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SBT Chapter 7 – Martial arts expert

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 007 Martial arts expert

… …

Without bothering with the passengers comments, Wu Hao squinted his eyes and stared at both of them who were now squirming under his foot.

“You guys still wanna change seats?”

“Haiz…..no, we are not changing. Big brother, we have eyes but failed to recognize Mt Tai. Please just consider us as farts and let us go!” Brother Pao who originally had an arrogant attitude was now unable to move and trembling in fear.

Obviously both them were pressed on hard.

In fact, his foot did not exert any force on them. This was just acting as a camouflage since he had used his telekinesis to force those two hooligans flat on ground.

Because he had acted way too fast without any additional movements, it gave a misconception to the passengers on board of not being able to see how he had subdued them.

As for those two small fries, they were extremely puzzled and scared.

Because, from their perspective, they could feel an unknown overwhelming force from Wu Hao which made them fall flat on ground. They were not even given any opportunity to resist.

“Get the hell back to your own seat. And also if I hear any more nonsense coming out from your mouth…” he did not continue his sentence. He believed that as long as those two are not complete idiots, the next several hours ride would be very peaceful without them acting as they please.

“Under…..stood, big brother….” As Wu Hao still had not released the force on them, they still spoke as if they were running out of air.

Looking at those two bastards acting obediently, Wu Hao let them go. These small fries had no other ability. The only thing they are excellent at is submit to those stronger than them.

When they encounter those weaker than them, they would act like a boss. If they could not handle someone, they would immediately kneel down and lick his feet like a grandson.

Since Wu Hao understood their nature, he would not put them in his eyes.

However, after what Wu Hao did, the passengers were able to feel his domineering side and could not help but to get astonished by it.

As for Qin Sisi who sat beside Wu Hao, her mouth was opened wide while looking at him with a surprised expression. Never did she expect the ordinary looking youth who sat beside her who was not tall nor had a huge body would actually have such a domineering side.

This had been an eye opener for Qin Sisi who had live close to 20 years. It was not like she had not seen boys fighting each other. It was just that the way Wu Hao fought was too overpowering (1). It could be said that it was the first time she saw such power in her life.

“Thank you.” Soon, Qin Sisi recovered from the shock and opened her mouth, whispering her thanks to Wu Hao.

“No problem. After all, I myself could no longer stand those two bastards.” Wu Hao who had returned to his seat said casually after receiving her thanks.

“I thought you were sleeping just now?” Hearing such a reply from Wu Hao, she recalled back to the scene when Wu Hao had closed both of his eyes.

“Nope!” Wu Hao’s reply was very simple.

“Then what were you doing with your eyes closed?” Out of curiosity, Qin Sisi continued asking Wu Hao.

“Er….How to say? Lets just say I was meditating on my martial art.” Wu Hao did not know how to explain, so just told her half the truth.

“Ar, so you are meditating on your martial art! I never expected that you are a martial art expert. Your appearance does not even look a bit like it at all. But, what martial art are you practicing? I could feel that it is much more offensive than those karate, taekwondo etc. O ya, I am Qin Sisi, second year student of Guangzhou university. What about you? You going to Guangzhou for what?” Hearing his reply, Qin Sisi’s chatterbox nature instantly activated. She was in fact, very curious about Wu Hao.

The so called legendary martial arts master. Even though Qin Sisi had a very pretty appearance, she was after all still a blooming girl. Moreover, Wu Hao gave her a very unique feeling. He was not the same as those men who tried scoring her. It was as if he was trying to deliberately avoid her.

Noticing the originally cool beauty who was now more open and warm to him, asking him questions non stop, that really made Wu Hao not know how to answer her. Thus, he only casually replied, “My name is Wu Hao, just passing by Guangzhou.”

“O, just passing by. Then where is your final destination? On a business trip or what?”

“Macao, it can be considered as a business trip.” Wu Hao did not conceal anything. He felt that after getting off the bus, they most probably won’t be interacting with each other anymore. Thus, he just simply answered.

“Going to Macao for a business trip!” Qin Sisi could not help but had a glance at Wu Hao again. She noticed that he was just wearing common clothes and did not seem to be like a big company’s employee.

This was because only big international companies would have business trips to Macao. If he is really an employee of a big company, then of course, Wu Hao would not dress up like that.

“Hahah! Don’t tell me that you are going to Macao to gamble right?” Thinking about this, Qin Sisi had a guess.

When Wu Hao heard that, he was shocked momentarily and glanced at Qin Sisi who was sitting beside him with a surprised look.

“Seems like my guess is correct then!” Qin Sisi laughed at him after she saw his surprised expression.

“How did you know?” Wu Hao pondered and couldn’t help to ask her.

“This is something simple. Of those who go to Macao, you won’t be able to find anyone who is not interested in gambling. But let me give you an advice. You better cancel your plans, as I have never heard anyone who had won from there.” Qin Sisi tried to persuade Wu Hao to not go Macao.

“Thanks for your kindness but I might be the exception.” Since she had guessed correctly that he was going to Macao to gamble, he no longer feel like denying it. Although he agreed with her point of view, he was no longer an ordinary person.

As long as he wanted to win, he would never lose.

Just like that, in the next few hours of the trip, Wu Hao spent his time chatting with Qin Sisi. (2)

However, all the topic conversations were asked by Qin Sisi and Wu Hao just answered them. Not long after, all the information regarding him were known by Qin Sisi clearly except his greatest secret of having a telekinetic ability.

As for Wu Hao, besides her name and where she studied, he did not know anything else about her, he felt that he was helpless in front of a beauty that even the information regarding his family, he had unknowingly told her about them.

Finally, when the bus was nearing Guangzhou, Qin Sisi on her own accord exchanged mobile phone numbers and Weibo with Wu Hao. At first, Qin Sisi even considered treating him to dinner to show her gratitude.

However, Wu Hao politely rejected her offer. This was a no joke. When a girl wants to treat a meal, as a man, of course he will pay the bill. From the way she dressed, Wu Hao was very sure she won’t eat at some cheap place. His entire assets for now, was only a few thousand Yuan.

He was afraid that after the meal, his capital for Macao would be nearly gone.

In fact, if Qin Sisi knew that he only had a few thousand Yuan for gambling, she would be even more shocked. Regarding his income and job, Qin Sisi did not enquire that much from him.

Qin Sisi was a clever girl after all. There were some topics which were not suitable to be asked, especially a man’s income.

… …

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