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SBT Chapter 6 – To crush with strength

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 006 To crush with strength


…   …

“Eh? This man actually did not take this opportunity to converse with me?” The beauty who sat beside Wu Hao, Qin Sisi, inwardly wondered.

At first she thought that Wu Hao would be like those guys in the past. They would start talking with her without any reason and take the opportunity to ask for her contact number, Wechat etc.

After all, this time she was the one who asked if Wu Hao could change seat with her. It would be so easy for him to strike a conversation with her, but surprisingly, Wu Hao just sat there motionless while closing his eyes. He did not seem to be interested to have a chat with her from the way Wu Hao acted.

Being in such situation, Qin Sisi even started to question herself, “Is it because there is something wrong with my attire today? Did it make me unattractive to look at?” after all, women were strange creatures. When they were given too much attention from men, they would get sick of it too.

However, if nobody notices them, they would then suspect there was problem with their makeup, making them unattractive.

Of course for Qin Sisi, no matter what, she would always ignore those who tried to pursue her.

Qin Sisi was a second year student of Guangzhou university. The reason she went back home was because she had a family matter. Although her family was not that rich, it could still be considered a famous family.

Both her parents held a post in government positions. Furthermore, she was the only daughter in her family. Thus, she would always receive the best from them. It could even be said that she was raised like a princess since young.

However, despite all that, she still did not develop any arrogant princess syndrome. Instead, she was still a beautiful and loving girl.

Thus, Qin Sisi was a flower in her school. Of course, the number of men who pursue her was too much to count.

Soon, all the passengers were on board. The bus started to move and depart from the station, heading to the direction of Guangzhou.

Perhaps it was still not a holiday season so that there were still lots of empty seats available. Only about two-third of the seats were occupied.

A few rows in front of Wu Hao’s seat, there were two troublesome men. From the moment they were on the bus, they were very rude and kept conversing dirty topics.

They were either boasting of many girls they slept with or discussing which girl had a better body and techniques.

The other passengers and conductor were showing an expression of disgust towards both men. But they could guess that these men were not someone who can be messed around with. Thus, nobody dared to voice out any objection to them.

“Brother Pao, behind us there is a hot chick!” One of them were talking about something when he suddenly noticed Qin Sisi sitting behind and immediately shouted at his companion.

Originally, Qin Sisi who was playing with her phone with a headset on did not notice any conversation by the two men.

But then, just now when Qin Sisi removed her headphone, she immediately heard those disgusting words. Feeling angered, she stood up a bit to have a look at in front.

Too bad that the moment she stood up, she was immediately noticed by both them. The angered Qin Sisi who wanted to teach them a lesson started to feel some fear after hearing what they said.

This was because even though she was kind and and had a heart of justice, she was after all a woman. Even worst, a beauty. Even without thinking, she knew that she would be the target of harassment from these two hooligans.

Although they were now in the bus and the two men would not do anything excessive, she would still face trouble. As she thought of this, she began to grow worried and turned her head to look at Wu Hao. This bastard was still closing his eyes. What the heck was he doing?

“This guy is indeed strange. For some time he has his eyes closed. What is he doing!”

However, without waiting for her to think further, the two men started to get up from their seat and walked to the back towards her.

As the bus was not packed, there were still some empty seats. Besides Wu Hao, there was a middle age woman sitting. But, the seat beside the woman was empty.

The men came to the back and sit at the aisle seat.

“Hi! Pretty girl, why do you go to Guangzhou for? The journey is long, come accompany this brother and have a chat.” The young man who was called Brother Pao showed an ugly grin while approaching Qin Sisi who was observing the scenery outside the window.

Soon , Brother Pao noticed that Qin Sisi was ignoring him completely. Instead of getting mad, he reached out to pat at Wu Hao on the shoulder who was sitting beside Qin Sisi. “Buddy, wake up. Brother wants to change seats with you.”

Brother Pao noticed that Wu Hao looked ordinary and did not have a huge body. Without even thinking about whether Wu Hao would agree to change his seat or not, he immediately took action and wanted to wake Wu Hao up.

However, Wu Hao had never slept at all. He knew everything that happened in the bus crystal clearly. It was just that he did not want to bother and quietly continued practicing his breathing technique to pass the time.

But now, those bastards were looking for trouble. Of course, he could no longer continue practising anymore.

Thus, before Brother Pao’s hand touched him, Wu Hao opened his eyes and immediately blocked Brother Pao’s hand which was originally to pat his shoulder with his grip.

“I am sorry. I am feeling comfortable sitting here and do not wish to change seats at all.”

Hearing Wu Hao’s remark, everyone in the bus rose their eyebrows in succession including Qin Sisi who was beside him. Her heart could not help but to praise him for his strong will. Soon, the feeling turned into a concern instead.

After all, anyone could notice that these two men were not any good guys. Hooligans were indeed hard to be handled. And these two men were obviously that type which would bring lots of trouble.

“Hei! Little boy, have you even grown eyes!” Brother Pao was surprised for a moment by Wu Hao’s remarks. His face instantly changed to a threaten expression. It seemed like as long as Wu Hao dare to say even a word, he would immediately strike him violently.

At the side, Qin Sisi after watching the scene could not help but to start worrying for Wu Hao. After all, from his appearance, Wu Hao did not seem to be able to resist any attacks from these two opponents!

“Hehe. If I do not grow my eyes, then what do you guys want to do with me?” Wu Hao even chuckled as he did not put these men in his eyes at all. From the way they dress, he knew that they were just good-for-nothing small fries.

With these small fries, the more you became scared, the more arrogant they become. However, if you act ruthlessly, they would be easy to deal with. Furthermore they were now in a bus. Not even mentioning the current Wu Hao who had a telekinetic ability, even if it were the previous him, he would not be afraid to face such a situation in dealing with small fries.

Because he believed that there were so many people who could not stand these two men. As long as he started dealing with these two men, there would be other brave men who would follow suit.

Moreover, this matter was involving a beauty. He believed that every man would not miss this opportunity to give a her a favourable impression.

“F*ck! Brother Pao, this kid seem to be courting his death. Let us beat him up!” The other youngster suddenly stood up and rushed toward Wu Hao, forming a fist.

At this moment, Brother Pao was burning from his anger. Almost at the same time, both of them were directing their fist towards Wu Hao’s direction.

This unexpected turn of event scared the hell out of Qin Sisi who was sitting beside Wu Hao. She started screaming as a reflex.

Then, a strange mysterious scene happened. What exactly did she see? Those two men who were acting arrogantly just a moment ago currently formed a human pyramid while being stepped under Wu Hao’s foot.

As for how did Wu Hao managed to do so, Qin Sisi was not able to see. Even all the onlookers in the bus were the same too.

“Wow, such an expert!” A crowd of youngsters soon exclaimed.

“This young man, really strong. With just a single move, he subdued these small fries.” Now, it was the voice of an aunt.

“But these two bastards, how did they even board the bus? What had the police been doing nowadays? These two should have been captured long time ago. If not because of this young man, the girl would have to suffer instead.”

…   …

Kai: The two hooligans have ‘odd’ speech, clearly representing their ‘gangster’ way of talking. I have however, changed this to be more suitable and easier to understand. If people are against me taking liberties with ‘broken’ speech, do comment below, and I will consider keeping it as the author intended. #thuglifechoseme

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