macao, if there is no visiting pass, even if these cities are only separated by a bridge, you will obviously not be able to cross it.

To illegally cross to Macao, you would need to treat those officers to drink some tea.

Of course for the current Wu Hao, he did not have to worry about such things.

Thus, the night when Wu Hao arrived at Zhuhai, he waited until the sky was pitch black and went to a secluded place.

Then, he carefully confirmed that no human was around by using his spiritual perception. After confirming the situation was clear, he flew straight up the sky carrying his suitcase.

After leaping to about a few hundred meter altitude, Wu Hao started to fly towards the direction of Macao. As these two cities were not far apart from each other, Wu Hao with his flying speed close to 200km per hour, he reached the border of Macao in about 10 mins (1).

In order to avoid being noticed by anyone during his landing, Wu Hao decided to land at a park of his choice at the outskirt of Macao. Even though it was at the outskirt, Macao after all is just a small city. Plus, it is famous for its nightlife.

Therefore, even at late night, there were still pedestrians walking along the streets.

“Mister, is there any cheap hotel nearby?” Wu Hao left the park and came to the street to stop a taxi driver and asked him.

He did not have much cash in his body now. Thus, he won’t stay in any luxury hotel. He could only asked the taxi driver to get him to a cheaper hotel and stay for the night.

“A cheap hotel, right? No problem!” The middle age driver spoke with a not so accurate Mandarin but Wu Hao was still barely able to interpret what he said. (2)

In about 10 minutes, the taxi then reached the main door of a hotel. Wu Hao paid the taxi fare and dragged his luggage into the hotel lobby.

After opening his room’s door and placing his luggage, Wu Hao immediately started his breathing technique to restore his telekinetic power.

After all, he had now officially reached Macao. Naturally, he was not in a rush to gamble at a casino. Since the current time was around two to three o’clock in the morning, he was afraid there would not be many people there, even if the casino did not close.

Thus, he decided to only go to one of the big casinos during daytime. He would then observe for a while before winning several million Yuan and disappearing from there.

The next evening, after some simple preparations, Wu Hao took a taxi to the largest casino in Macao “Crystal sand entertainment centre”.

Prior to the trip, Wu Hao had done his research on the internet that the largest casino in Macao and also the nearest one from his hotel is this casino “Crystal sand entertainment centre”.

In Macao, the casino’s name would not be something something casino. Instead, they would usually be named something something entertainment resort or centre.

Wu Hao chose to go at this time. The reason for doing so was because from now to a few hours later, the amount of customers in the casino would be at its peak.

In order to not attract attention from casino management, picking the largest casino with the most customers to make money from is the best option available.

Entering the main door of the casino, Wu Hao did not blindly go and begin gambling. Instead, he changed 5000 Yuan to chips and observed the surroundings.

When he was exchanging for chips, all those gold digger females which were scattered all over the place would naturally not go and start any conversations with Wu Hao after noticing his shabby clothes.

After about 10 minutes of observation, Wu Hao found a game which was very suitable with his idea. This game is choosing big or small using rolling dice.

To gamble big or small naturally is not something Wu Hao needs to worry about. As long as the dealer finishes rolling the dice in the dice cup, Wu Hao would use his spiritual perception and everything in the cup would be crystal clear to him.

After all, his ability allows him to see through any hollow item and know the situation inside it.

“Hua……hua” after the dealer finished rolling the dice, all the gamblers surrounding the betting table began to place their bet.

Wu Hao then used his spiritual perception to see through the cup after the dealer rolled. In his mind, he could see the dice faces are 2, 3 and 5 which summed up to a total of 10 points, this represented small. (3)

After knowing the points in the cup, Wu Hao confidently put all the 5 chips in his hand on top of the ‘small’ area.

Soon, after the dealer saw every customer had placed their bet, he revealed the contents of the cup.

“2, 3, 5. Total of 10 points, small!”

“Haha! Small! I Win!”

“F*ck! Small again! I lost again.”

With so many gamblers around the table, of course some would win while the others lost. The winner would be happy while the loser could only complain.

The area Wu Hao was at was a common area among the gamblers. Usually, they would bet around tens of thousand each time.

In other words, those who gamble at this area were after all not that rich.

In fact, they were just like Wu Hao, using small capital to get rich.

It was just that whether they will achieve their dream or not, that would depend on their own luck.

However, most of the gamblers in the casinos would lose 9 times out of ten, only a few ‘experts’ would manage to earn money.

Also, losing the whole family fortune as the gambling capital was also a norm.

Therefore, if you want to rely on your luck to gamble and not your real ability, it is best to just scrap this idea.

Wu Hao looked at his originally 5 chips, which in a blink of an eye had turned 10. Although he started to feel some excitement in his heart, Wu Hao still showed a normal face expression and silently continued his bet (4).

He did not bet on those with 10 times, or several times odds. If he did so, this would eventually bring unwanted attention to him.

Although now he only bet on big or small and only had odds of 1 times, he could not resist the temptation to bet on those with higher odds (5).

From 5000 Yuan chips, he just need to bet on those for just a few times and his capital would then increase to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands.

However, Wu Hao did not continuously win.

He purposely lost for a round or two after winning 3 times in a row.

Of course, when he wanted to lose, he naturally would not go all in. He would just bet for a few ten thousand chip.

And when he wanted to win, he would bet everything.

In this way, though he had not even bet for more than 30 minutes, Wu Hao who originally had 5000 Yuan had now grown his capital to about 300 thousand Yuan.

After winning so much in that one betting table , Wu Hao obviously would then left the table. Then, he walked towards a nearby betting table several tables away.

A few hours later, by winning more and losing less, Wu Hao brought the large amount of chips worth about 3 million Yuan and went to the chip exchanging counter.

“Seems that I have to bother you exchanging these chips to money.”

“No problem, mister. Can you please show me your bank account number?” The girl who was in charge of the counter noticed that Wu Hao had won a huge sum of money and could not help herself to have a quick glance at him again. Her heart could not stop secretly thinking of this guy who had such good luck today.

Although she did not have much interaction with Wu Hao, after working in such places for a long time, she could tell that Wu Hao was a not a rich man.

So, seeing Wu Hao brought all these chips, she naturally understood that most of them were his winnings tonight.

However, even though she was surprised, she did not care much about it.

She knew that those who made a fortune in a go would not that easily quit gambling.

Today’s winning, in future would eventually vanish.

After all, these scenarios happen all the time in the casino.

(1)   Yorasu : Here we go, human aeroplane!

Kai: No, it’s TelekinesisMan! As a sidenote, he had prob made a shield around himself, otherwise, imagine the wind resistance x.x

(2)   Yorasu : Macao’s main language is Cantonese I think?

(3)    Yorasu : 2 to 10 means small ; 11 to 17 means big. As for triple numbers, there would be another option to bet on that. So, if triple numbers appear, those betting on big/small would lose.

(4) Kai: He should pretend to be happy x>

(5) Kai: To gain higher odds, you would have to bet on specific numbers or a narrower range. Furthermore, I don’t know what he meant by 1 times odds, I am guessing he means 2 times, (1:2) because he doubled his chips.
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