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Chapter 040    Trending Video

… …

Noticing that the time was still early, after Wu Hao finished had finished a few caves, he went a few kilometers away to the piled up wooden planks. They were ready to start carbonization on the surface of wood before transferring them behind the camp on the cliff.

In that case, the wooden house would be fully built by tomorrow.

This was because the main structure for the wooden house had already been completed. The only thing left to do was to fix the structures in place and everything would be done.

The rest that he needed to do required more details, such as the production of wooden furniture to fill up the house.

However, as Wu Hao was busy working on his wooden house deep in the mountains, the Internet community in China was breaking with hot news!

That day, Wu Hao’s post in the forum had reached more than thousands of messages. As for Tieba which only had several thousand active users originally, now had multiplied several times over. Now the total number of users had exceeded ten thousand.

Reaching such a result was mainly due to the users who kept sharing the post. As for Wu Hao’s video in Youdou, the video also went viral. At the bottom of the video, the comments reached several thousands as well. And this video was now at the top of the home page.

Besides these two platform where Wu Hao himself posted the pictures and video on, once other network new stations received the news, naturally one by one, they would reprint and publish the report.

In just a mere period of 24 hours, the news had almost spread to every main social media network. Even CCTV and some television stations in certain provinces began to air the story.

“Who is the one who took this video?! This is not simply just kick-ass anymore, but a miracle!”

“I think this should have been done by a professional team with high-tech aerial photography equipment. If not, how could a human get that close to wild beasts?”

“Stop explaining what everyone already knew.”

Besides the argument by Internet users, some experts naturally wouldn’t miss such a golden opportunity to share their expert opinions.

“Professor Zhu, I would like to ask about the South China tiger video which circulated on the Internet yesterday. What is your opinion about it?” Some random television channel launched an interview programme in a rush, the host was now asking a middle-aged man.

This expert is one of the higher-ups in the national wildlife protection research institution. At this moment, facing the question from the host, his face was somehow solemn.

“First of all, from the photos and video released by the unknown person, they are indeed an actual adult South China tiger living in the wild. When I first got the news, I was in total shock and disbelief.”

“This is because our country’s relevant organisations and World Wildlife Research and Protection Agency had organised a joint operation ten years ago to inspect the area where South China tigers could live.”

“But through our study, there was not even a single trace of showing the existence of South China tigers. Today, to be able to see an actual South China tiger, indeed it shocked me but at the same time, I felt very pleased.”

“After all, this is a species which we humans thought to have already gone extinct but still exists today. Then, we must work even harder to protect their natural habitat. Right now, taking this opportunity, I would like to appeal to the audience out there to cherish the beautiful environment that remains.”

In addition to the several TV stations organising talk show, the national cybersecurity department had been urged by National and International Wildlife Research Associates to find the identity of the individual or organisation that released the video and pictures.

“Leader, I’m sorry. In regards to the one who was responsible in releasing those pictures and video, the account was only made yesterday. The information on the account is all fake. It is through these random sites that the person succeeded in registering.”

“So, I am pretty sure that the one who released all of these things is definitely a super hacker.” In a building at the capital, a computer technician reported to his executive.

“Super hacker!” A middle-aged man frowned. After pondering for a moment, he voiced out, “Alright, I know. From now on, I want you to arrange two people to monitor the movement of these two accounts. My sixth sense is telling me that this guy will definitely appear again. Also, inform those research organisations that we are investigating and ask them to go back to wait for our news!”

“Understood, leader!”

When Wu Hao registered the account to upload the video and pictures, he had already taken into account that he would be investigated. Thus, he had already cleaned every trace of his existence. To find any hints from these two accounts was absolutely impossible.

Although they had monitored these two accounts, it wouldn’t bring any impact to Wu Hao. Not to mention that they now knew that Wu Hao might be some super hacking monster, naturally they would increase their attention towards these accounts.

If they were able to use these accounts to sniff out Wu Hao, that was their aim the whole time!

They didn’t have any malicious intent when they wanted to find him. After all, Wu Hao didn’t violate any national laws by releasing these pictures and video. Actually they only wanted to know more about the story and bringing Wu Hao into their organisation.

However, there was no way to achieve his idea of theirs. Wu Hao never had any ideas in joining any government or individual organisations.

Even if he now had super abilities, he didn’t have any plans to get involved with any government organisation. He just wished to be an invisible wild explorer which sometimes got their attention, that would be more than enough.

When Wu Hao had finished bringing over all of the wooden planks, which had already been carbonized, all the way to the camp, only now did he have the time to open his laptop to take a look at the situation.

“En. Not bad! The online discussion is quite hot! Hehe, I will wait a few days before making a documentary for you guys!” Being able to share what he saw yet not having to worry about identity being exposed, this was naturally a happy occasion.

Thus, Wu Hao who was now in a good mood and decided that after he completed his wooden house tomorrow, he would take his video camera and travel around the mountains to film a wild animal documentary.

For this documentary, Wu Hao already had his own ideas. Based on his intention, he intended to use a first person point of view combined with an aerial view. The documentary would be divided into two big categories: plants and wild animals.

And this process would naturally take up a lot of time. After all, according to Wu Hao’s plan, he wanted to film every animal and plant on Earth which were hard for ordinary people to see.

During this time, Wu Hao would obviously visit all sorts of natural environments to get the first person point of view during his adventure.

Of course, his first person point of view, he himself would naturally not appear in the video. He would wear a cap equipped with a high-definition action camera which would follow him around in the mountains during his exciting adventures.

… …

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