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SBT Chapter 45 – Flying device project

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 045    Flying device project

… …

The next following days, Wu Hao continued to shoot videos within the Qingling Mountains. Although all of the Qinling Mountains covered a range of over 1000 km, Wu Hao still hadn’t encounter anything unique as he travelled deep into remote regions.

If he was to insist on anything unusual, it would be that two days ago, he met a 16 meter long python in a pool of a canyon’s wetland.

As the main goal of Wu Hao’s current trip was to find cold-blooded animals in the forest, when he saw the snake for the first time, he was also surprised.

Because this 16 meter long python from his visual point of view, it looked extremely fierce. Even for a beast like a tiger, if it was to encounter such a large python, it would still have to take a detour.

As a note, currently, the largest discovered python in the world was only 14 meter long. As for those uploaded images of a python being somewhere between 40 to 50 meters on the Internet, they were a complete hoax.

But now, Wu Hao was able to find such a python in this humid canyon. Of course, Wu Hao never thought of this being the world’s largest python.

After all, the well known python paradise was located in the mysterious Amazon Forest. Wu Hao believed that if this world really had pythons tens of meters long, then the only place they would exist would be in the Amazon Forest.

As Wu Hao stumbled upon this stripped python, he naturally wouldn’t let this chance pass by. He specifically filmed it for a long time and even out of his way to find a prey for it to swallow.

Wu Hao spent the whole day filming this python. However, this time, he divided his filming into several sessions.

As this python was definitely an animal who had lived for a long term in this deep and dark canyon, this canyon was enormous and engorged a large area, there were also a number of large herbivores.

This python was definitely the king in this canyon. In fact, even from the scope of the entire Qinling Mountains, it should probably at the very top of the food chain.

“After all these days of filming, it can be said that I’ve covered nearly all of the rare species which the world hasn’t seen. All those animals and plants, I’ve already filmed them all.”

“These videos should be sufficient enough to edit into another ten episodes. Then my next step will be taking a look at other places.” This night, Wu Hao had to work within his wooden house. While he was finishing the editing process for the videos, he began to consider his next plan.

Currently, his documentary series had about twenty episodes ready. According to the schedule of one episode per week, it would require a total of five months to completely air them all.

Therefore, the following time, besides visiting other place, there should be enough time for him to do something else too.

“Perhaps I should really consider making a flying device. After all, the next time when I have to travel to other places, I would have to carry all sort of equipment around. Although they aren’t heavy, not having a fixed container for them makes it quite inconvenient.”

“Also, once I carry a lot of stuff would also affect my flying speed. Even if I am to fly  at a low altitude at night, the possibility of being discovered by others is quite high.”

“As for flying in higher altitudes, I’m certain I would be detected by the radar for carrying this much stuff around. Seems like I have to first solve this problem before anything else.” Wu Hao secretly thought to himself and made a quick decision.

He needed to build a flying device which wasn’t inconvenient to carry around and wouldn’t be detected by the radar.

In fact, this flying device that Wu Hao wanted to build could be considered simple yet complicated.

First of all, the main purpose in Wu Hao building this flying device was to easily store all of his things such as: daily necessities, his backpack, the camera equipment, his laptop, and other such items.

As for this flying device, it must be lightweight and during high altitude flight, it had to have the ability to avoid the current radar detection.

In other words, this “cloaking” device needed to have two simulutaneous kinds of ‘invisibility’. First, it needed to prevent detection from infrared radars. Secondly, it needed to be able to refract light so as to make the user look invisible to the naked eye.

At present, some European and American research institutions made good progress in this light refraction stealth technology. Although it still couldn’t achieve a perfect  state of invisibility, it was still able to achieve some kind of translucent state.

As for radar detection, a lot of countries with their new generation of jets already used such technology. However, due to the aircraft engines and other various factors of its aerodynamic design, they still couldn’t achieve 100 percent untraceability.

However, the flying device that Wu Hao wanted to make didn’t have such factors. This was because he didn’t intend to install any engines on the flying device.

Therefore, he was able to adopt the aerodynamic design closest to perfection in his flying device— reducing the possibility of being detected by radar signals.

If this flying device was to be coated with a stealth material to prevent radar detection, it could definitely escape detection from any radar in this world.

Of course, if Wu Hao wanted to make his project perfect, he needed to take into account the light refraction requirements too.

However, it looked easy but the material required for the flying device was a major problem too.

After all, Wu Hao’s first requirement was that the fying device needed be lightweight and required room to place all of his things.

After all, the power source for this flying device would be his own telekinesis. If the flying device was too heavy and then including the weight from his stuff, it would be too cumbersome.

Therefore, in addition to ensuring the material strength and cloaking factors, Wu Hao also needed to make sure that the overall weight would be below 1 ton.

As for the space in the flying device, he could make it slightly bigger so that it could fit goods with weighed between 2 to 4 tons.

This was the flying device that Wu Hao needed which fulfilled all of the requirements.

However, to make such a flying device, Wu Hao needed to research for a new lightweight and sturdy material.

This material definitely wouldn’t be metal. It needed be some kind of composite material which hadn’t appeared in the world yet.

“Seems like it won’t be  easy to make this flying device! However, I still need to try to know whether it’s possible or not.” Thinking this, Wu Hao’s eyes grew brighter and brighter. It seemed that there was still a tiny hint of excitement there.

“Alright, then this will be the plan.”

“Then the next step would be gathering a large sum of money and getting myself a variety of materials and equipment!”

“En. Yea, if I want to build a flying device, I have to find a secluded location. Big cities and places with a lot of people definitely won’t do.”

“If I am to do my project in some remote area away from the cities, that shouldn’t be a problem. But, in the test flights, it could be easily exposed to many people. I definitely don’t want to be targeted by relevant departments.” Wu Hao considered all sort of problems. Soon, within Wu Hao’s mind, a detailed plan was slowly formulating.

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