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SBT Chapter 42 – The Limitations of Flying with Telekinesis

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 042    The Limitations of Flying with Telekinesis

… …

After the site of the wooden house’s floor was completed, the remaining walls and supporting beams were easy to install. This was because all the components had been made beforehand. As long as they perfectly fit together, everything would be fine.

Since all of the wooden planks were made by Wu Hao using his telekinesis to control the tools, when the wooden planks combined with one another, there wasn’t much risk involved.

Plus, the fact that each wooden plank was made into convex surface shaped and coupled with a layer of tung oil coating, when every piece connected together, it was completely airtight.

In addition to the carbonization on each wooden piece, the originally bright color was no longer present and had changed into a dark brown color.

After finishing the four faces of the wall and beams, the next step would be to finish the pyramid shaped roof. As for the roof, the wood chosen by Wu Hao had the same width and specifications as the wooden planks for the wall.

Both side of the roof had a width of 90 cm and was 6 m in length. In the middle separating both sides, there was a strong beam.

In order to prevent the roof from leaking when it was raining, Wu Hao specifically shaped each piece of the wood with a certain degree of curvature. This design was to prevent the rain from leaking through the gaps between the wood.

Although each piece of wood used in roof construction also was shaped into a convex shaped surface and layered with tung oil, Wu Hao wanted to do a better job at this. He deliberately installed a 30 cm width wooden plank with a convex surface in between the gaps of the roof pieces in order to seal it off.

This completely avoided any possibility of water leaking through the gaps. And at the middle of the roof, it was the same 30 cm long wooden piece being fixed into a triangle shape. When both sides of the roof were completely built, Wu Hao just needed to fix the roof on the wooden house’s pillar and the process would be done.

For all of these tasks, Wu Hao used his telekinesis to complete them. Thus the whole process of building the wooden house only took an hour to complete.

That also included the balcony and surrounding fences. After he finished this task, the next step would be to start building the furniture for the interior decoration. Such work need delicate and fine movements and Wu Hao had never done this before.

However, with his current analytical ability and telekinesis to control it, a double decker wooden bed, wardrobe, table, and two chairs were quickly set up.

This was because all of the furniture had already been planned yesterday. Today, he just had to fix all of the pieces together.

“Finally, everything is done! Next, I just need to buy some nice mattresses, quilts, and etc and no longer need to use the tent and sleeping bag.” Admiring the success of his house, Wu Hao was quite pleased and satisfied with his work.

Although this wooden house didn’t emphasize much on patterns and designs, overall, it gave off a very strong, stable, and simplistic impression.

Just the thickness of the wooden wall, it was already about 5 cm. Using such thick wooden planks to build a 3 meter wide and 7 meter long wooden house, it had completely fulfilled a very high standard.

The windows of the wooden house, Wu Hao built them at a height of 1.2 meters and 3 meter in width. However, the window only had wooden frames. There was no glass installed in.

For the glass window, Wu Hao intended to wait until night before buying it when he was on the way to the city buying his necessities. Moreover, this time, he also  intended to get himself some high-powered solar panels and several cameras for the documentary.

Before this, he only had one camera. To shoot from a variety of angles for the documentary, one camera definitely wouldn’t be enough to do a good job.

After all, if he was to capture those animals living in caves, he not only needed a night vision camera, but also a mini camera. Only by getting this equipment ready would he be able to shoot a documentary that he could be satisfied with.

As for the purchasing solar panels, in addition to supplying electricity for the light bulbs for the house, he also needed to charge his laptop and cameras.

“This time, my purchase list isn’t that long. There are still a few hours left before the sky darkens. I will first buy it online at INternet then when the time comes, I can  go straight there and take care of everything at once. Then, I won’t have to go searching everywhere for the items.” Thinking of this, Wu Hao immediately opened up his laptop. Sitting on top of the chair which he had just made, he began to search for the items he wanted.

First of all, Wu Hao found one shop in Chang’an City which sold photography equipment. Since this store also did business online, Wu Hao quickly selected all the video equipment that he wanted.

After paying a deposit, he told the store that he would get them later at night.

Then Wu Hao ordered several solar panels which would cover the entire wooden house’s roof. His order also included the batteries, wiring, and other things.

In general, he had made orders for the items which were more important. As for the daily necessities, he could just drop by some random stores later on and pick them up there. Anyway, he had no requirements regarding this.

Time passed by quickly. When the time was 6 pm, the sky gradually turned dark. After all, it was now November. In another month, the mountains should probably have snow.

And Wu Hao waited until the sky turned completely dark before he started his journey to Chang’an City. The flight towards the city was much easier this time since he had gone there before.

Reaching the suburban region, Wu Hao didn’t immediately go to collect his items. Instead, he first rented a small truck and went to the store to pick them up.

When the truck passed by a shop selling glasses, Wu Hao asked the driver to stop for a moment. He bought three sets of glasses before they continued driving towards the mall.

Just like that, the entire shopping trek took nearly three hours. Only after Wu Hao had picked up all the items on his list did he ask the driver to drop him off in the suburban region.

When they arrived at the place where he was first at, he started to unload the items. And the driver also helped him move the goods from truck. Looking at the pile of items in front of him, Wu Hao began to have a deep thought.

“Should I get myself some equipment to store all of these items. After all, if these items were scattered around, that would affect my flying speed!” Currently, Wu Hao’s telekinesis could control up to 1 million kilograms, if he was to fly at his highest speed, he was able to reach 1000 km per hour.

Of course, this 1000 km per hour was not Wu Hao’s limit. If he didn’t need to save up his energy to protect himself, using exactly everything to support his body weight to fly, his flight speed would at least be Mach 3 and above.

It is worth noting that the world’s largest engine thruster, only had a thrust force of about 15,000 kg. Even if two of these engines were equipped, it would only have a total thrust of 30,000 kg.

But don’t forget, in order to carry such a high-powered engine thruster, the weight itself would at least be 20 tons.

Thus 30,000 kg thrust, since they were able to carry objects that weighed more than 20 tons to fly at Mach 3 and above. Thus, with his telekinesis with a force of 10 tons, it was absolutely possible to carry his current weight of 100 plus kg to fly past Mach 3.

… …

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