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SBT Chapter 44 – Releasing the Trailer

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 044    Releasing the Trailer

… …

Speech recognition technology had long been used in various fields. Even on the Internet, there were a variety of speech recognition software which could read out the inputted words.

For example, many novel readers used such functions to read the text directly.

However, these human voice packs felt very rigid as they read out the context. Since they were without any human emotions or feelings, it sounded very awkward.

Thus, Wu Hao tried to improve the voice recognition software to make up for this deficit.

First of all, he recorded every English and Chinese documentaries currently available, the style and tone were all taken into consideration as they underwent multiple calculations and analysis.

Then after finished the calculations and analysis, he then tried to match all the words and meaning with his documentary text.

By now, Wu Hao could be considered as having completed the preparation for the voice recognition software to dub the documentary. Why he did he have to work that hard to dub the documentary?

In fact, it was actually very simple. After all, even the same words used by human didn’t sound the same in different scenarios which then brings a different meaning altogether. This is the so-called human.

For the currently available speech recognition software, the reason why people complained that the sound was awkwards was all because it didn’t perform well in this department.

But this documentary of his, Wu Hao had recorded and taken the tone and words from currently available documentaries for his own usage.

By doing so, Wu Hao’s own version of voice recognition software naturally had a nice and corresponding tone.

After all, no matter what kind of documentary, the tone and content was almost the same. That was why Wu Hao was able to produce his documentary so quickly with his own version of his speech recognition software.

Completing the voice recognition software, the following sound effects would be very easy. First of all, a documentary itself didn’t require many sound effect. Usually, it would only appear during the introduction and conclusion.

Moreover, the sound effects were generally the same as the other documentaries. However, Wu Hao didn’t copy the sound effects exactly as they were. Through an audio synthesis software, he had made several corresponding versions of them.

“Alright, I’m done. Today I will release a trailer then. The official documentary will be released on the following week. Then every week I will release another episode!” Looking at his masterpiece, Wu Hao felt satisfied.

The title of his own self-directed documentary was called “The Original Adventure: Beast of Legends Vol I”.

This first series was divided into a few episodes. For example, the first episode was called “The disappearance of the South China tiger”. In this episode, Wu Hao had specifically filmed the daily living habits of the South China tiger. From morning till night, he had done a detailed introduction.

Second episode, third episode, and so on were emphasized on different kinds of animals.

Wu Hao would keep doing this series. It could be said that it was a hobby of his, also at the same time, he was making up for the lack of such high quality documentaries.

In addition to this series, Wu Hao of course would still do other series like marine life. Also those mysterious geographical environments, he would definitely add them to his checklist.

However, these were all plans for the future. After all, he had only completed filming the animals in the Qinling Mountains. There were still many wild animals that he hadn’t captured on film yet.

Within the beast kingdom, besides giant beasts, snake and insects were also popular amongst viewers.

This was because Wu Hao was going to use a shooting angle which nobody had used before to share the life of such animals in the jungle.

After completing the three minute trailer, Wu Hao logged onto the Youdou video site and released the documentary trailer.

For now, Wu Hao didn’t intend to sell whatever copyrights he had. Even if he wanted to sell it, he would have to wait for several episodes to be released and become widely circulated before considering such a thing.

In fact, if Wu Hao wanted to earn money, there were numerous other ways for him to do so.

For example, the software which he had modified for his video and audio editing, if he was to sell them to some companies, he would be able to obtain quite the sum of money.

Moreover, these products were just something which Wu Hao randomly improved upon without getting serious. If he wanted to spend more time studying the other aspects of the software, it would definitely earn him more!

However, Wu Hao simply didn’t have any such ideas right now. Thus, he naturally wouldn’t care to bother himself with such things.

… …

Within a huge building in Beijing, a national security cybersecurity team, who was responsible for monitoring Wu Hao’s network account, noticed that there were some movements and quickly reported to their leader.

“Leader, that guy has appeared! However, he only released one video before he logged out.”

“Do you manage to get his IP information?” The middle-aged man frowned as he asked.

“No! He didn’t leave behind any traces of his trail.” Several members of the group sighed as they replied.

“Seems that this guy is truly a master. What video is he releasing this time?”

“Leader, look at it for yourself!” One of the members immediately played the video content on the monitor.

On the monitor, the video started with some exciting background music, some clips of various animals appearing followed by ten seconds of the South China tiger hunting a prey. At the most critical moment when the tiger was approaching the prey, the video was cut off.

Followed by brief introductions of various animals, it finally ended with the official launch date and an email address as the point of contact.

“This is the world of wild animals?” Having finished watching the trailer, the team leader felt surprised at the scene within the video however, he still didn’t understand much about the trailer.

“It should be some kind of documentary of the animal world. Since the title is ‘The Original Adventure’, all the shots are really from the wilderness!”

“En. Didn’t that guy leave behind an email address? Leave him a message that we are from national security cybersecurity team and we need to meet him for some things!”

“Leader, I think that the probability of that guy replying back is very small!”

“There’s not much hope but we still need to try! Since that guy has such mysterious technology in his possession and didn’t do anything to harm the nation, this shows that he is not a black hat hacker. If we could use such talent for our nation’s benefit, it is definitely something to be strive for.” Since Wu Hao didn’t cause any impact to the national security network, the organisation wouldn’t casually take any measures towards him.

Moreover, even if they wanted to do something, there was no way to do so.

This was because they simply couldn’t find even the smallest trace of Wu Hao.

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