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SBT Chapter 47 – Being considered as a big fish

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 047    Being considered as a big fish

… …

Hearing this, Wu Hao could only politely add some good words and slowly ride the trishaw out out the marketplace.

At the moment when Wu Hao had left, a bodyguard beside Zhou hong spoke out, “Boss, how do you know that the rocks that he bought surely have jade? I saw him buying those defective rocks for a cheap price.”

This man must have followed Zhou Hong for many years. Being close to Zhou Hong, that was why he dared to question Zhou Hong.

“Hehe! With my decades of experience in sizing people up, and with his actions of randomly buying rocks at a cheap price, I’m pretty sure that he must have some secret technique or ability.”

“In short, you only need to know that anybody who randomly buys these rocks, they might not be ordinary! But, I wonder whether this man will get through the pit in front of him!” Zhou Hong’s eyes slightly squinted as he looked towards the direction of Wu Hao’s disappearing figure.

In this marketplace, having people staring at Wu Hao to mark him was a norm. Naturally, Wu Hao was aware of this. Thinking of the situation in this place, he felt that it must have been a common thing.

First of all, Wu Hao came here by himself, to buy the rocks. Plus, the strange thing was that he bought rocks which were thought to be defective and sold for cheap. Also, he didn’t request for the stones to be extracted. Such actions were really hard to not get marked by people!

Hearing this, the bodyguard naturally understood what Zhou Hong was talking about.

On this piece of land, everyday was filled with countless muggings and murders. After all, men were greedy in nature and it wasn’t something which we could deny.

The fact that jade was something which could make people rich overnight, and each store in this jade marketplace sold valuable jade, if a merchant bought jade from here without a deep background or enough security, he would definitely become the target of the underground forces.

Even if you had a significant background and manpower, if the value of the products was too high, where people couldn’t even imagine it, there would still be some who would take that risk.

Wu Hao, who was riding the trishaw out of the marketplace, stopped at the roadside halfway through his journey. He bought a few sacks and inserted the rocks behind him into the sacks.

At that moment, at the roadside store, he bought several blades for a grinding machine and a polishing machine. Together, they were inserted into an empty sack.

Leisurely, he travelled on the road, heading towards the outskirts of the city. However, due to the heavy load on the trishaw, the travel speed was extremely slow, like a climbing snail.

“Boss, our target has ridden the trishaw out of the city.” Behind Wu Hao, a local Myanmarese person reported in his local language through the phone.

As for Wu Hao who was in front of him, he knew since a long time ago about the movements. But he also knew that he was still within the city. There were still quite a number of pedestrians on the streets.

Thus, even if these people wanted to make a move towards him, they wouldn’t choose a place like this.

“Hehe, so many people have considered me as a big fish.” Wu Hao secretly laughed as he leisurely rode the trishaw.

For these people who followed him and considered him as a big fish, Wu Hao naturally didn’t pay them any heed.

They were patiently waiting for Wu Hao to reach a deserted location by himself before acting. But Wu Hao had a different idea in mind!

Of course, Wu Hao’s principle was to avoid making any moves as much as possible. But if the foes insisted in sending themselves towards their deaths, then he could only help them to fulfill it.

This was because if these people dared to act against him, that also meant that these situations happened here quite often. Dealing with such scumbags, he naturally wouldn’t have any unwillful feelings.

Just like that, after riding for half an hour, Wu Hao finally reached a place outside the city without many vehicles. Behind Wu Hao, the van that was obviously following him also began to do something new.

“Boss, let’s make our move now. If not, he might be ambushed by the Shark gang in front. Faster, speed up and stop our target.” Within the van, a man with a small head hung up and quickly instructed the driver.

“F*ck, this daddy can’t wait any longer. This brat was riding so slowly.” The driver’s face was showing a dark expression as he complained. In fact, tailing Wu Hao the whole way really tested his driving skills.

In fact, driving slower was proving to be harder than driving quickly.

“Finally, you’re going to make a move?” Wu Hao, who was in front, noticed that the van that was tailing him since a long time ago, and finally sped up towards him. That was a sign that they were about to make a move.

However, this was according to his wishes. On the side of the road, there was a slope of a dozen meters. The bottom of the slope was filled with rocks. If this van was thrown towards the bottom at a speed exceeding 100 km/h, naturally the end result could be imagined.

And in this place, there was only one small path ahead of them. As long as his trishaw endured the distance to enter the path, then its job would be done.

As a result, in the van which had six people in it, each of them were talking about the members of the local underground forces. When the van accelerated to block the Wu Hao’s path….

Suddenly, the steering wheel of the van became completely uncontrollable. Not only was it heading towards the slope, it even mysteriously increased its speed.

The men in the van didn’t even have enough time to scream. Their bones were ripped to pieces as the van rolled several times. Due to the leakage of the fuel tank, it created a beautiful sparkling explosion.

And during the explosion, Wu Hao directly increased his speed and quickly got onto the path. That sudden increase of speed was even faster than a sports car’s acceleration.

Entering the small path within a duration of several seconds, Wu Hao used his telekinesis to carry the sacks of rocks along and entered the nearby woods. After reaching the depths of the woods, only then did he settle down.

“There’s nobody within a one kilometer radius. Well, let me extract these rocks here then!” The little accident just now didn’t affect Wu Hao’s mind. After all, since these people were involved in such activities, they must always be prepared to face the consequences.

Soon, Wu Hao used his telekinesis to control the blades and began the process of extracting jade.

There were at least one hundred pieces within these sacks. However, the largest was only about 40 cm in length. As for others, they were within the range of 10-20 cm.

The sellers originally considered these rocks as garbage and waste. Although the price was cheaper than normal rocks, they could still be sold for tens of thousands.

“En! Ice type, there are exactly forty-six pieces in total. Plus, their size is quite big. As for the emperor greens, there are three pieces here. As for the others, although they can’t compete with the ice type and the emperor greens, but adding them altogether, that is still quite the profit.” After two hours, with Wu Hao’s careful attention, these one hundred or so rocks had been cut down into pieces.

After this was done, the next step was to find several potential buyers for the jades.

… …

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