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SBT Chapter 46 – Unrestrained purchasing

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 046    Unrestrained purchasing

… …

The next day, Wu Hao woke up early to hunt and bring back a large prey. In addition to preparing the meat for his meal, the rest of it was naturally to be left for the little carnivorous golden eagle for its feast.

However, Wu Hao planned to leave here for several days. Thus, he definitely couldn’t feed the little bird personally.

And after half a month of feeding the bird, there wasn’t much of a difference with its current size compared to its brother,

“Well, little guy, for now, I can only send you back there.” Ignoring the chirping of the little bird, Wu Hao held it securely and flew towards the other side of the cliff.

As Wu Hao had given some food to the golden eagle’s family everyday, the parents were no longer afraid of Wu Hao when they saw him. Instead, the moment that Wu Hao stepped into the cave, the eagles flew back into their nest.

“This animal is for you. It should be enough for all of you guys to eat for two days. I will leave this little guy in your care too.” Wu Hao didn’t bother whether or not the golden eagle was able to understand his words as he said to himself.

However, he knew that even if the golden eagle didn’t understand his words, most likely it should have understood what he meant.

As for Wu Hao carrying this little bird over, the golden eagle would naturally understand his intentions. After all, Wu Hao lived just opposite from the cliff here!

With its vision, by casually flying in the sky, it would clearly be able to see Wu Hao with the little bird. Plus the fact that Wu Hao kept bringing them food everyday.

Animals also had their own consciences. In regards to who was good to them, they would be able to differentiate that as well.

The big prey that Wu Hao captured today was a giant takin that weighed about 700 pounds. And this takin still wasn’t fully grown. As it reached the peak of adulthood, it could even weigh more than 1 ton. Thus, describing it as a giant wasn’t an exaggeration.

Because Wu Hao caught such a large prey, it was more than enough for the golden eagle’s whole family to eat for several days. With the current weather, it wouldn’t be easy for the meat to spoil. For the eagles, it simply wasn’t a problem for the meat to last two days.

And in accordance to the changes in the weather, Wu Hao felt that this area would probably begin to snow in few days time.

Later that night, Wu Hao took advantage of the dark sky to fly towards the southwest. This time, the place that Wu Hao was heading to was Myanmar. His main purpose there was to invest by buying jade rocks.

After all, if he wanted to make a flying device, he needed quite a large sum of money. And the fastest way to collect enough money was through purchasing rocks and cheating with his spiritual perception.

It wouldn’t matter because the rocks he would buy will definitely be valuable, what else could be faster in accumulating money than by investing in purchasing jade rocks!

All the way towards the southwest, halfway through his journey, Wu Hao stopped to rest for a while. After spending a few more hours flying in the middle of night, he finally reached the second largest city of Myanmar, Mandalay, a world famous city with a jade marketplace.

He casually looked for a hotel room to stay in for the night. The next day, Wu Hao headed straight towards the jade marketplace.

“Boss, how much is one of these rocks?” Wu Hao had arrived at a shop selling authentic jade rocks and casually asked. Just now, he had already scanned through this pile of rocks with his spiritual perception. As a result of his scan, there were a few jade rocks which weren’t bad.

“1 for 10,000!” The shop owner replied in a simple manner.

As Wu Hao heard the price, he didn’t even plan to bargain. Instead, he immediately took some jade rocks away and directly paid for them.

“Mister, don’t you want to extract them? If you buy rocks from my shop, you’ll get extraction services for free.” The shop owner felt that Wu Hao’s actions were strange because he was eager to leave his shop.

“Nope, I will do it myself later.” Wu Hao smiled. It wasn’t a joke to extract these rocks on the spot.

It was because at that moment, it would definitely attract a lot of onlookers. This wasn’t something he wished to be a part of. Being inconspicuous was definitely better.

Plus, this jade marketplace was quite large. You could see shops selling authentic rocks everywhere. Although Wu Hao’s current capital wasn’t large, there wasn’t a need for him to spend so much to buy expensive rocks. Spending money on the rocks that they misjudged was enough.

Just like that, Wu Hao walked a few laps around the marketplace. Offering double the price to the rider of the passing by trishaw, the back of the trishaw that he paid for became filled with small and large rocks.

“En, I guess this should be enough. At this moment, a few people have already begun to mark me.” After coming out from a shop, he stopped his spending spree. On one hand, his account was about to go empty and on the other hand, the trishaw wasn’t durable enough to load any more rocks.

After all, these rocks were heavy. For the trishaw to hold that many rocks was already quite demanding.

However, as Wu Hao was about to leave the marketplace, a Chinese looking middle-aged man with a few of his followers smiled at Wu Hao and walked towards him.

“This mister, you’re also Chinese right?! This is really fortunate, fortunate! I am Zhou Hong from ‘University Jewelry’. This is my business card. May I know how to address mister?”

Wu Hao immediately understood this man’s intentions. He must have seen Wu Hao buying a lot of rocks yet didn’t get any rocks extracted.

However, Wu Hao didn’t refuse. After all, the rocks that he bought were originally going to be exchanged for money.

“Nice to meet you. My family name is Wu.” Wu Hao casually smiled.

“It’s nice meeting you too, Mr. Wu. I see that Mr. Wu bought so many rocks yet didn’t get any extractions. You must have planned to extract them in one store, all at once. If Mr. Wu doesn’t mind, I have a warehouse nearby to help you to extract the rocks.”

“Of course, I believe that Mr. Wu understands what I mean. I just hope that you can sell some jade to me after the extractions.” Zhou hong had been engaging in this business with more than ten years of experience. He would naturally be able to properly size people up. Noticing Wu Hao, who seemed to randomly buy rocks from various shops, he knew that Wu Hao definitely had his own hidden agenda.

In recent years, jade production was on the decline. Plus with the fact that the competition within this field was getting more intense, whether or not he could obtain more jade and high quality ones, that would greatly affect his company’s overall performance.

“En. I have my own place to extract the rocks. I won’t have to trouble Boss Zhou with this. But, you don’t have to wait for me to finish extracting them all. If there is any jade harvested, it wouldn’t be too late to find Boss Zhou at that time.” Wu Hao smiled and politely declined his offer. This was because Wu Hao knew the gross value of this pile of rocks.

From all the rocks he bought, there wasn’t one that was empty. Inside the rocks, they either contained a large amount of jade or were of good quality.

If he went to the warehouse that was offered, then without a doubt, he would be exposed!

Moreover to extract the jade from the rocks, even if it was done by a master with several decades of experience, it still wouldn’t be as precise as him.

As for Wu Hao’s refusal, it wasn’t something that Zhou Hong was surprised about. Politely returning the smile, he replied back, “If it’s like that then thank you Mr. Wu. If you get to harvest any jade, just give me a call. As for the price, you don’t have to worry. What I offer won’t be lower than market price.”

… …

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