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SBT Chapter 5 – The seat was occupied

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Kai


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Chapter 005 The seat was occupied

…   …

Wu Hao, after hearing the greeting from the shop owner, went straight into the shop without replying.

Although the store was not huge, there were many equipments available for sale. All kinds of outdoor supplies and cutting tools were available in the store.

As he browsed through some of the goods, Wu Hao became excited. He went back to the shop owner and asked, “Boss, do you sell throwing knives or dart-like stuff?”

“So, little brother wants to buy throwing knives? Of course I have them.” The shop owner went to a corner of the counter and retrieved a leather case. He then walked towards Wu Hao, and slowly opened the case in front of him.

“Come have a look here. Do these type of throwing knives fulfill your requirements?”

When the middle aged man opened the case, 12 black flying knives appeared in front of Wu Hao.

These flying knives were not huge, around 6 to 8cm long. They could be considered the smallest size available; if the knives were smaller, they would be very difficult to use.

However for Wu Hao who had telekinesis, even a small needle in his hands would be an invisible killing weapon.

The workmanship of the 12 small black throwing knives was very delicate and the shape of the knives was very beautiful in contrast to the razor sharp edge.

The material used for the throwing knives should not be ordinary steel. As for the hardness, Wu Hao was not worried about it.

When the knives were in the box, it was even smaller than palm size. It would be very convenient to carry the box around. Thinking of this point, Wu Hao started to love these delicate and sharp knives more.

He was very sure that these knives were indeed a match with his telekinesis.

“Hmmm, they seem to be not bad. How much were they? If they aren’t expensive, I would take them.”

“Hehe. Since little brother likes them, I would give you a special rate. Originally the price was 800 Yuan. Since brother took a fancy of them, I would only charge you 500 Yuan.”

“Okay. Here is 500 Yuan. I want them.” Hearing the shop owner’s remarks, Wu Hao knew that they were just some lame excuses.

However he did not care much about it. He just paid the amount in full without bargaining and then left the shop after some polite gestures to the shop owner.

Although there were many items in the store which Wu Hao wanted to buy, he had to temporarily give up this idea as he lacked the budget.

But he had decided that after he won a huge amount of money in Macao, he would get himself the best set of outdoor equipment. This was a preparation for his exploration and wild adventures in the future.

Wild adventure was something Wu Hao had been dreaming of.

It was just that previously he was financially unstable. Thus, he had no spare time for it. Even if he really wanted to go explore, it was something which would never happen. It would only remain as a nice dream.

After all, in the wild mountains, if there was not enough preparation in equipment and body fitness as a safety measure, then wild exploration was just a trip to death.

Even the worst set of outdoor equipment, clothes, backpack, tent, tools etc would add up to more than 10 thousand Yuan in total to purchase all of them.

Furthermore, even with the best equipment, the number of adventures who met their end during a wild expedition was not small.

In the deep jungle, there were too many threats to face. Without any strength and survival experience, going to such places was just seeking disaster.

Therefore, these wild adventures were only something Wu Hao would imagine but never dare to do in the past.

However, it was different now. With godly telekinesis and spiritual perception, he could guarantee his safety even without any equipment.

Of course, if he wanted to have a comfortable and enjoyable adventure, a variety of outdoor equipment was still necessary.

After buying the knives, Wu Hao continued wandering around in the mall. Then, he had his lunch at a restaurant, had a short rest before decided to go back to the bus station to check in, since the time for the departure was just around the corner.

After neatly arranging his luggage, Wu Hao went aboard the bus to find his seat. With just a few glances, he easily found his seat. However, a girl was sitting on his seat.

The girl looked young. She should be less than 20 years old. Her height was around 1.7 meters. Her appearance and body shape were absolutely top notch. A pure beautiful face paired with the perfect curves. Even those beauties in Wu Hao’s college and those movie stars, when compared to the girl in front of him, were slightly inferior.

This was because it was the first time for Wu Hao to be in front of such a beauty in a close range. This kind of feeling naturally can’t be compared with the ones when he felt watching movie stars on the screen.

This really caught Wu Hao off guard because he never expected that a beauty would sit on his seat.

Uh! That was wrong. It should be this beauty snatched his seat instead.

When Wu Hao was holding his ticket in his right hand and stunned by her beauty, the girl who was sitting near to the window noticed Wu Hao’s existence. She showed a charming smile to Wu Hao while pointing at the current seat she was sitting on. “Your seat here?”

“Uh, if this ticket seat number is correct, then it is my seat indeed.” Seeing that, Wu Hao started to understand the current situation.

“Oh, actually I have motion sickness. I hope you could change place so that I can sit near a window.” The girl smiled.

“Yea, no problem. I am fine with sitting anywhere.” Since she had already said so, plus she was a beauty, Wu Hao had nothing else to add.

“Thanks!” Hearing Wu Hao’s agreement, the girl thanked him in a polite manner and put on her headphones, listening to music while playing with her smartphone.

Wu Hao just showed a slight smile after that. Although she was a rare beauty, Wu Hao did not have any idea to start a conversation with her.

He knew that his appearance was just average. With a beauty like her, of course she won’t take any fancy towards him.

Moreover, from the way she dressed and the latest smartphone which she used, her family should have a very strong financial circumstances. Compared to Wu Hao who was currently without any branded tag on his body, both of them were totally on different levels.

Since he understood this point he did not bother her. He just minded his own business and sat at the next seat and closed his eyes to practice his breathing technique.

However, if Wu Hao was to compare his own sister, Wu Xiaoxiao to the beauty, as long as Xiaoxiao had better dressing and make up, she would not be inferior to the beauty at all.

When he thought of it, Wu Hao secretly make a promise that he would get his sister lots of beautiful clothes when he earned money. With the best clothes, he would make her like a princess who was no longer need looked down upon by others.

After laughing at himself in his heart, Wu Hao began practicing the cycle. Now, whenever he had any free time, he would activate his telekinesis and then recharge the power with the breathing technique.

Of course, to make sure that his telekinesis power is readily available at any time, he would not use up all the power at once. Instead, he would only train till two-thirds of his power was used. Then, he would breathe with the special technique to restore the used power.

Just a moment ago, Wu Hao tried to use his telekinesis on the bus itself. With his current power which can carry up to hundreds kg object, the reaction on a dozen ton bus was very minimum.

Furthermore, when he tried to exceed the range of his capability, the consumption rate of his power was way too fast. He just released his power on the bus for a few seconds and yet 2/3 of his power had been used up.

As for why he did not continue to use his telekinesis, it was his natural reflex since he had become used to saving some of his power for unexpected situations.

Moreover, if he dried up his power completely, his body would have to suffer repercussions. He would feel very weak when that happens. As his telekinesis power increased, the time needed for him to recover his power would prolong too.

If he finished up his power, the current him would need at least 1 hour to completely recover back his mind power to peak condition.

If he did not use the breathing technique and depended on natural recovery, it would take him more than 10 hours.

However, the scene of Wu Hao closing his eyes and ignoring the beauty would eventually make her think differently of him.

…  …

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