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SBT Chapter 41 – The idea of filming a documentary

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: st8_lupe


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Chapter 041    The idea of filming a documentary

… …

For the aerial shots, he would use his telekinesis so that the audience would think that the documentary was shot by a professional wildlife filming team.

If this documentary of Wu Hao’s started to make name, it was possible that it could even bring him a huge fortune!

It was worth mentioning that the usual market price for these kind of wildlife films were not cheap. Media organisation, like the internationally renowned BBC, would be happy to spend big money to get the copyrights to the documentary.

Moreover, those wildlife films on the Internet now, with their quality, Wu Hao simply couldn’t look up to them.

The one he wanted to shoot was none other than a 360 degree documentary of the target. Plus with the range of his spiritual detection, right now his full range covered a 1 km radius.

With such a wide range of detection, it could be said that all the animals within his range wouldn’t be able to hide from his eyes. Whatever he wanted, he could just film it as he liked.

“Hehe! I have a hunch that when I launch this documentary, it’ll seriously go viral!” Thinking of this, Wu Hao laughed in happiness.

As long as this documentary became popular when he launched it, the works that followed would certainly be able to help him generate money.

As for how he was to collect the profit, this wouldn’t be a problem for Wu Hao. He could just transfer the money from the Internet into nameless foreign bank account.

And then through some finagling, he would transfer it into his name. That account obviously wouldn’t hold a lot of cash. As long as it was sufficient enough to support normal expenses, that should be more than enough. If necessary, he could pay directly through the nameless foreign bank account. (E/N: Nowadays it’s called bitcoin haha, who needs a fake bank account.)

The next morning, after Wu Hao finished had prepared the food, he began to formally build the wooden house.

The first thing that he wanted to do was to take those six carbonized wooden boards, which were six meters in length and more than 30 cm in diameter, and plant them into the caves at the cliff.

These caves weren’t level but had a slight slope. The reason for such a design was to allow the wood to be fixed on properly.

After all, all of the wood contained quite the amount of moisture. When the moisture had evaporated, the size of the wood would definitely shrink. If the caves were built horizontally, there was a possibility that the wooden boards would slide out.

And with a certain degree of incline, such a possibility could be completely avoided.

At the cliff, the six caves were separated from each other by a meter. With six caves in a row, the total length exceeded eight meters.

However, the wooden house that Wu Hao planned to build had a width of three meters and a length of seven meters. As for the remaining one meter, that would be his balcony.

In other words, the entire base of the wooden house was eight meters in length, four meters in width.

As for these six wooden pillar which were more than 30 cm in diameter and six meters in length, they sloped nearly two meters in depth on the cliff. The bearing capacity was fully able to support the entire weight of wooden house.

Since these wooden pillars and planks were made yesterday, the entire process for today was moving forward smoothly.

First, Wu Hao cut a cone shape at one end of the pillars. Then with his telekinesis to control the wooden pillar, he used all of his strength to nail it into the caves.

The reason to shape one end of the pillar into a conical one was none other than to make the pillar even more stable and solid by nailing it to the ground.

Since each pillar had undergone the carbonization treatment and Wu Hao even went ahead in adding the finishing touches to the surface with paint; the entire process moved along smoothly. Besides that, such actions ensured the longevity of the wood as it prevents the wood from being corroded after implanting onto the mountain wall.

After these six wooden pillars had been nailed onto the mountain wall, Wu Hao then took the wooden planks that were about 10 cm in depth to fix them towards the six wooden pillars.

In order to ensure each wooden plank sustain a uniform amount of force, any extra parts of the wood were flattened out. This was to ensure that after fixing on the wooden planks, the structure would have even more stability.

As for the original problem of the slope near the cliff, Wu Hao had already calculated the degree of the slope for the pillars. Then for parts that was closer to the cliff, each pillar had a wooden extension added to it to produce the appropriate slope.

And these wooden extensions that were combined together with the pillars had been specifically made into convex structure to ensure that the installation would be firm and strong.

It could be said that after Wu Hao’s careful calculations, the entire wooden house’s details and problems had been taken into account. After all, with Wu Hao’s current computational ability, these calculations were just a piece of cake.

Don’t even mention a wooden house, even with a much more complex structure or operation, Wu Hao could quickly utilize his brain and discover the best solution.

Thanks to the mysterious black stone unlocking previously inaccessible regions of his brain, Wu Hao was able to gain powerful abilities.

It was not an exaggeration to label Wu Hao as the one and only human geek in this world. A super genius, the amount that his brain could compute definitely wasn’t worse than any of the supercomputers on Earth!

In other words, if Wu Hao was now to go and learn new human technology, after a short amount of time, he would be able to master the essence of that technology. With some research, he could even come up with better technology.

In the movie, when the heroine only activated up to 30% of her brain, she could already master every human discipline at an extreme speed through the Internet.

In fact, with the current development of Wu Hao’s brain regions, he should be at around 35%. However, each person would differ from others due to a wide variety of brain structures.

Wu Hao’s brain to be able to develop to such extent, and first and foremost, the main improvement was in his telekinesis. As for the plot from the movie, although the protagonist could control human body, it wasn’t with telekinetic force.

But it was through controlling the magnetic fields within one’s body that she could stop the body’s movements, easily killing the person and so on.

From the very beginning, when Wu Hao opened the door into developing the regions of his brain, the first abilities which had received were telekinesis and spiritual perception. As for his super memory and analytical abilities, it was through the mysterious black stone that these two additional abilities had activated.

In fact, regarding this black stone which allowed the secondary development of his brain, Wu Hao could somehow guess the origin of the stone. From the shape of the cave at the mountain wall, this stone should be a fragment from a meteorite from outer space if he wasn’t wrong.

However, as for the content and specific material composition of the stone, the current Wu Hao had no way to identify and confirm them. After all, the whole stone had already been completely absorbed by him. Even if he wanted to do research and analysis, there wasn’t any way to start!

… …

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