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SBT Chapter 43 – Producing the Documentary

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 043    Producing the Documentary

… …

It was just that during the process, there were many factors to be considered. For example, such as speed, how long could Wu Hao maintain it for?

Plus, he also needed to deal with problems like high pressure, heat, and other problems too.

There were so many reasons for Wu Hao to fly at his top speed of 1000 km/h. It was almost the same speed as normal aircraft.

With this, he still had energy in reserve during the process of flying in sky with his telekinesis to power up a shield to surround him. This shield would protect his body from being affected by the high heat and pressure.

That was the very reason why he couldn’t utilize all of his energy to increase his flight speed. He would have to divide a huge portion of his energy to maintain the shield around his body.

After all, if he wasn’t being protected by the shield, not to mention 1000 km/h, even at 200 km/h, it wasn’t something a human’s body can handle.

If he really fly at 1000 km/h without any protective shield, it was very likely that his clothes and then some would be shredded. His skin would be torn apart and there would be smoke coming out from him due to the friction.

In other words, if it wasn’t for the protective shield, the moment he exceeded 200 km/h, it would be very difficult for his body to withstand the strain.

Although his physical attribute were much better than ordinary humans, it still wasn’t tough enough to endure pressure!

“This aerial shot idea isn’t bad. However, for the specific details about it, I still need to properly plan ahead. Well, let’s get all these things back to camp first before thinking about it!” Wu Hao’s mind recovered from his internal monologue and he immediately began to transfer his items inside some of the mountains.

Although he bought a lot of stuff and it covered a huge area, the total weight was only about two tons.

Carrying back so many items, although his speed couldn’t be too fast, overall it didn’t really affect his flying.

Therefore, it took him about an hour to carry all of these items back to the platform beside the wooden house.

Back at the camp, Wu Hao began assembling the solar panels. The solar panels he bought were the best on the market right now.

Although the power generated by original products didn’t satisfy Wu Hao, he had already prepared to modify these panels since he bought a lot of accessories and tools for this modification.

The current learning ability of Wu Hao, when he ordered the products in afternoon, he had already thoroughly analysed the technology behind them. With his brain’s super computational power, he was soon able to find a way to enhance the efficiency of the solar panels.

Therefore, not only did he purchase the finished products of the solar panels, he also bought lots of accessories, necessary materials, and others things from his shopping list.

With such a heaven defying ability, coupled with his brain’s super computational power, all the materials and tools automatically found their purpose in the right spots. The ones that needed to be combined would combined. The ones that needed to be modified would be modified. In a harmonious way, the tools and materials acted together automatically in being modified.

Now, the wooden house’s roof had been completely covered by the black solar panels. On one corner of the wall inside the wooden house, the corresponding batteries, transformers, and a variety of circuits were neatly fixed there.

“Alright, done. Now not only have I solved the problem of charging my laptop, I could even use the excess electricity to cook. With this, I no longer need to eat roasted meat everyday until I get sick of it!” Regarding these modified solar panels, Wu Hao himself was quite satisfied with his work.

The current modified solar panels could generate 40% more energy than before. It could be said that Wu Hao had raised the abilities of these solar panels to the limit.

Improving the efficiency, even if it was cloudy right now, they could still generate a lot of power to be stored in the batteries. At the very least, it could last for a few days of cooking, charging the laptop, and using light at night without much difficulty.

Also, when the weather was clear, these panels would be able to charge the batteries to full. As long as Wu Hao didn’t use any high-powered equipment, it should be sufficient for daily use.

A few days later, the news of Wu Hao releasing the South China tiger’s pictures and video began to cool down. After all, today was the age of Internet. News disseminated quickly and was also gone at the same speed.

However, at least now the country and world wildlife protection organisations were aware of the point that South China tigers were not extinct.

Regarding the news on the Internet, Wu Hao naturally took a look at it. Thus, today he was once again ready to make some publicity for his self-produced documentary.

“En, These days, I have filmed nearly every animal in the Qinling Mountains. These should be enough for several episodes for the documentary. Let’s get started with the first episode then!” The main character of the documentary would be this particular South China tiger. In order to let the world know more about how this tiger survives in wild, he specifically took a filmed it for a whole day.

From how it hunted and all of its various habits to the smallest details, Wu Hao even went out of his way to catch a prey for it to pursue in order to capture the scene of this tiger hunting. After playing a cat and mouse game for several minutes, finally Wu Hao allowed the tiger to successfully catch the prey.

In addition in spending the whole day alone with this adult South China tiger to know about its life habits, Wu Hao continued filming for the next few days.

Giant pandas, golden snub-nosed monkeys, takins, crested ibis, gazelles, wild boars, black bears, musk deers, small muntjacs, hedgehogs, bamboo rats, flying squirrels, swine badgers, great civets, small civets, clouded leopards, and etc, more than 20 different kinds of animals.

These animals weren’t filmed in great detail like the South China tiger however, the quality was still much better than the current available documentaries being aired.

After all, Wu Hao’s current filming techniques could be said as the best if not one of the best in the world. During the process of filming these animals, he also accidentally met some rare insects and snakes.

Of course, this was just the first series. Wu Hao’s second series would focus more on cold-blooded animals and underwater fishes.

Soon, Wu Hao extracted copies of the videos into a video editing software. And this video software, the most mainstream one had been tinkered by Wu Hao to bring a better optimisation.

Using a large number of intelligent programs, the videos files could easily be edited and cropped out before using the most appropriate methods to link them.

An hour later, this series which had a total of 9 episodes, each episode about 35 minutes in length, had all been completed.

“En, next these videos should be synchronized with reasonable introductions with text and sound effects.” The text descriptions were very easy. In just a few minutes, Wu Hao had sorted out all the appropriate textual descriptions.

Then followed by the smart voice reading software, the text on display was read aloud.

… …

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